(i) Thoth Universe Tarot Card YouTube Presentation

The Thoth Universe Tarot Card is part of a detailed series on the philosophical principles underlying the Thoth Tarot Deck of Aleister Crowley. The YouTube presentation is on my channel DavidH071 and can be accessed by clicking on the image below:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

(ii) Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Represents both the collapse of the Universe and its new beginning and is a glyph for the completion of the GREAT WORK (the passage of the Soul back to God and completion of the Spiritual Journey).

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

(iii) Rider Waite The World Tarot Card


Thoth Universe Tarot Card

(iv) Thoth Universe Tarot Card and The Tree of Life

Thoth Universe Tarot Card


The Thoth Universe Tarot Card Connects Yesod to Malkuth. Yesod is connected to the Moon and with Malkuth we have the earth. Yesod is sometimes referred to as the astral double of the earth. This path, being on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, is very balanced. The Middle pillar has been said to relate to the Trinity of Christianity:

Kether = God the Father

Tiphareth = God the Son

Yesod = God the Holy Spirit

Yesod is associated with fertility and has been seen as the breath of life which acts on Malkuth.

Saturn links it with both the highest and lowest aspect of the Tree of Life as described in the next section.


(v) Thoth Universe Tarot Card Hebrew and Astrological Attribution

Hebrew Association

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Thoth Universe Tarot Card is associated with the letter TAU which means a ‘cross’ in Hebrew. The cross is related to the number 4, matter and its  4 fold nature. The number 4 also relates to the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card


This card is the Omega of the tarot, with the Fool being the Alpha. Together these cards spell ATH meaning ‘ESSENCE’  or ‘SPIRIT’ and so the Major Arcana of the Tarot accounts for the entirety of the Universe and The Spiritual Journey.


Astrological Association

Tau is associated with SATURN and EARTH, Saturn being the slowest of the classical planets having dull heavy qualities such as structure and stagnation. It was therefore associated also with Earth. However Saturn also rules Binah, the third sephira forming part of the supernal triangle and so we have Saturn linking the highest with the lowest on the Tree of Life.


(vi) Sacred Geometry of the Universe Card

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

The Sacred Geometry of the Universe Tarot Card is based around SQUARING THE CIRCLE. Wikipedia describes this process as : 

Squaring the circle is a problem proposed by ancient geometers. It is the challenge of constructing a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge

 It is a problem that has never been solved and in the 19th century, it was proven to be impossible to do. 

 The square represents the physical world, because it represents the four elements, the four cardinal directions, the four seasons etc and it is solid like matter. The circle represents the spirit because it is infinite and it goes out in all directions. The triangle represents the union of body, mind and spirit. The circle in the centre represents the individual soul or ATMAN, whereas the outer circle represents the greater spirit of the Creator (BRAHMAN)

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

The impossibility of squaring the circle is a good metaphor for the relationship between the spirit and the matter. They are both there, but they can’t be joined together.  The nature of Man is twofold – his earthly self is mortal and subject to karma whilst his spiritual essence is free, limitless and immortal. Even though his true self is immortal he is affected by mortality because he is subject to the laws of fate.He is both free and a slave to the creation at the same time. The circle cannot be squared.

The very symbol of Freemasonry means combining the square and circle as illustrated below:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

The Thoth Universe Tarot Card is based on the above  and has a special oval called the VESICA PISCES

It is constructed in stages :

Stage 1 

Two circles of equal size intersecting at their centres. These represent the first 2 sephiroth on the Tree of Life, Kether and Chockmah:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card



A vesica is formed in the centre which is the YONI (Sanskrit for vagina) of Binah, the third sephira from which the Universe (creation) with be born out of.. 


Stage 2

Enclose the vesica inside a third circle the same size as the other two.Thoth Universe Tarot Card



Stage 3

Enclose the vesica with a square of the same dimensions as the length of the vesica.

