(i) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card YouTube Presentation  

This is my YouTube presentation of  the Thoth Lovers Tarot Card on my channel DavidH071.  Clicking on the image blow will start the video.

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(ii) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card contains much more symbology than the Waite Card, with a heavy emphasis on alchemy that started with the Magus. It is the first card to have more than one figure in it. The Thoth Lovers Tarot card is, in summary, a glyph of DUALITY. It is also complex in that it can only be fully understood in relation to Atu 14 or the Art card. So this becomes one of the most complex cards in the pack. Hopefull the analysis below will provide a good starting point.

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card



(iii) Rider Waite Lovers Tarot Card

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card


(iv) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card and The Tree of Life

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

 The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card occupies the Path between Binah and Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. Binah is responsible for the ‘birth of form’ and hence the unity of God is now lost. From here death and rebirth occur. The Lovers comes out of this Sepiroth and so we have the idea of DIVISION  with this card. We see that this separation occurs repeatedly in throughout the theme of the Lovers.


(v) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Hebrew and Astrological Attribution

The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card is associated with the Hebrew Letter ZAYIN which means SWORD and is shown in the image below :

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

Zayin or sword implies division as a blade has 2 edges and a sword cuts through things. The idea is set up therefore where we learn from being in a duality; we are a part of the creation and incarnating into a body gives us the experience of learning.

Being represented by the sword, The Lovers is associated with the mutable air sign GEMINI which implies a choice needs to be made with this card


(vi)  Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Alchemy and Symbology

Alchemy was first implied in the Magus and then developed in The Empress and Emperor Cards. Here we have all these principles together in one card.

The alchemical process involves separating an impure metal, breaking it down into its separate parts, purifying them and then reintegrating them in the ART card (Atu 14) or Temperance in the Rider Waite Deck.

The process in the Lovers is called SOLVE

The alchemical process in Art is called COAGULA

The Magus represents alchemical Mercury which unites Sulphur and Salt. We saw this in a previous video and all three are related to the Gunas of Hinduism:

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

Hermetic Marriage = between black King and white Queen officiated by the hooded figure

Hermit (Hooded Figure)= represents the creative power of the universe and potential fertility. The YOD. Crowleys says he is a form of the Hermit and related to the Magus. He is shrouded to signify that the mysteries of life are hidden and far beyond the visible eye and intellect.

Hermits Scroll = the word of the LOGOS  of Mercury or creation and this implies a connection to the Magus ruled by Mercury. Note the High Priestess has the scroll of the Torah in the Waite Card:

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

White Light behind Hermits Head = the Light of Kether, the spiritual Crown of the Tree of Life.

Eros  = Roman God and son of Hermes.  Thelema is written on his golden quiver and he is blindfolded.

Blindfold = unconscious desire of the soul to unite opposites.  This is where we get the meaning of this card as defined by the seeking of a relationship but what Crowley tries to identify this card with occurs on a spiritual level of the soul being at one with the Father or Atman being at one with Brahman.

His arrow is the directed WILL.This sums up Crowleys Law of Thelema “Love is the Law, Love Under Will”

His arrow is said to represent SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE or directed will  which is necessary on the spiritual path to find the unity of creation behind the division of appearances. This card is  connected to Atu 14 therefore which is ruled by Sagittarius :

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card


Solve et  Coagula =  alchemical maxim Crowley uses to describe Atu 6 and 14.

So what does this mean for the Hermetic Marriage :

Crowley also states : “there is no bond that can unite the divided but Love: all else is a curse”

So the division that we see in the Lovers Card is reunited under Love and Will. In day-to-day terms this refers to the love between people, but Crowley emphasises the spiritual. Enlightenment is a total saturation in Universal Love. The Love that binds and unites the creation together. So for the spiritual path we have:

  1. The will (desire) to know God.
  2. Universal Love unites all the divisions of creation
  3. The realisation that God is nothing but Universal Love.

Eve = in top right hand corner of the card 

Lilith = top left hand corner of the card. 

They stand on top of the 2 pillars of BINAH, the third sephroth. Binah gives life (Eve = creation), and therefore death (Lilith= decay).

