(i) Thoth Chariot YouTube Presentation  

This is my YouTube presentation of the Thoth Chariot Tarot Card on my channel DavidH071.  Clicking on the image blow will start the video.

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card



(ii) Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

A  charioteer in armor sits in a meditation posture in his chariot drawn by the four kerubic beasts: The Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Man (or Angel). The starry night sky is cast in the canopy of the chariot and includes the inscription ABRACADABRA. He holds the Holy Grail in front of him.

Chariot = wheels of Life = soul identifies with wheel of karma

Charioteer = meditator = soul identifies with stillness of spirit

Disk = holy grail containing elixir of life = Christ used in last supper = symbolic for discovering mans infinite nature which does not get born or die


(iii) Rider Waite Chariot Tarot Card

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

(iv) Thoth Chariot & The Tree of Life





Path #18 — Binah to Geburah

The Path of the Chariot is the first path to cross the Abyss from the lower Sephira. This implies the descent of Spirit in the lower manifested universe. The purpose of this path is to illustrate that whatever our personal beliefs, we should remain receptive to the influence of the Divine moving through the vehicle of our lives in its own unique way.

Binah = birth of form and limits Geburah = destruction. Put together i implies a process of moving through the old and breaking down ideas so that we can move on to something new


(v) Thoth Chariot Hebrew and Astrological Attribution

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

Hebrew Cheth = Fence or field. It links in with the qualities associated with the cancer zodiac sign described below. On the evolutionary path, Cheth represents the enclosure which is the container for the spiritual essence or the soul within the body. 

Field = something to cultivate in your life

Astrology = Cancer. 

Cancer (the ruling sign of this card) is the crab who also has a hard shell-like the armour of the Charioteer. Cancer is known to retreat into its shell to protect its soft underbelly—symbolically of someone protecting their most vulnerable side. In the same way, the Chariot acts as a protected vehicle to protect the charioteer  as his armour.


(vi) Thoth Chariot Symbology

Charioteer = has no reins and so does not drive the chariot, his main function is to carry the Holy Grail.

Crab on Helmet = Cancer sign of the zodiac.

Armor = similar to protective shell of the crab described above.

10 stars on armor = 10 sephira of the Tree of Life and attributed to the world of Assiah:

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

sapphires on armour = linked to Binah which gives birth to form. There is therefore a link here between Binah (birth of form) and its manifestation in Malkuth. This implies the meaning of the card relates to practical planning of things for its manifestation in our life.

Visor covers face = Crowley says that “no man may look upon his face and live”Spiritually this means that once we see his true identity we will die to our current perspective of the world, which will subsequently be changed forever.

Meditative posture = concentrates his will internally not externally.

Sits on Moon = moon representing the emotions/subconscious. So he is not dominates by these facets of his lower nature.

Red Chariot Wheels = Geburah ruled by Mars. Will in action.

Red Cloak = passion of Geburah

So Geburah provides the energy to cross the abyss.

White cloak = purity of purpose

4 pillars = four parts of the Tetragrammaton. Representing macrocosm and microcosm. Linking the spiritual to the physical. The charioteer connects the two by crossing the abyss.He has to lose his ego when making his way from Geburah to Binah.

4 sphinxes = 4 kerubs: bull, lion, eagle, man. and these are interchanged/mixed in characteristics to make 16 sub elements which we have discussed in the court cards. They represent the cardinal signs of each element:

Lion = Leo = Fire

Eagle = Scorpio = Water

Man = Aquarius =  Air

Bull = Taurus  = Earth.


The cardinal signs being the first of each element to manifest implies that the charioteer has control over the direction of his world and therefore the direction in which he moves is a useful one.

Holy Grail = held in the hands of the charioteer and made of Amethyst, the stone attributed to Jupiter. The violet rim and blue outer area are also associated with Jupiter in the colour scales of the Golden Dawn. The Holy Grail was used by Christ at the last supper and contains the elixir of life. Crowley identifies it with sexual alchemy and containing both male and female fluids.

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

The Grail has 4 spirals for handles and this represents the fourth sephira Chesed ruled by Jupiter. This is the last sephira that one passes through before crossing the abyss going up the tree from earth to spirit on the spiritual journey:

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

6 rays emanating from centre of disk = influence of Tiphareth the 6th sephiroth on the tree of life.