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Stage 4

Draw four circles at the diagonal corners whose centres intersect the big circle, and whose circumferences touch the central vesica:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card


Stage 5

Enclose all within a square

Thoth Universe Tarot Card


This pattern has been seen in paintings and stained glass windows of churches:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card



“And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north… Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man… As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.”(Ezekiel 1:4, 5, &10.)


(vii) Symbolism of The Universe Card

Maiden = she has the same pose as the twins in the Sun Tarot Card and has her legs crossed in the reversed position to the Hanged Man indicating freedom rather than restriction.

As mentioned previously, the Hebrew Association of this card is the letter Tau which means cross. The central cross formed by her legs are directed to the 4 Cherubim in the corners of the card representing mastery and balance of the 4 elements. The Cross represents the microcosm whilst the zodiac (Cherubim) the macrocosm.

She represents the Hé Final of the Tetragrammaton.

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

She is the daughter of the Mother and Father, and bride and sister of the Prince and is a virgin and is depicted dancing with the serpent.

Square of Light = radiates from her. The square represents matter and the light inside, her Enlightenment and freedom from matter. Her world has become filled with the Light of God.

She is impregnated and so becomes the Mother or Hé Primal, associated with Binah, ruled by Saturn.

She is the colour GOLD whilst earth is usually associated with black. She has been illuminated by the Light of the Sun or Tiphareth. The energies of the middle pillar have amalgamated.

Serpent = has light and dark colours and this reflects the duality of matter. Blind force of creation that can be used as good or bad. It crosses the maiden around her second chakra which governs the sexual organs and thus is related to the kundalini.

It represents sperm ejaculated from the Eye and so this is the seed of creation and our bondage in matter which she has conquered.

Foot on Serpents Head = implies she has conquered the Universe and walked the spiritual path, and is now free from the bondage of matter. She is the redeemer of Eve was known to have been tempted by the serpent which led to the fall of man. 

Her Enlightenment is described in a separate section below.


Serpent = Crowley describes the serpent as Heru-Ra-Ha (from the Sun Trump) and is the Lord of the present Aeon.

Eye of Horus = represents . It is placed next to the Cherub associated with Aquarius which is approximately the same time frame as the Aeon of Horus.

10 Rays = emanate from the eye and are the colours blue (water), red (Fire) and yellow (air). These are very difficult to see in the card The central beam representing Kether illuminates the coils of the serpent.

Circle of Stars = the body of Nuit which surrounds the Maiden and the Serpent.

It measures 3 units deep and there are 72 feather like emanations in the  circumference. 3 x 72 = 216.

The SHEMHAMPHORASH  rule the 36 decans of the zodiac and so the 36 minor arcana. There are 2 for each decan making 72 in all. 

6x6x6  = 216 = material world. For the mystical interpretation of the 666 click HERE

Thoth Universe Tarot Card



Green Disk = earth to which this card is associated. It is no longer a dark colour such as brown of black as the New Aeon has brought Light to the darkness of matter. In the same way the Fools Enlightenment has brought Light to his earthly life.

Whirling Shape in Centre = containing an invisible Tree of Life where whirling energies of the planets ruling the sephiroth radiate and energize matter. It is a Moebius strip with three half twists:

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Table of Chemical Elements = below the serpent and maiden. This consists of the building blocks of matter making the Universe and her conquering of it spiritually. She  knows her essential nature to lie outside of physical form.

Pyramids within Table of Elements = also symbolising creation

Kerubim = first seen in the Hierophant and the two are compared :

They are winged in the Universe card although they keep the same order although they are facing outwards not inwards. They also have wind flowing through their mouths and nostrils. This emphasises the element of Air which was the elemental attribution of the Fool in Atu 0

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Eagle = top left, has 13 feathers which links it with Atu 13 and the DEATH CARD of which Scorpio (WATER) is assigned and the Eagle plays a part in its symbology.

