(i) Video for the Princess of Wands

The Princess of Wands YouTube Video can be accessed by clicking on the image below

princess of wands


(ii) Thoth Princess of Wands

The Princess leaps into a flame the shape of the letter Yodh. She holds a wand in one hand and pulls a tiger by the tail with the other.

princess of wands


(iii) Princess of Wands : Sub Elements

princess of wands


The Princess of Wands represents the Earthy part of Fire. According to elemental dignity rules fire and earth strengthen each other but are neutral. There is in this card an element of her nakedness giving her body (earth) a combustible relationship with fire. This implies she will have a reactive personality.


(iv) Tetragrammaton and the Princess of Wands

princess of wands


The Princesses represent the Hé Final or daughter of the union of Yodh and Hé Primal. 

This separation from the Godhead is analogous to the ‘original sin’ as spoken about in the Bible which means separation from your spiritual nature. They are associated with the element of EARTH and the physical body. She is associated with the NEPHESH or animal soul and desires and whims of the body. Crowley also says that they represent the equation 0=2, representing both the duality (2) and the silence in which all things are reabsorbed (0). This is similar in a way to the tens of the Minor Arcana, with an inherent instability due to the energy downscaling into the next suit. The difference here is that the energy is recycled back into the oneness of spirit for the whole process of creation to start again.



(v) Princess of Wands & The Tree of Life

princess of wands

The Princesses are related to the tenth Sephiroth MALKUTH (Kingdom) and are associated with Assiah, the world of making. All our spiritual path is rooted in this sphere and so it is a very important sephiroth and combines all of the elements. Without our physical base, we could not become enlightened, as enlightenment is a witnessing of ALL of the planes of creation simultaneously.

She is cut off from connection with her parents (Yod and He Primal) and brother(Vav), and we can also see that the 10th sephiroth Malkuth is often seen as not part of the tree of life, somewhat cut off like a swinging pendulum from a clock see Tree of Life diagram below :

princess of wands


(vi) Astrological Attribution of the Princess of Wands


The Princess of Wands rules the celestial quadrant of Cancer /Leo/Virgo as shown in the image above. and the area of ASIA. She rules quadrants of space NOT time or decans like the minor arcana and the rest of the Court Cards.

princess of wands

(vii) Symbology of the Princess of Wands

Princess in Flame = turning her back on the mundane and doing with her passions and what inspires her.
Sun Wand = has 30 rays which gives reference to the path of RESH & the Sun trump. The wand therefore represents her energy, vitality and enthusiasm.
Nakedness = not afraid to fully express herself. There is no earth as she gives herself up to the flame so she is a very fiery character which can lack grounding.
Tiger = known to be a fearful animal and she has tamed this. It signifies her courage and lack of fear.
Five Roses on alter = passion of the five senses fueled by the fire.
Alter = Gold of the sun. There are 2 rows of Rams heads, one inverted and one upright with 12 in each row (3 on each of the 4 sides of the altar). These represent the equal length of day and night of the spring equinox.
Crown = ostrich plumes, Crown of Maat, justice and daughter of adjustment. Has a sense of justice (albeit her own unique kind. Can therefore be vengeful and cruel when she feels wronged.

princess of wands


(ix) I Ching & The Princess of Wands

The Princess of Wands is related to the 27th Hexagram = NOURISHING. All of life is sustained by a self-perpetuating system. 

princess of wands


In relationship to the Princess of Wands, nourishing yourself and others should be the focus of this time, but others must be worthy of your support. Are we nourishing ourselves in a positive way or not ? We have to look at our lifestyle. Perhaps the Princess of Wands has a tendency to be a little reckless with her life in her ambition to express herself fully. Try to exercise moderation if you find that your life is out of balance at this time.


(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Princess of Wands


Princess of Wands Upright

princess of wands


This can represent a person who is : confident, daring, exciting, freedom loving, non conformist, impulsive, ambitious.
People love her character and energy.
Can also be vengeful, temperamental , unruly, shallow and cruel

This card can also mean overcoming old fears and patterns(the Tiger) and setting yourself free from them. You have brought them to the surface and conquered them although you often learn lessons the hard way.

Can indicate a spiritual  breakthrough.



Princess of Wands Reversed

princess of wands










(xi) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Princess of Wands

princess of wands

1 : Heart of the Situation = The need to express yourself fully without fears holding you back. A time to be courageous

2 : Possible obstacle = Being reckless and not looking after yourself/ fear of expressing yourself
3 : Unconscious Influences = fears holding you back that are not dealt with
4 : Recent Past = been too reckless without thinking things through, but lots of exciting adventures !
5 : Hopes and goals = to be more ambitious and impulsive/going with the flow of your life
6 : Short Term Future = need to nourish yourself and not become reckless in action
7 : Our Self Image = confident, freedom loving , non conformist, seeks justice when wronged.
8 : Environment = with someone/attracted to someone outgoing, lovable, fearless, confident if very temperamental, cruel,and shallow / unpredictable
9 : Guidance & Warning = the need to overcome fears in order to break out of where you feel you are now
10 : Overall Outcome = overcoming fears to connect with your inner confidence and to be able to fully express and realise your ambitions/desires.



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