(i) Seven of Disks YouTube Video

Seven of Disks : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Seven of Disks of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

seven of disks

(ii) Thoth Seven of Disks



In the Seven of Disks the disks are arranged in the geomantic figure ‘Rubens’ with images of Saturn and Taurus on them. It is the darkest card of the deck with dead or dying vegetation in the background.



the seven = generally the 7s in tarot suffer from moving out of the harmony of the 6 and are lower down on the tree of life away from the middle pillar.


(iii) Rider Waite Seven of Pentacles



(iv) Seven of Disks & The Tree of Life

The Seven of Disks is associated with Netzach in Assiah




(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Seven of Disks

Harahel: Ability to make a fortune through mental acuity. When negative, incomprehension, sterility. Projects doomed to failure. Destructive work or communication.

Mizrael: When negative, migraines and chronic fatigue. Rebellion. Every man for himself. Disobedience.


(vi) Astrology of The Seven of Disks

1. Decan : 3rd decan (21 – 30 °) of Taurus

2. Saturn in Taurus

Saturn is a slow-moving and restricting planet, and Taurus is a Fixed earth sign which is known to have its ‘plodding’ qualities, so the two put together produce STAGNATION.


(vii) Symbology of the Seven of Disks

Coins = arranged as Rubens geomantic figure:

Rubens described by Crowley as the most ‘malignant’ of the figures of geomancy.

Possibly suggesting a vessel closed at the bottom, cut off from the light of spirit, its opening pointing downwards to matter.

Rubens is attributed to Scorpio in Mars see the following link : http://www.erwinhessle.com/writings/geofig.php.

Mars and Venus (which rules Netzach) are opposites and Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio. So we have a lot of conflict in this card astrologically.

Dying Vegetation = in the background. Since life depends on the changing seasons, and indeed change in general, we have inertia, death and stagnation in the background.

Vegetation is firmly rooted so this wont go away quickly !

Faded reds blues around disks = masculine and feminine  energy = surrounded by olive / brown of Taurus which restricts their expression = lack of fertility in this card.


(viii) Quotes from the  Book of Thoth

” The number seven, Netzach has its customary enfeebling effect” (p.215).

“Labour itself is abandoned; everything is sunk in sloth (p.183)

“extreme passivity… there is no effort here” (p.183)


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Seven of Disks


Seven of Disks Upright


This marks a difficult period in one’s material affairs. It marks a period where we have put a lot of effort into something and it has not yielded results and it’s almost as if we have now stopped trying and it just sits there in our life.

The density of the vegetation in this card shows there is a lot of inertia about this and it may not disappear quickly but there are things we can focus on in the meantime :

Although this seems too simple to do we must try to rid ourselves of fear over this situation and start sending out positive thoughts to the universe. Saturn partly gives rise to fear and so we have to break out of its limiting mindset.

Fear is also a big factor in failure so it is useful to analyse where our fears are based and work them out of us.

Try to learn from the setbacks as to why things have got to this point and what you can do next time to avoid this from happening.

If you have been  trying with someone in a relationship setting then this effort will not bear you much fruit. It is better to save your energy and use it for something that is going to be productive for you.

Being afraid of not getting anywhere and not being able to produce what you want to cultivate.

In terms of self-development – afraid of hitting a wall or speed bump .. trying things and they are not working for you. Falling short of the return value of what you put into things.

Wanting to more progress more quickly.

This card is so easy to read in a negative way , but in the Waite deck it also represents hard work over a long period of time that does eventually yield something.


Seven of Disks Reversed


Unable to face ones fears

Continued effort into something despite the fact that it has failed a long time ago.









(x) Affirmation for the Seven of Disks

I am willing to release all that is not serving me in my life.


(xi) Recommended Video Links

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