Sword Archway = the gateway to the white Spiritual Light of  Kether

Yellow Hues = Tiphareth. The Lovers path from Binah to Tiphareth on the Tree of Life is therefore represented in the symbology of the card.

King and Queen = wear the crowns of the Emperor and Empress respectively and so they represent:

King = emperor= red tincture = sulphur .He has a gold crown representing the Sun. His crown has 5 points representing Geburah (fiery, destructive). He has snakes coiled round into the infinity sign (lemniscate) on his robe indicating the cycle of birth death and rebirth. He holds the sacred lance = phallus

Queen = Empress = white tincture = salt. She has a silver crown representing the Moon. She has an orb and cross representing the fourth Sephiroth Chesed (stable, structuring). She has bees on her robe indicating fertility. She holds the Holy Grail = womb. The cup has the dove symbol on = Venus (LOVE) and 5 white rays emanate from it symbolising spirit.

Orange Robe = where the red and yellow colours of the King and Queen overlap. Contains the symbols of the serpent and the bee which is seen in Atu 14 (Art).


Lion  = Leo = Fire. Lions tail is somewhat different to expected, rises between his legs indicating the erect phallus. The tail has 5 kinks = Geburah

Eagle = Scorpio = Water. Eagles tail = 4 feathers  = Chesed.

So these two creatures reflect the Chesed – Geburah relationship which was first evident in the King and Queen. These 2 sephiroth are emphasised due to them being opposites, which is the theme of the card through diversity

Twins = assist the King and Queen. They represent GEMINI which is the zodiac attribution of this trump.

Black child stands opposite white King, white child stands opposite white Queen, so we have the idea of opposites.

White Child = 4 white roses = Chesed. Roses = female, receptive

Black Child = club = Geburah. Club, phallic, male.

They stand on the wings of the Orphic Egg and have a white Halo around them which both suggest that they are intimately linked with it.

Orphic Egg : contains the content of the universe and is the product of the union of the King and Queen. It is grey with white and black,representing the colours black and white of the supernal triange according to Crowley (p83 Book of Thoth)

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card


 The winged serpent represents HADIT, the God of wisdom in Thelema which is like KETHER on the Tree of Life.

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

The egg opens and the potential of Kether is manifested as the Universe, thus sacrificing its unity for the diversity of the creation. Mans journey back to God or Enlightenment putting the ‘parts back together’ in alchemical terms and seeing the unity once again but the individual’s life is forever changed.

Concealed Bow at Bottom = Sagittarius and the connection of this card to the Art Card which is ruled by this sign. The lance is also an arrow for this bow.



(viii) The Hierophant to The Lovers Transition

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

The Hierophant was about learning traditions, dogmas, structures such as mystical or religious groups or institutions. With the Lovers the Fool has to make intelligent decisions or choices about the path ahead. The Lovers is all about duality and purification of parts which is the sacrifice that is made when the Fool embarks on his journey out of ignorance i.e. there will come a time when he has to take responsibility for the direction of his life with his new-found knowledge from the other cards thus far. As the Lovers card represents SOLVE or purification of the ‘parts’, this translates into the Fool having to look closely and see the relative merits in the paths ahead and decide intelligently on which one to take for the best. This may not always be the easiest option. Also representing the WILL to find unity, which is behind the purification process he undergoes through meditation and spiritual practise.


(ix) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings

The Waite version of the card emphasised a choice/decision to be made as we see many opposites in this card representing duality and also the Hebrew attribution (Zayin) meaning ‘sword’ which cuts through things (divides). We will now translate this into divinatory meanings with the Thoth Lovers Card.


Thoth Lovers Upright

The meanings of the card centre around the reconciliation of opposites

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

  1. The need to carefully look at all angles of a situation before making a decision.
  2. You could be a mediator in a difference of opinion.
  3. If we are single it can mean are we reconciled with ourselves internally or are we at war with ourselves ?
  4.  The need to look at the harmony within our relationship/marriage/family.
  5. The need to make a choice on the direction ahead of us and is it based on our highest good. It may not be the easiest option we have though in front of us.
  6. As this is a major arcana card it implies the choice that we have is a major life decision to make and not your everyday issue.
  7. Having to make a choice on your own spiritual path and values and not just following religious dogma or spiritual/religious groups (as emphasised by the Hierophant).

