(i) Thoth Aeon Tarot Card YouTube Presentation

The Thoth Aeon Tarot Card is part of a detailed series on the philosophical principles underlying the Thoth Tarot Deck of Aleister Crowley. My YouTube presentation is on my channel DavidH071  and can be accessed by clicking on the image below:


(ii) Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

The Aeon Card contains Thelemic Deities and it moves away from the Christian theme in the Judgement of the Rider Waite Deck. The Three Aeons have been outlined in a previous article. The Aeon of the current era is meant to be the rulership of the dual God of Heru Ra Ha, the special name given to Horus, the product of Hadit and Nuit. 

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card


(iii) Rider Waite Judgement Card

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card


(iv) Thoth Aeon Tarot Card & The Tree of Life

Occupies the path between Hod and Malkuth. Hod is the seat of Human Intelligence as well as harnessed willpower whilst Malkuth represents the physical world. The Aeon Card connecting them implies the blending of energies between the two sephira so we have:

The evolution of human consciousness and understanding (Hod) about the nature of our physical reality (Malkuth). Our consciousness becomes more universal as we see the Oneness behind creation. Older perspectives are burned away by spiritual fire.


(v) Thoth Aeon Tarot Card Hebrew & Elemental Attribution

Hebrew Association

Associated with the Hebrew letter SHIN. In the Aeon Card it is gold in colour and Horus stands on it as shown below:

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

SHIN means ‘tooth’.and is the mother letter of Fire, the relevance of this element to the cards meaning is discussed in the section below

In the Crowley version there are 3 figures kneeling inside the Yods at the top of the letter. The Yods represent fire and the kneeling figures represent Spirit. 

Right Figure = Father

Left Figure = Mother

Central Figure = Child which is brighter than the other two. This Aeon is the Aeon of the child HORUS.

There is an astrological connection here with Libra as we can see by the arch like background around the letter Shin. This links the Thoth Aeon Tarot Card with Adjustment and Maat symbolising that they represent justice, law and order.

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

Blue and Green Arches = colours representing Libra

Orange Red  Arch = the element fire with the jagged line representing the activity of Fire as a initiator of change.


Elemental Association

Associated with FIRE (shown symbolically in the lower right of the card) which is responsible for purification as the old is swept away to make way for the new. This is related to the divinatory meaning of the card which is major change. It has nothing to do with Christian apocalyptic scenarios and is concerned with the Spiritual Fire of the Microcosm and Macrocosm. We have books such as those below describing the Fire of Creation (Macrocosm, the Universe) and the Kundalini Fire (microcosm, in man).


Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

FIRE is also a key stage on the spiritual path which is THE SAME regardless of Aeon, although the overall collective consciousness of man may be unique. For instance John The Baptist says of Jesus :

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card


This is a representation of  one of the 5  PLANES OF CONSCIOUSNESS:

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card


(vi) Further Symbolism of The Aeon Card

Star Goddess Nuit = forms  the dark archway in the form of the letter OMEGA, the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. This is also described Biblically in the Book of Revelations:

For those wishing to know more about the Mystical Interpretation use Bill Donahue: Book of Revelation Mystical Interpretation

She can be seen  in the upper portion of the card wand makes canvass for the stars  having spiral galaxies arising from her. She has a girdle containing SPHERES  and these represent the planets like the zodiac belt below. During the day she is once again swallowed up by the Sun. She represents unlimited possibility or potential.

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

Anklets = there are 2 types. On the left is a spiked pattern representing the formed universe and these resemble the heart beat. The wavy lines on the right anklet represent the great formless universe. She therefore contains the ALL.

Hadit = the winged globe of fire between her hands and feet and is the top of the caduceus wand (p.273 Book of Thoth):

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

This diagram shows Hadit representing Kether on the Tree of Life.


Hadit is also Phallic like so in terms of sexual alchemy it shows the penetration of Nuit. He activates her dormant potential and being winged and phallic like has the property of motion and representing Kether has infinite knowledge to release into the infinite potential of Nuit.

Horus at the front of the card and drawn as if he were invisible. He is naked which implies his innocence and child status. His hand gesture on his lip is confused with Harpocrates as the Greek God of Silence shown in the image below.