Man = bears numbers 1 to 7 on his ears (not clearly illustrated)  and this adds up to ATU 17, THE STAR and Aquarius (Air)

Lion = 11 locks of hair = LUST CARD which is attributed to LEO (Fire)

Bull = 5 locks of hair which links it with the HIEROPHANT which is attributed to Taurus (Earth)

The life cycle of man is also illustrated by the Kerubium :

Lion = LUST = conception and birth of form

Bull = Hierophant = mysteries of Life

Scorpion = Death = physical death

Man = The Star = transmigration of the soul and prior to re-conception and rebirth


We must also remember SATURN RETURN: “Saturn Return” is an astrological phenomenon thought to occur when the planet Saturn returns to the same point in the sky it was in when you were born. These “returns” signify a person’s transition into a new stage of life.



(viii) Aeon to Universe Transition

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

This transition is about realising and expressing our sense of self outside of our role in the world, outside of our personality and outside of our individual mind.

No longer continually distracted or moved by creating and maintaining a limited individual sense of self it can be much easier to follow the inner process of The Spiritual Path. If we can balance, harmonise and let go of our small sense of self, it will no longer have as much influence and control over us. We can focus on our meditation and on development of our personal qualities and resources to better follow The Path and to help it spread.

We can also be much are adaptable to be what other people need from us with still remaining true to the principles of The Path. If we do not need to be a particular someone then perhaps another person can more easily give up their old entrenched way of being and open up to new learning.

The initiate has resolved old mental conflicts. They have changed subconscious reactive ways of thinking and being into conscious, more philosophical thinking. They have integrated the old and the new into a humble sense of self and then given up even that sense of self. They can become a channel to higher energy and wisdom rather than an obstruction or filter.


(ix) Summary of the Spiritual Meaning of the Thoth Universe Tarot Card

The beginning and end of the journey are one and you have closed the circle by discovering that you are the source of yourself. This is referred to as Enlightenment and has been described in terms below:

In True Spiritual Enlightenment there is:

  • No Light, no colour, no shape or form.
  • No Sound or vibration.
  • No self; the sense of individuality and separation disappears totally.
  • No location; there is no forward, back, left, right, up or down.
  • No limits, edges or barriers.
  • No time, past, present or future as there is no change.

The best way of speaking about Enlightenment is to state what it is not. If we were going to give Enlightenment a quality the only word that we could possibly use would be LOVE. This is not to be confused with an Earthly love but a Love that is totally unconditional and is the Oneness or the Source of the entire Creation.

(x) Thoth Universe Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings


Thoth Universe Tarot Card

The completion of a project. Your efforts are finally paying off and it may have been a long journey but it is now complete or almost there.

A reminder to finish what you have started.

Learning to take control of your own destiny (Mastery of the Kerubim)

The Power of your Will to get results (Control of the Serpent)

Reaching a new level of Spiritual Understanding. Enlightenment.





Thoth Universe Tarot Card

Procrastination at finishing projects.

Failure to bring closure to a situation for example a relationship or feelings towards someone from the past.

Frustration at not being able to progress spiritually to the point where you know your souls relationship to the universe.

Serpent dominates maiden therefore a slave to material desires/attachments.

A refusal to accept something has ended, again possibly in a relationship setting.



(xi) Thoth Star Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Spread

Thoth Universe Tarot Card

1.Heart of the Situation = what matters the most to you that you have not yet completed. Recognising your highest ideal.

2.Possible obstacle = frustration at not fulfilling your spiritual potential.

3.Subconscious influence = yearning for something deeper of a more spiritual nature in your life. The Universe is calling !

4.Past = involvement in a spiritual group/path. Spiritual endeavour which had a sense of completion

5.Hopes and goals = Enlightenment. To be more of a master over your life and yet have a detachment from the material side of things.

6.Immediate Future = to focus on completing a major project or spiritual quest.

7.Self image = not of this earthly world. Spiritual yearnings.

8.Environment = spiritual groups/ meditation/spiritual practice.

9.Guidance & warning = the need to finish major projects. Beware of being controlled by the world and material outcomes as your main purpose is completion of your Spiritual path.

10.Overall Outcome = Spiritual Enlightenment. Completion of a piece of work that is of great importance to you. Being in control of your destiny.


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Thoth Universe Tarot Card Tutorial

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