(i) Thoth Magus YouTube Presentation  

Thoth Magus : This is a YouTube presentation of this tarot card on my channel DavidH071. You can click on the image below to start the video.

thoth magus


(ii) Thoth Magus

Thoth Magus:  is based on Hermes Trismegistus, the name the Greeks gave to the Egyptian God Thoth and is associated with magika, wisdom and learning.

thoth magus


(iii) The Thoth Magus : Variations of the Thoth Magus

Only the far left image was approved for the Thoth Tarot Deck.

thoth magus


(iv) Rider Waite Magician


 thoth magus

(v) Thoth Magus & The Tree of Life





The Fool represents the number ZERO but the  Thoth Magus represents INFINITY or Ain Soph, the second of the negative veils of existence above the tree of life:

thoth magus



He takes the zero of The Fool and contracts it into a point of light called KETHER, or HADIT as it is termed in Thelma. Without getting too philosophical this ultimately describes the process of giving up the ’emptiness’ the Fool’s has  to focus (the contraction) on the spiritual journey ahead. This contraction gives some form of identity to Kether which is not in the Ain Soph and this is translated into the identity the magician now has to be able to focus on the task in hand. The downside to that is that he has to step into the great illusion once given up his ’emptiness’ but he is sacrificing this for an even bigger realisation at the end when the universe card is encountered.


In the diagram below :

Kether = White

Chokmah = Grey

Binah = Black 


thoth fool

The Magus connects Binah with Kether. Kether and Binah are somewhat opposites as Binah represents form, the creation, and is black because ultimately all form is an illusion. The mind in meditation blots out spiritual light. There is no form in Kether. In it we have the potential  for all.

The Magus can be represented as the  Trickster  and this is because he gives birth to form or illusion and it all seems so real as if that is the only reality there is.

Binah is sometimes called the Great Mother as she gives birth to creation. In the same way this is represented Biblically as the Virgin Mary (the Soul) is impregnated by God and the Christ is born (Christ Consciousness within us).

This is the GREAT WORK that Crowley talks about, the souls journey back out of the illusion to find the formlessness and unity of Kether. Kether is therefore white and represents the purity of this sephiroth.



(vi) Thoth Magus Hebrew Attribution

thoth magus


Hebrew = Beth = HOUSE implying construction or the making of things. It has a ‘window’ like aperture on the left

Bet = 2 = duality/creation = form & illusion

The first letter of the Hebrew Bible is Bet and not Aleph.


(vii) Thoth Magus Symbology

androgynous = he is naked and like the Fool has a combination of masculine and feminine features. This comes from his association with the unity of Kether as shown on the Tree of Life diagram above.

He juggles 8 objects :

Censer = vessel for burning incense = FIRE

Cup = Cups, WATER. Two handled of Grecian style.

Dagger = Swords, AIR

Disk = Coins, EARTH. Here it is represented as the 8 fold star of Mercury.

Winged Egg = Spirit, the fifth element. Also known as the Orphic Egg and appears again in the Lovers card. Its represents the nothingness out of which everything is born. Thus we have the opposites of the Magus representing manifestation and the Orphic Egg the formlessness and potential of spirit.

thoth magus


Wand of Double Power = symbolic of the power of Horus, Lord of the New Aeon. It also symbolises the union of opposites from the sephira above  Tiphareth on the Tree of Life and resurrection. The close association with the sun can also be seen by :

Sunburst on the Thoth Magus right = barely visible and represents Mercury’s close relationship with the sun.

Ape of Thoth (Cynolcephalus) on Thoth Magus left = by the right foot of the Magus. Represents the distortion of ‘truth’ that is inherent in form, or in this case the speech of the Magus. Truth is distorted through the personality of the one trying to represent it. Perfection is only in spirit. Crowley says  of it : 

‘Manifestation implies illusion’

For those that have looked at my meditation site this is significant as :

Right side of brain = spiritual side (Garden of Eden in East) = sun to right of Magus = unity of opposites

Left side of brain = material side, lower consciousness= Ape to left of Magus = Distortion of matter

Pen & Scroll = the tools of Thoth. He created hieroglyphs and was a scribe :

thoth magus


This demonstrates the intellect and Will of the Magus as he communicates through writing. The Thoth Magus is also associated with Mercury, a planet representing communication and the endless movement of creation. This is why meditation is very important as we get a sense of stillness and we move closer to Kether, something the movement of Mercury is very much an opposite to.


