(i) Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 Introduction

Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 : I like to celebrate Christmas socially and spiritually but the two are very different.Christmas is a great time to socialize even though there is a need to buy things at this time of year. There is something that changes around Christmas that makes it a very special time, something magnetic that draws people to each other. Some people can also get very depressed/ suicidal, others are filled with love. This is the first of two articles that explain why there is more to Xmas than the traditional Christmas celebration. In A Spiritual Meaning of Christmas 1 we look at some of the events and people surrounding the birth of Christ in a mystical context.

Do the celestial bodies generate the type of energies that make us feel the way we do?

We are the shepherds which watch over the sheep which are our thoughts. As a child if we cannot sleep we are told to count sheep and this refers to watching our thoughts.


(ii) Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 Biblical Context

No room at the inn = the mind is constantly active and filling our consciousness with lower thoughts. We are too busy to go into meditation and think about spiritual things as our carnal nature dominates.

Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1


Wise men coming from the east = new thoughts and information, enlightenment that comes from the right hemisphere of the brain. Wisdom.


Stable = human body. And the quiet place

Animals = animal part of our physical nature, Instincts, physical being.


Virgin = pure consciousness unstained by human thought.

Star = higher light that is always with us and enters the pineal gland of the brain.

Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1


We can allow Xmas to take place inside of us in a very real way. The child within us cannot be born in the inn where there is too much thought, so we have  within (the stable) which is the quiet place. We become shepherds by watching our thoughts in meditation. As we separates from the thoughts of the mind we go into pure consciousness, the virgin therefore gives birth and the light of the star will enter the stable.

Xmas is always portrayed as an external set of circumstances set 2000+ years ago in history.

It is this inner story that is God blessing and it is missed. This does not require us to go to any church or meeting hall we just have to be still inside.

One cannot be devoted to the world and be walking with Christ. There is no room for violence, so praying for soldiers to win wars is not right. The inner path transcends patriotism so we cannot condone killing or violence of any kind.

If society says Yes and Christ says No then we have to make a choice.

When we kill something all we are doing is killing the physical, the intelligence within finds another body and the process continues which is why history tells a tale of cycles of war and destruction.

Jesus also tells us that we cannot get mad at anybody, let alone kill them.

Following and connecting with Jesus, we would not enter in any religion Jesus did not follow the churches and lawgivers at the time or established religion.

It is not for us to be born again, it is for the Christ child to be born again within us.

There is a difference between Jesus and Christ.

Jesus = the external teacher

Christ = the spiritual consciousness within. We become this consciousness. Christ is NOT Jesus surname, it is a title with which he was anointed.

So we follow Jesus and become one with Christ Consciousness.


This should be the ultimate Christmas gift to ourselves.

Christ comes from the most ancient language Sanskrit and means Krishna.

In one Indian language Bengali, Krishna is called Kristo. Kristo is also referred to as Kristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)

Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1


The money changers of humanity have totally polluted the temple of what Xmas is all about. The stable within us which is the precious holy place where the virgin gives birth has been commercialised to something it is not.

If you are a Christian then it is impossible to be a Christ because you become a follower of the church and you cut yourself off from the teachings of Christ.

A follower is an imitator. You cannot be a follower of religion and have the Christ (consciousness) born within you and this is what the Xmas message is all about.

Religions try to tell us what it means instead of actually going to the source of what it’s all about.

Jesus said if you do what he says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Virgin consciousness = no thought, preconceived ideas, traditions, religions, worldly attachments. If we are holding onto beliefs then there is no ‘virginity’ within us.

When we do this, the wise men will come from the east or the wisdom will come from the right side of the brain or the spiritual side. When we become the shepherd and watch our thoughts the star shines on us from above and we become God conscious as the Christ is born within

Bhagwhan Shree Rajneesh stated : truth is available only to one who says I don’t know anything but i am ready to know, I am ready to go through the process of knowing, but I will not believe it until I see it.

In the Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 2 we will look at how Christmas is related to the movement of the Sun around the Zodiac (biblical Astrology)


(iii) Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 YouTube Links

Below are some YouTube Videos by Bill Donahue on which the Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 was based.

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Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1

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