(i) Queen of Cups YouTube Video

Queen of Cups : Click on the image below to view my video presentation of this card.

queen of cups

(ii) Thoth Queen of Cups

queen of cups


The Queen of Cups is a beautiful card & she blends in with her surroundings so she can hardly be seen. She can not be seen and understood intellectually, one has to feel her presence. Also she is able to loose her sense of self and merge with the universal consciousness, so the personality becomes less important.

“Her image is of extreme purity and beauty, with infinite subtlety; to see the Truth of her is hardly possible, for she reflects the nature of the observer in great perfection”.(p.158 Book Of Thoth)

reflects nature of the observer = can see herself in others and also see through others and reflect that back to them. A good spiritual teacher

“able to receive and transmit everything without herself being affected thereby.” (p.158 Book of Thoth)


(iii) Rider Waite Queen of Cups

queen of cups



(iv) Queen of Cups : Sub Elements

The Queen of Cups is made up of Water of Water sub elements as shown in the table below:

queen of cups



(v) Tetragrammaton and the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents the HEH Primal  aspect of the Tetragrammaton

queen of cups


(vi) Queen of Cups & The Tree of Life

The Queen of Cups is associated with Binah in Briah:

queen of cups


In tarot Binah is associated with the  Three and the Queens. the Threes  are associated with manifestation in matter, and the Queens are the Mothers of the elements of their suits, much like binah has been called the great mother giving birth to form.

Binah represents the female potency of Chockmah, just as Chockmah represents the male potency. Binah is the great sea or womb which receives the force of Chochmah and begins to give it form. It heads the pillar of severity since in form comes birth and death, and so we have limits being formed here. Binah is ruled by Saturn which governs time. and in his Greek form Kronos ate his children. So Binah as well as the positive attribute of giving birth to ‘form’ in creation ,also is responsible for the cycle of birth and death, hence a suitable place is the head of the pillar of severity.


(vii) Astrology of the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups rules from 21 degrees Gemini to 20 degrees Cancer.


(viii) Symbology of the Queen of Cups

Moon = rises above and behind the Queen

Curves of light from above = act as a veil for h er. This is the light of Yesod, the ninth sephira ruled by the Moon.

Shell in her left hand = a receptive vessel for water. Binah, the sephiroth she is associated with has been described as the great sea.

Fish in shell =  standing on its tail making a sign of Neptune’s Fork :


Neptune =  is a planet which is associated with INSPIRATION and DELUSION. Neptune was the God of the seas.

Neptune is also thought to rule the Pineal Gland which is associated with  Third Eye Activation

queen of cups

Water is symbolic of deeper emotions and dreams and so The Queen of Cups takes on some of the qualities of the planet Neptune :

Dreams Intuition, Psychic Ability, Invention ,Perception, Occult , Imagination, Mysticism , Emotion , Shadow/hidden side of life. See reference here

Double Reflection in the Water = she accurately expresses outwardly her inner realisations. She is a channel for intuition.

Calm lake/sea = she is calm and self-assured. Does not need to assert herself aggressively. 

White lotus  in her hand = the lotus in her hand has nine petals, symbolic of Yesod, the ninth sephiroth and the Moon.

Two White Lotus on lake = symbolic of Gemini of which she rules part of.


queen of cups

This is symbolic of Thoth (The Egyptian Moon God) and the intellect. Since he has her hand on top of this bird she is in control of what it represents. Thoth is associated with the Eighth sephira HOD, which represents the intellect. So she does not regard her intellect as a means of expressing herself, instead she controls it and works through her intuition.


(ix) Minor Arcana Cards Ruled by Queen of Cups

Her strongest influence is to the first two decans of Cancer, as she rules the Two and Three of Cups:

1. Two of Cups (Love)

queen of cupsThis is ruled by Venus in Cancer, so we have lots of Love, Harmony and Nurturing. Love is a complete acceptance of something in its highest sense, and she displays this outwardly and inwardly. She has acceptance of all things and can thus ‘merge’ to become to with them as in the illustration of the card.







2. Three of Cups (Abundance)

queen of cupsIn the three of Cups we have the Intelligence of Mercury in Cancer and also the ability to make friends and form strong bonds with people. There can be a richness to the friendships and people that she touches as she has many insights and much love to give. She also gains a lot of practical skills from Mercury (The Magician is ruled by Mercury), and the ability of clear thought and speech.






The Queen of Cups shadow side rules the last decan of Gemini which is represented by :


3. Ten of Swords (Ruin)

queen of cupsThe Queen of Cups can be very influenced by her environment, and therefore if she appears in a spread that is hostile or difficult, it can bring out her shadow side. She could have been in a relationship which ruined her financially or emotionally. Being attracted to the wrong person and taking on their energy would have had  a disastrous effect on her life. She may be carrying scars from that time to the present and so she is not reflecting her purity as she should.






(ix) I Ching & The Queen of Cups

queen of cups


Associated with the 58th Hexagram TUI, which is lake above lake. This represents the Queen of Cups double water sub elements attribution. 

This Hexagram has been called ‘encouraging’ or ‘Joy’. In personal relationships you have the opportunity to communicate more deeply that before. By encouraging others you can heighten their greatness when you speak from your heart in a kind a gentle way, like the Lake. A lake is a still reflection with lots of depth. You can express that depth to others and see that reflected in how they respond to you.

This ties in very closely with everything else we have said about the Queen of Cups. Express the thread of truth that extends through all things.

 “It may really be said that, normally, people of this type have no character at all of their own, unless it can be called a characteristic to be at the disposition of every impact or impression.” (Book of Thoth p.158).

They are often very popular as this characteristic enables them to relate well to others


(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Queen of Cups


 Queen of Cups Upright

queen of cups

  • Intuitive, emotionally mature
  • able to get along with others and relate to her friends in a deep way
  • meditative, can go within and be at one with herself , nature, spirit
  • practical and can communicate her feelings and realisations 
  • the need to get in touch with ones inner feelings and be able to express that to others
  • need to develop intuitively, emotionally and also relate to others emotionally






Queen of Cups Reversed

queen of cups

  • Past hurts distorting her intuitive psychic qualities
  • Lost in psychic realms without grounding
  • has difficulty relating to others
  • Very influenced by her environment and has lost herself to negative and sometime destructive people
  • Spiritually lost , emotionally in a bad place, depression which can run deep.
  • Unable to find her own identity as too lost in others influence.




 ” Everything that passes through her is refracted and distorted. But, speaking generally, her characteristics depend mostly upon the influences which affect her” (Book of Thoth, p158)


(xi) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Queen of Cups

queen of cups1 : Heart of the Situation = getting in touch with your spirituality intuition, emotions & expressing them in the world.

2 : Possible obstacle = not in touch with your intuition, intellect too dominant, cannot express your feelings

3 : Unconscious Desires = to be more intuitive , emotionally open

4 : Recent Past = too influenced by others, emotionally imbalanced

5 : Hopes and goals = emotionally happy, have friends you can relate to , inner contentment, spiritually calm

6 : Short Term Future = working on releasing old hurts may be painful but a process which will release you to be more emotionally open thereafter

7 : Our Self Image = we are or  would like to be more in touch with our inner feelings and intuitive side. 

8 : Environment = spiritual , going with the flow, abundance of love and friendship

9 : Guidance & Warning = need to let go of the past to enable you to express yourself fully in the present

10 : Overall Outcome = you will be more in touch with your feelings, better able to relate to others. Spiritually in touch with yourself and reflecting this in the world.


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