Thoth Star Tarot Card Tutorial

 (i) Thoth Star Tarot Card YouTube Presentation  

My YouTube presentation of the Thoth Star Tarot Card on my channel DavidH071.  can be accessed by clicking on the image below:

(ii) Thoth Star Tarot Card

A very beautiful card with a really positive meaning. The central figure is the Goddess Nuith in form, which is different from her formless state as we will see in the Aeon Card.




Crowley says in the Book of the Law : “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star”

Thoth Star Tarot Card


 The Book of the Law has 3 essential principles:

  1. NUIT/NUITH – which is what the Star represents – the ETERNAL MOTHER as the all encompassing UNITY of life, from which all possible manifestations of creation come from. She represents all that can possibly be created or will be.


2. HADIT – She cannot manifest anything without HADIT which is represented by a winged globe and these are both represented in the Stele of Revealing image below:


A stele (STEE-lee) is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected in ancient Western culture as a monument. Grave steles were often used for funerary or commemorative purposes.

Thoth Star Tarot Card

Hadit is essentially the ESSENCE OF KETHER  or the first sephiroth on the Tree of Life

3. HORUS – arises out of the union of Nuit and Hadit. Horus is aggressive/destructive almost like the judgement of Christ.

Thoth Star Tarot Card

Going back to the Star – Crowley is saying we are all like Nuit in that we have the potential of the universe inside us. The ALL POTENTIAL. 

(iii) Rider Waite Tower Tarot Card

Thoth Star Tarot Card


(iv) Thoth Star Tarot Card and The Tree of Life

This Star has swapped paths on the Tree of Life with the Emperor and so we are looking back up toward the top of the Tree again at the path connecting Chockmah to Tiphereth thus crossing the abyss which separates the unmanifest supernal triangle with the remaining sephira. Traditionally she has one foot on land and the other on water, thus bridging the gap between formless (water) and form (Earth).

Thoth Star Tarot Card


(v) Thoth Star Tarot Card Hebrew and Astrological Attribution

A. Hebrew Association

It is associated with the letter Hé which means ‘window’. A windows main function is to transmit light so we can see and in the same way the essence of the Star is to let us know we are transmitters of light on all levels to both our life and the world around us. It may take the form of just providing support and daily inspiration to others or more directly in the form of spiritual illumination as we allow the divine to flow through us.


Thoth Star Tarot Card


Hé is connected to the tetragrammaton and occurs twice as shown in the image below:

Thoth Star Tarot Card

Hé Primal = (second on right) the Great Mother (Circle or Nuit) in the background of the Star)

Hé Final = (first left) her daughter the Princess (The Figure in the foreground of the Star)

So the letter Hé is a FEMININE  letter.



B. Astrological Association

Ruled  by Aquarius which in turn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn rules Binah which is the Great Mother on the Tree of Life.

Both have a similar appearance as shown in the image below:

Thoth Star Tarot Card

Aquarius is all about the individual and uniqueness and yet has an overall humanitarian outlook. The Star shares these qualities in that it is trying to remind us about the divinity and uniqueness within us and yet encouraging us to be a conduit for bringing down our highest potential.

Nuith = central figure. The manifested form of Nuit in Atu XX, the Aeon Card :

Thoth Star Tarot Card

(vi) Symbolism of The Star

Golden Cup = Gold and the Sun is associated with God the Father. She is pouring the limitless potential of God upon herself and she becomes a conduit for that energy to manifest itself (like the Nuit/Hadit principles described above). It is the water of Universal Life and has been referred to Biblically as the WORD and meditated upon as an Inner Light and Sound

Blue Seven pointed Star of Venus = coming from the golden cup …the entire universe is LOVE.  The number 7 is associated with Venus as the seventh sephiroth NETZACH is ruled by this planet. 


Silver Cup = Moon and Illusion. As energy becomes manifest in the world its purity is lost as it is further from source.Nevertheless this is the blood of the Holy Grail as Crowley puts it in the Book of Thoth (p.110) and it is poured on the junction between land and water.

Crowley is keen to point out that  this cup issues energy which is more linear and not spiral like the rest of the card. The mind of man is obsessed and blinded by geometry which blocks his spiritual vision.


Going back to the tetragrammaton: 

Gold Cup = Sun, Masculine, Yod, Chockmah or force impregnating:

Silver Cup = Moon and Feminine, Hé and Binah

These give rise to Vau and Hé Final or manifestation.

