(i) Six of Swords YouTube Video

Six of Swords : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Six of Swords of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

six of swords


(ii) Thoth Six of Swords

 The Six of Swords was formally known as ‘The Lord of Earned Success’ implying success after struggle. Six swords come together on a Rosicrucian Cross at the centre of the card. In the centre there is a circle within a square and the background is very chaotic.

six of swords



(iii) Rider Waite Six of Swords

Woman and a child leaving in a boat. They are going on a journey away from all the turmoil they have been through and will start again with a new life somewhere else.

six of swords



(iv) Six of Swords & The Tree of Life

Tiphareth in Yetzirah Tiphareth brings a clear headedness to the suit of swords and we have the powers of analysis & discrimination (scientific analysis) that result.

six of swords




(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Six of Swords

Rehael: Submission, receptivity to fairness and right authority. Healing of anxiety and depression.

Ieiazel: Consolation, revitalization. Temperance of emotions. Concerns reading, writing, printing, the arts. Beginning of an easier period.


(vi) Astrology of the Six of Swords

1. 2nd Decan of Aquarius = (11° – 20°) ruled by MERCURY

2. Mercury in Aquarius

An air planet (Mercury) finds itself in the fixed sign of air which is Aquarius. Mercury is EXHALTED in Aquarius highlighting the intellectual qualities of the card. Aquarius is an air sign, which is detached and intellectual by nature and Mercury’s ability to analyse brings a clear perspective for us going forward. So the astrology of the card indicates a somewhat detached but balanced assessment of a situation is needed. We need to analyse something without bias and too much emotion to get the best result. Aquarius is also the sign of innovation and originality and so this card also represents communicating ideas that are new or perhaps unconventional in an orderly way e.g. these tarot tutorials !


(vii) Symbology of the Six of Swords

Rose Cross = all that is. Integration. The cross is the out folded cube and represents man in the world and all he is. It represents the unification of the macrocosm with the microcosm. We are all unique expressions of the one source GOD. Looking at the meaning of the card from the point of the  rose cross, it implies evolving ourselves through solving life’s problems and growing from the experiences, good and bad.

The circle, Square & Background Lady Harris explains the pattern in the background, along with the circle and square, in the little instruction booklet with the Thoth Deck:

“The swords are lying on a fencers diagram (14th Century ) which was worked out scientifically to show the positions in which a fencer can stand and be invulnerable”

Jeronimo de Carranza is considered the father of the Spanish School of Fencing, in what is known a bit incorrectly as the Magic Circle, or what the Spaniards called, “Destreza”. His book published in 1582, The Philosophy of Arms, of its art and the Christian Offense and Defence, not only laid down the groundwork for the Spanish School, its title can give us insight as to the underlying principles of the style which lasted for 300 years. Destreza took ideas from the Greeks in terms of mathematics, notably geometry to devise a system of fighting based on circles and angles. A fighter for instance imagined a circle around him that told him where to step, how to advance and at what range to keep his opponent. Its is shown in the diagram below:

six of swords


Above is the “Magic Circle”. This was drawn on the floor as a training tool and there is no ‘magic’ to it, the names such as ‘Magic Circle’ and ‘Circle of Death’ were added later, not by the contemporary Spanish masters. The footprints indicate how to circle clockwise and counter-clockwise, so that a right-handed fighter might always keep his blade pointed at his foe, creating a right angle with his arm, blade and leg.   The circle itself indicates direction. The lines within the circle reveal ways the student can cross the circle for the purpose of attack or defence, by stepping in and out.   The human body drawn in the center would be a reference point for instructors, with it they could demonstrate the circumference of the circle, but also analyze the human form and make recommendations on when and where to attack. These lines and patterns are based on the geometric ideas of the Greeks. The image below is from a 1628 manual, Academie de L’Espree, by Girard Thibault of Antwerp, who borrowed from Carranza’s method. He is also the one who first showed circles on the floor as a tool for training.

six of swords


The image shows the circle and method of holding the sword. Note the blade is held high to keep the tip continually pointed at the opponent’s face. The arm is fully extended, but the elbow is not locked:

Hilts of the Swords = all in different colours representing the paths of the planets in Atziluth (Snuffin). They form a HEXAGRAM ; the combined triangles meaning “as above so below”

Swords coming together on the Rose Cross = the cross is the central point of focus of the cards. The cross is the yellow of the SUN which rules Tiphareth, with the cross itself being the ‘womb of creation’. So we have the cross (sun or SON) of the father in the womb of the mother. The son represents the swords suit (Vav of the Tetragrammaton), and the cross the mother (Hē of the Tetragrammaton). This is the  only ‘balanced harmonious position for the swords and so the swords pointing to the cross implies the mind is best balanced when we are coming from a point of union with the macrocosm and expressing it through our individuality.  


(viii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

” The perfect balance of all the mental and moral faculties, and almost impossible to hold in an ever-changing world.” (p206) “Energy influencing the Kerub of the Man thus showing intelligence and humanity” (p.206)  


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Six of Swords


Six of Swords Upright

six of swords


  • Intellectual clarity through learning from difficult experiences (i.e. the previous swords 3, 4 & 5), we have grown through tough times and now have a handle on life and can make intelligent decisions that will benefit our life. So there is a greater level of awareness to our thinking and actions.
  • Trying to work things out for themselves through trial and error.
  • Can mean a situation which is getting better, something which they have not really been able to get to grips with. They are now thinking out a better approach in dealing with the situation.
  • A willingness to learn.




Six of Swords Reversed

six of swords


  • Repeating the same mistakes over and over. Not learning from our experiences.
  • Being overwhelmed by emotion and not being able to see clearly through the problem at hand.
  • Over thinking things and not going with the flow to get out of the situation.







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