Horus is the product of the union between Hadit and Nuit but is known by his special name HERU-RA-HA,  his passive side is Hoor-Paar- Kraat, and his active side  or Ra-Hoor-Khuit as we saw in the previous card The Sun Tarot Card.

The Greek Version of Horus is show below as Harpocrates (shown below), but I have chosen not to refer to this name as we are studying the ‘Tarot of the Egyptians’ and also the two are not absolutely identical.

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

Golden Light = He is solar in chararcter and therefore surrounded in golden light. This again reinforces ‘transformation by fire’

 which this card is an analogy for.

3 serpents = with one coiled around the third eye region emphasising the importance of this for illumination and spiritual growth

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

Horus has a head dress which has 2 horns projecting sideways. These horns are similar to the Egyptian God KHNUM who is said to have created children out of clay from the banks of the river Nile.


Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

Curly Lock of Hair = on right shoulder symbolising Youth.

Ra-Hoor-Khuit = active side of Horus represented as a figure in a throne behind the larger figure. He has the double wand of power in his right hand and his left hand is empty as he has crushed the universe and nothing remains. This implies the ending of an era and hence the possibility of renewal afterwards.

In summary :

The child Horus is born who is solar in character represented by the solar light around him. He dispells the darkness of Nuit and hence we have this cycle of time. Both night and day are therefore represented as being ruled by these Egyptian dieties and they are further linked to the meaning of the Aeon card (cycles, beginnings and endings) whether they be in our daily life or spiritual life. So the energy of fire ruling the Aeon Card is active in many levels in the life of the spiritual seeker.


(vii) Sun to Aeon Tarot Transition

This transition is about giving up the attachment to having an individual sense of self and becoming a more universal, more simple, more profound sense of who we are.

Giving up on our small sense of “self” is not Enlightenment, merely a shift to a more universal sense of self, centring ourselves in higher rather than lower mind and yet still in mind. It may, however, make the process of letting go of all attachments easier and thus easier to prepare ourselves for Enlightenment to be given.

(viii) Thoth Aeon Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings



Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

1. A decision which has a major impact on your life. Examples would include lifestyle, career or relationship changes. In the upright position these changes would be positive.

2. Also life changing experiences which may be spiritual or a near death experience. These have a major impact on our life which forces a change in perspective and the birth of a new self.

3. Time to move on from a situation after seeing the bigger picture of things so we have endings and new beginnings.

4. Taking time out to review your life timeline and seeing what changes have happened over time and how you have grown. Reviewing the bigger picture.

5. A natural period of growth where you are experiencing a deeping in your understanding of yourself and the world around you. A time of deep change, reflection and evolution of your spiritual awareness. You may also be letting go of friends, and structures which are no longer serving you.



Thoth Aeon Tarot Card


1. Decisions which have a negative impact on your life which may involve self destructive habits, addiction, poor career choices or poor choices in relationships. Unable to let go of that which no longer serves your growth.

2.Trauma and psychological issues hampering your positive decision making and being able to move forward.

3. Repeating the same destructive life cycles without taking stock and learning from your experiences




(ix) Thoth Aeon Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Spread

Thoth Aeon Tarot Card

1.Heart of the Situation = a cycle of your life is ending and a new one beginning. The rest of the spread determines how easy this may be.

2.Possible obstacle = resistance to change, clinging on to the past, ideals

3.Subconscious influence = psychological issues/trauma preventing you from moving on to a new period in your life.

4.Past = could have had a life changing experience (health, relationship, family) which has made you what you are now

5.Hopes and goals = to have stability and not have continuous big upheavals.

6.Immediate Future = go with the flow of change letting go of the old and trusting in the new for your personal growth.

7.Self image = could be that you resist change and fear the unknown.

8.Environment = one of change, growth and learning.

9.Guidance & warning = repeating the same destructive life cycles without taking stock and learning from your experiences. The need to stand back and assess but also be able to go with the flow.

10.Overall Outcome = new phases of your life to bring you closer to your spiritual source and strengthening your personal/spiritual development.


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