So now we have linked the card symbology to both the tetragrammaton and the Tree of Life principles


Star of Babalon = upper left corner and has the number 7 drawn within it seven times. Crowley says Babalon is a secret name. It unites everything in this card as its rays spiral out touching all of the symbolism contained. Babalon is the Lady of the city of Pyramids.

In this way she is the feminine complement to the Magus even though the Priestess is usually seen in this way.

She is therefore a channel for the inspiration and energy of God.


At all times we have the unification of the Hadit and Nuit or the masculine and feminine and therefore the universe is in a constant state of orgasm.

Although we have the divine spark within us it is often concealed behind veils of protection. These are our general life experiences and especially our traumas. Thoth Star Tarot Card  speaks to us to rediscover our INSPIRATION within. It is trying to show the vision of endless possibilities which lie in front of us.

Globe = often mistaken as Earth but is in fact the universe of which Earth is a part of. The Star of Venus spirals out to fill the whole globe. Venus is above the Empress and the Empress gives birth to the child just like Binah gives birth to the Universe and LOVE is the quality that is common to both.

Crystalline Earth = manifested world at the bottom of the card. There are 20,seven sided translucent solids. These exhibit the geometry of matter not found in spiritual realms

20 solids = relating to YOD and The Hermit and the potential to manifest all possibilities in ones life. The Hermit occupies the 20th path between Chesed and Tipareth. He oversees the Royal Marriage in the Lovers Card.

5 butterflies = in right hand corner represent liberated souls free of the trappings of the mind and matter. The number 5 represents spirit (the other 4 before it being earth, water, fire, air). They have traversed the Abyss on the Tree of Life to reach to the Supernal Triangle.

3 red roses = beneath the butterflies and symbolise fertility. Roses are also associated with Venus and Love.

Sea of Binah = in the background and is somewhat hidden. It is from this formless see that the Universe comes into manifestation.

Pyramid City = in the far background and reached once the sea of Binah has been crossed. Home of the Enlightened Souls.


(vii) Tower to Star Transition


Thoth Star Tarot Card

As it follows the Tower, the meaning of the Thoth Star Tarot Card suggests that you have endured life’s challenges and have been through a difficult time but you are now open to following your dreams and what inspires you. Your ability to let go of difficult times has been strengthened by contact with your true self through these difficult times. Hatred, envy, bitterness, and revenge have burned themselves out and no longer shadow your life or get in the way of your potential for future happiness. You are now also able to practice forgiveness for yourself and others so that you can embrace new opportunities.

Summary of the transition

This transition is about moving from the trauma of grappling with and trying to hang on to our present thoughts, attitudes and identity in The Tower  to letting them flow and just be there with acceptance and without struggle in The Star.

Relevance to the path

In meditation it can be easy to be distracted by and caught up in thinking. When we realise we are thinking rather than meditating we can react against the realisation and either try to understand the thoughts or force them out of our minds, or perhaps criticise ourselves or even think that we just cannot meditate – yet all of these are more thinking !  Rather than react against our thoughts, it is better to let them go. By letting thoughts and their attachments just ‘be’, we are then in a better position to find distance from them, and also see them for what they are. By practising acceptance, we are thus more readily able to resolve our beliefs and attitudes towards ourselves and others.  These beliefs and attitudes can often be very ingrained:


“We are imprisoned by subtlety not obviousness”


The attachments are liked the chains around the necks of the people in The Devil  card – the people are so close to them they are unaware that they are (apparently) trapped. Attachments can be broken by first of all using detachment to accept that they exist before applying ourselves to release ourselves from them.

To be able to change our subconscious mental reaction into a conscious response, and to learn about ourselves in the process, we need to be able to work with our thinking. The best way to do this is to see them for what they are, accept them and then (and only then) from that acceptance start to express and re-direct our thinking. The  Path provides great opportunities to learn about, and then release ourselves from, at least some of the limitations and attachments of our current beliefs and attitudes.

Learning to break free from our set ways of seeing and interpreting events, situations and other people can allow us to choose how we respond rather than react in old habitual ways.

Difficulties  in attempting this transition

This transition is once again about giving in to the process rather than trying to understand or control all of it. Hanging on to an old sense of who we are will be like carrying around a bag full of the broken blocks of The Tower and will weigh us down and limit our growth.