8. Mutual attraction, a sexual connection that goes beyond just the physical but the 2 part need to know each other and themselves for this to work in balance and harmony ( corresponding to the purification of the 2 parts in the alchemical process described at the beginning).


Thoth Lovers Reversed

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

  1. Over analysis of a situation and not being able to move forward (analysis paralysis)
  2. Rashly making a decision without fully thinking it through. Possibly making the decision based on the fact that it was the easiest one to make and not the best.
  3. Quarrels , disagreements, arguments in a relationship. One or both are out of balance and so the relationship needs some work.
  4. Refusing to look honestly at oneself.
  5. A relationship without harmony as one or both have not worked on themselves enough.
  6. Not confident of making your own decisions but stuck in religious or spiritual group rules and regulations (Hierophant stage).
  7.  Being at war with yourself or in disharmony. The purification process of the self is not sufficient and so we are now reaping the consequences of not working on ourselves enough or making bad choices in the past.

8. Depth of feelings shared in a relationship are not mutual. This does not imply that the relationship needs to end but only that the couple should concentrate on restoring balance to the situation.


(x) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Spread


Thoth Lovers Tarot Card1 : Heart of the Situation = a major decision on your life needs to be made and you need to think this through carefully

2 : Possible obstacle = indecisiveness about making a major decision. inharmonious relationship.

3 : Unconscious Influences = maybe we rely too heavily on what other people say and think about us in shaping our views (Hierophant). Conforming to the norms of society.

4 : Recent Past = a previous relationship or major decision made in our life.

5 : Hopes and goals = to know yourself better, more confidence, a loving relationship with a strong spiritual bond

6 : Short Term Future = a relationship, working on yourself spiritually, getting to know yourself better, a decision to be made

7 : Our Self Image = spending time on our own to get to know ourselves or using a relationship to define ourselves.

8 : Environment = a relationship which is supportive and with both parties self-aware and in balance. Not just a physical attraction therefore.

9 : Guidance & Warning = need to make decisions for our highest virtue or moral good and have the strength to look at ourselves honestly. Dont shy away from making tough decisions once you have sought them through.

10 : Overall Outcome = knowing yourself far better than before due to making intelligent choices. A life more in harmony and balance. A loving relationship.


 (xi) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card and The Journey of The Fool

0. The Fool = an openness towards spirituality and willingness not to judge it. Putting aside the world in order to achieve an emptiness or open mind.

1.  The Magus = making goals and organising our life for spiritual practise.

2. The Priestess = the souls alignment/connection with our spiritual source (without which the journey would be purely academic/intellectual/philosophical), NOT spiritual.

3. The Empress = connecting with the Universal energy with is LOVE. This may well take time to merge with but the sooner we do, the more intimately we will know the nature of spirit and ourselves. Many people still struggle with the distraction of the mind at this point. 

4. The Emperor = we need a sense of discipline and organisation if we want to achieve what we have created in the Magus stage and felt in the Empress stage. The Emperor teaches this valuable lesson and so we must achieve a balance between our heart and head.

5. The Hierophant = Associated with dogma and religion. The Fool assesses the validity of religious dogmas and traditions to see if they have any value in gaining the spiritual freedom he craves. This is also a struggle with established institutions of society and his struggle to go against the dogmatic and habitual trappings of religion. On a more positive note the Hierophant represents his spiritual groups and structures which give a grounding to his spiritual life.


6. The Lovers = The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card is all about duality and purification of parts which is the sacrifice that is made when the Fool embarks on his journey out of ignorance i.e. there will come a time when he has to take responsibility for the direction of his life with his new-found knowledge from the other cards thus far. As the Lovers card represents SOLVE or purification of the ‘parts’, this translates into the Fool having to look closely and see the relative merits in the paths ahead and decide intelligently on which one to take for the best. This may not always be the easiest option.


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