Reincarnation within Buddhi


Does reincarnation happen outside the influence of Buddhi (Zen Satori), or would access to Buddhi destroy any belief in reincarnation ?

We could also start by asking, what do we mean by “reincarnation”,  “influence”, & “access”?

Rather an undefined question, one might say & looking closer asks further questions:

  • Does Buddhi have “influence”, what can it influence and how?
  • What is it that has “access” to Buddhi, and how?
  • What is “outside” of Buddhi anyway – next door, last week, through the square window, beyond the rainbow?

However, access to Buddhi would destroy the belief in reincarnation in the sense that you might realise:

(a) That you never have incarnated and never will,

(b) That the beliefs about one thing acting on/through another are inaccurate, and

(c) That “you” are not a separate independent existing “you” after all.

Does Buddhi work downwards through levels as well as on one level? Could you “know” the true inter-relation between levels of body consciousness and thus see how they worked independently of a sense of an individual self, and indeed how the illusion of an individual self was ‘created’ ?

If you “know” that the self is illusory does the question of it (re)incarnating become redundant?

But then, perhaps “reincarnation” is just another name for the “inter-relation between levels of body consciousness” and is thus quite outside of Buddhi.

Reincarnation within Buddhi
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