What is a Spiritual Master of Meditation ?

In this transmission the Spiritual Hierarchy gave a concise description of the role of a Spiritual Master of Meditation on the subtle Light and Sound Energies.

“There is what is known as the Master Principle as you know.  When it is deemed necessary then an Essence would be “charged” with the Master Principle.  

This Essence will need to be chosen carefully and may be used time and time again as the situation arises, when it is right to assist Humanity.  

You can see that sometimes the incarnation of a Master works differently than others.  If the chosen Essence works according to plan then it is deemed a successful incarnation.  Each Master has a different remit, you know what JY was sent to do.  Unfortunately his charisma was his undoing.

This new Lightwave is surpassing Our expectations – but be warned – you may have to rethink how it will be financed, as you will need your money to send people to Countries, not to finance Initiations!”


Spiritual Hierarchy

Meditation Group


What is a Spiritual Master of Meditation ?

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