Just like feelings, but perhaps in a more subtle way, thoughts and attitudes do not go away when they are suppressed. Practising austerity through many hours of forced, rigid meditation which is all about trying not to think (and thus just thinking) will not produce growth. Failure to appreciate this can hinder both meditation and the way we conduct ourselves on The Path. Having unresolved mental conflicts can also be very damaging to oneself and to others as we may subconsciously act out what is in our minds.

Realisations from within meditation may require us to change our view of life, of others and of ourselves and can be either very challenging or actually just not happen if we are not open to change. We may have prejudices that stop us seeing and accepting the reality of life.

The greatest difficulty may be being too attached to our sense of who we are, wanting to stay attached and thus rigid in our limitations and not use The Path to find our true Self.

There can, however, also be a danger of yielding too much, letting go of all discipline and self-control and happily sitting thinking in meditation all the time !

Practical advice on making this transition

Once again it is very important to cultivate an attitude of “beginner’s mind” – being able to look at any new realisation or situation completely fresh and new, without prejudice, without desire or expectation. This is yielding to what is presented, letting ideas and beliefs imprint themselves on us so that we can see into and through them, so that we can respond with insight rather than react with defensiveness but without losing our principles and self-discipline. Giving up on the needs of our small, individual selves can again set us free to expand into a greater sense of self and greater awareness.

Observe your reactions to ideas and beliefs and look for insight into your attachments – if we have a strong reaction then we are being provided with a great opportunity to learn about ourselves. Look to see what it is in us that leads to the reaction.

Trust is again very important in yielding – trusting in the light and sound, trusting in Adepts and initiates, trusting in your own individual process, and trusting in The Path; get feedback to check out our attitudes and understanding and be open to change.

Learn to polish our mind to be a clean mirror by seeing where our thinking blocks the reflection of insight and understanding, let us discover a new sense of self that will allow us to be more free.

Remember to always look beyond mind to see the potential of spirituality in everyone.

Remember that any fulfilment that can be found in thinking and understanding is short-lived and a poor comparison to what can be found in meditation. Let us let go of the old sense of who we are and find our true Self.


(xiii) Thoth Star Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings


Thoth Star Tarot Card


1.Being fulfilled and inspired by life. A reminder to follow our dreams and that which gives us the most inspiration,

2.Being directed to express your spiritual side, joy and inspiration. Be open to love and trust the Universe and what it brings.

3.Encouragement is now being given that you have had testing times in the past and now is the time to move forward with renewed hope and live an inspired life that you can express yourself fully.





Thoth Star Tarot Card


1.Loss of Hope and Faith which needs to be restored. Scepticism.

2.Disconnected with your spiritual side at the moment.

3.The need to address what is holding you back from being inspired by life whether spiritually or just in your daily routine.

4.Lack of hope and joy in your life.

5.The need to find something more fulfilling and spiritual which has so far alluded you.

6.A situation which seems hopeless or one in which you have lost faith in. It could represent a very difficult time in which your faith spiritually is being tested.



(ix) Thoth Star Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Spread

Thoth Star Tarot Card


1 : Heart of the Situation = to discover something much bigger than living a mundane existence. You need to feel inspired and fulfilled in a much deeper way.

2 : Possible obstacle  = A lack of faith in yourself and connecting with what truly inspires you

3 : Subconscious influence = sometimes a lack of faith in ourselves and a belief we cannot find joy and happiness. Or subconscious works against through unresolved trauma.

4 : Past = there have been times when you have doubted your greatness and life seems to have blocked your creative potential. Perhaps you thought this period would never end

5 : Hopes and goals = to find something or someone that you can fully express your full potential with. Being able to find outlets for  spiritual expression.

6 : Immediate Future = believe in yourself. Dare to dream big, sit down and write out a dream list and ways to achieve your goals. Make sure they reflect your deeper side along the way. 

7 : Self image = sometimes the past may be holding you back from expressing your true potential in the present. The need to remove these blocks and follow that which our heart longs for. A strong connection with spirit.

8 : How others see you = others may go to you for inspiration, hope, counselling, advice. A good friend in times of need.

9 : Guidance & warning = the need to listen to your inner voice and reconnect with that which inspires you. Think big and go for your dreams without letting negativity get in the way of your growth.

10 : Overall Outcome = fulfilment of dreams, an asset to those around us and to the planet spiritually. A reflection of the divine. Overcoming previous difficult times to reach our true potential and greatness.


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Thoth Star Tarot Card Tutorial

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