Red Centre of Grail = represents the sun reaching the pinnacle of its power in Cancer at the summer solstice.

ABRACADABRA = written on top of the canopy which disguises the real name which is ABRAHADABRA.

ABRAHADABRA = the word of the new Aeon of Horus ( see Three Aeons Article).

The Hebrew association with the chariot is Cheth as described above and its numerical value is 418, the same as Abrahadabra.

Abrahadabra can be broken down into 5 vowels (the a’s) and 6 consonants (2 x b, 2 x r ,h , d ) and so represents the union of man (microcosm, pentagram) and God  (macrocosm, hexagram).

It also contains the masculine and the feminine as well as elements of the Fool as outlined below and put together relates a spiritual process:

A = Aleph = Fool = Nothingness

Br = beth = Magician = male

Abrahadabra Link to Tiphareth = where the union of man and God happens, the 5 and the 6 unite.

21 yellow bricks of path (seven are hidden) = 21 is Eheieh, a Godname for Kether the ultimate goal for the spiritual aspirant and so the chariot travel the path from Tiphareth to Kether.


(vii) The Lovers to Chariot Transition

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card


 Going back to Crowley’s quote regarding looking at the charioteers face and dying, this card implies the seeker will have to overcome difficult challenges internally and externally on his journey and that these need to be resolved not suppressed. Once these are worked through life will never be the same again for them and they will be able to die to their old self as their gain higher awareness of their true spiritual nature.


(viii) Thoth Chariot Divinatory Meanings

May represent retracting yourself into a shell, to come out for no one until conflict is resolved internally. Sometimes you need to crawl into a hole and cry and not come back out into the public until the tears have been wiped away.
A common description of this card is an armored vehicle moving with haste in one particular direction. Blind to the left and right, it moves forward stopping for nothing. 

When this card appears I interpret it as a symbol for victory, likely achieved by progressing at an unwavering speed. Dominion over wild forces (represented by the sphinxes or horses) propels the chariot forward allowing this progress to happen. If the beasts are rebellious or do not fall in line there will be conflict and disorientation.


(a) Thoth Chariot Upright

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

  1. Victory over adversity, we have come through a difficult period and overcome it.
  2. Having the courage to act and follow your goals
  3. Success over previous negative patterns.The sphynxes (sub elements = human nature =court cards, the things that make our personality) and the moon (emotions, subconscious) have been controlled and conquered so we can move ahead with our life now.
  4. Focus on self-discipline and internal strengths to follow your goals.
  5. Rest and contemplation
  6. Moving towards new and higher goals but remaining centered and protective of yourself.



(b) Thoth Chariot Reversed

Thoth Chariot Tarot Card

  1. Conflicting feelings about what you really want and you need to resolve before acting.
  2. Reckless behaviour and being out of control
  3. Inability to act or focus on what we really want to achieve.
  4. Ruled by need to dominate others
  5. Not able to connect with one’s life purpose.





(ix) Thoth Chariot in the Celtic Cross Spread


1 : Heart of the Situation = a certain amount of willpower and inner drive is necessary for you to move your life where you want it to be. This has now come to the surface that you must act and courageously.

2 : Possible obstacle = Inability to act and focus on your goal through fear or lack of confidence

3 : Unconscious Influences = that sometimes we lack the resolve and decisiveness to overcome our fears/obstacles. Lack of self-confidence.

4 : Recent Past = overcoming adversities/obstacles and you are now in a better place.

5 : Hopes and goals = to overcome negative patterns and conflicts to move ourselves into a better place. Have a better relationship with ourselves.

6 : Short Term Future =need to become focused on your inner drive and resolve

7 : Our Self Image = unresolved conflicts , can be controlled/dominated too easily.

8 : Environment = controlling feeling trapped or dominated

9 : Guidance & Warning = need to change our environment and become more protective of ourselves in the process of moving our life forward. Do not always let our vulnerabilities show.

10 : Overall Outcome = overcoming our fears and moving on to living the life we really want to.


(xi) Thoth Chariot Links.

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Thoth Chariot Tarot Card Tutorial

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