The Caduceus

Lemniscate = caduceus above the head of the Magus. This represents the infinite nature of his source (Kether)  . It also stretches down through his feet showing that spirit has now manifested into matter with the Magus card.

Circle = eye of Horus.

Left serpent = wears a throne shaped  headdress of Isis and is associated with Binah

Right serpent = a basic crown representing Kether.

So both serpents together represents the Thoth Magus connecting Kether and Binah. The white light of Kether is seen in a V shape behind the Thoth Magus, whilst the darkness of Binah is seen below him in the card.

Dove descending in circle of caduceus =  representing the quality of LOVE of spirit  descending into matter through the body of the Magus and to the created worlds at the bottom of the card below his feet.

Background = crossing lines = this is the making of form in creation. Note they do not penetrate the formlessness of Kether in the inverted triangle. The ark semi-circle at the bottom is Binah which gives birth to the illusion of form.



(viii) The Fool to Magus Transition


In one sense this is a rather difficult transition ! We have left the freedom loving carefree nature of the Fool, who rather lives in his own protected bubble of innocence and bliss, and swapped it for the Magician who is someone who deals with ‘creation’  and ‘forms’ and therefore all the karmas that go with those actions of creativity that he has.

On the spiritual path is represents the difference between the journeyman (Fool) and someone who is willing to form a separation from that place and look at giving it up for something much larger (The Universe). However, this in only the first step.

It implies that when the seeker first starts this process of self-reflection and action, that support and encouragement are needed.

The positive side is that they can use the skills of the Magus to create meaningful things around them that will help on their spiritual path, however actions have consequences and so we can just as easily be led down paths and create things which have no benefit or have detrimental effects to our spiritual progress.

In summary the Fool to Magus transition is about making the decision to step outside of our comfort zone and create what is necessary to assist us to a much bigger understanding of the universe in future. An example might be someone who was previously happy-go-lucky and comfortable with their material life, then taking a decisive  step to look at their spiritual path and so would then need to make lifestyle changes to accommodate this new goal. Their comfort bubble has burst !


(ix) Thoth Magus Divinatory Meanings


Thoth Magus Upright


A time to create something new in your life and bring into fruition what you wish.

You have a strong desire to begin something new,that will express your creativity.

This is a Tarot card about manifesting your goals by utilising the skills, tools and resources that are available to you.

This card is a signal to act consciously (as we saw in the transition above) and act now provided you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it and so you need to be clear about your motives and intentions.

You need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Focus on a specific goal and channel your energies into the task.



Thoth Magus Reversed



Using ones skills to the detriment of others. Tricksters, con men .

Being out of touch with your own reality. You are not seeing your life and the world around you in a healthy way and you have lost insight and objectivity.

Creating  situations that are of detriment to yourself and specifically your spiritual path. These may be worldly things that are taking up too much of your time and are a distraction (although ultimately everything that is ‘created’ is an illusion).





(x) Thoth Magus in the Celtic Cross Spread

thoth fool1 : Heart of the Situation = the need to clearly make a plan/meaning for your life and a way of achieving it.
2 : Possible obstacle = not in touch with yourself at the moment and creating detrimental situations.
3 : Unconscious Influences = lots of things in your life getting in the way of making your path ahead simple.
4 : Recent Past = used to planning worldly things, now we have to plan more spiritual goals.
5 : Hopes and goals = to find a way of effectively reaching your goals and knowing clearly what they are.
6 : Short Term Future = make a plan and walk it step by step using your skills and resources.
7 : Our Self Image = methodical, communicator, busy, can get into situations that are not in your best interests.
8 : Environment = competitive but rich and resourceful so we need to make use of it.
9 : Guidance & Warning = dont be too scattered in your goals, Need to maintain clear focus on one thing and stick to it step by step.
10 : Overall Outcome = manifesting what you want through skill and focus. Spiritually it about creating an effective process of treading your spiritual path pooling your skills to achieve your ends successfully. Emphasis in this card is about setting up that path and being able to walk it over a period of time.


(xi) Thoth Magus as a Meditation Mandala

Tools are in the air in the Thoth card compared to static in the Rider Waite. More dynamic.

has a look of bliss = creating what he wants but is he stuck in the illusion of form for its own sake or in bliss because what he is creating is helping him spiritually 

Has similar hand position to the Magician – as above so below.

beth = window = implies duality and the seeing of 2 objects.

objects in the air = he has the element air attributed through him 



(xii) Thoth Magus 

Polyphonic Tarot

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The Spiritual Hierarchy

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