(i) Video for the Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups : For my YouTube presentation of the Princess of Cups click on the image below:

princess of cups

(ii) Thoth Princess of Cups



The Princess of Cups is  represented as a dancing figure wearing a flowing dress with crystals by the edges. She represents the end product of the Ace of Cups as the last in the suit. The waves on her dress is the same as the on the Ace:

princess of cups



(iii) Princess of Cups : Sub Elements

princess of cups


The Princess of Cups represents the earthy part of water. According to elemental dignity rules water and earth are friendly and passive and so there is no inherent contradiction in her elemental make up.


(iv) Tetragrammaton and the Princess of  Cups

princess of cups


The Princesses represent the Hé Final or daughter of the union of Yodh and Hé Primal. She is cut off from connection with her parents and brother(Vav), and we can also see that the 10th sephiroth Malkuth is often seen as not part of the tree of life, somewhat cut off like a swinging pendulum from a clock ( see Tree of Life diagram below).

This separation  from the Godhead is analogous to the ‘original sin’ as spoken about in the Bible which means (separation from your spiritual nature). They are associated with the element of EARTH and the physical body. She is associated with the NEPHESH  or animal soul and desires and whims of the body. Crowley also says that they represent the equation 0=2, representing both the duality (2) and the silence in which all things are reabsorbed. This is similar in a way to the tens of the Minor Arcana, with an inherent instability due to the energy downscaling into the next suit. Here, the energy is recycled back into the oneness of spirit  for the whole process of creation to start again.


(v) Princess of Cups & The Tree of Life

The Princesses are related to the tenth Sephiroth MALKUTH (Kingdom) and are associated with Assiah, the world of making. All our spiritual path is rooted in this sphere and so it is a very important  sephiroth and combines all of the elements. Without our physical base, we could not become enlightened, as enlightenment is a witnessing of ALL of the planes of creation at once.

princess of cups

She is cut off from connection with her parents (Yod and He Primal) and brother(Vav), and we can also see that the 10th sephiroth Malkuth is often seen as not part of the tree of life, somewhat cut off like a swinging pendulum from a clock (see Tree of Life diagram below).

princess of cups



(vi) Astrology of the Princess of Cups

princess of cups


No direct zodiac attribution in time but rules Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius and rules the Pacific ocean. These are rulership of quadrants of space not time.


(vii) Symbology of the Princess of Cups

Swan Headcrest = in eastern philosophy the swan is linked to AUM or AUMGN, the symbol for the process of creation.

Turtle  in Cup = in Hindu Philosophy the tortoise supports the elephant who has the Universe on his back. The shell-like creature is also attributed to Cancer which is a conduit for her sensitivity and gentleness.

Sea forms a Dolphin = the royal fish symbolising the power of creation through the feminine creative principle. Also attributed to Pisces in Crowley’s 777 book. Pisces = sensitivity, intuition = link to the Queen of Cups, her mother.

Pectoral fin of dolphin = 4 points = link to the major trump The Empress:

princess of cups


Swan = attributed to Venus which rules Libra. Venus represents her expression of love. 10 rays emanate out from the swan, which represent Malkuth.

Hexagonal Crystals on dress = 6 sides. This represents her link on the middle pillar with Tiphareth and perhaps her distant relationship with the Prince.

Upright Lotus in Left Hand = emotionally open receiving love and giving.

Green cup, skin, turtle = all link to the colour of Earth and Malkuth.

In summary we have attributes to : Cancer , Venus, Pisces , The Empress, The Queen of Cups : all of these give her enormous amounts of sensitivity, perhaps far too much and so there is a lack of grounding in her. Crowley says something similar in that her I Ching attribution means “dissolution of solidity” (p159 Book of Thoth).


(viii) I Ching & The Princess of Cups

The Princess of Cups is represented by the 41st hexagram SUN

princess of cups

This hexagram has also been called DECLINE or decrease. It implies a decline in our resources and therefore we must adjust our resources appropriately to avoid ruin. Personal  relationships may bring us less pleasure and we must therefore not react harshly but allow ourselves to flow and build our character. SIMPLICITY is the order of the day and in the case of the Princess of Cups, she may have to curb her usual passions and desires if she is unfavourably positioned in a spread. She rides the storm by not getting caught up in tides of emotion but living life simply and meaningfully. It is a time for self growth and turning inwardly. It may be that the person she is with is not worthy of her affections.


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Princess of Cups


Princess of Cups Upright

princess of cups

A romantic person, sweet, gentle and kind. Has depth (see the image of the card, she is deep in the ocean) but is often just lost in the romance as she has her eyes shut to her environment).

Can be a dreamer and not engaging in life.

Dependent upon others but gives a lot in return.




Princess of Cups Reversed

princess of cups

 indolence , has too much luxury , shallow , not expressing her depth. 










(x) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Princess of Cups

 princess of cups

1 : Heart of the Situation = The Princess of Cups indicates a romantic situation, either in terms of a love for another or being in love with life in general. Looking for romance, feeling loved, giving love

2 : Possible obstacle = feelings not reciprocated, unable to express ones feelings

3 : Unconscious Influences = we are very sensitive and may have been hurt in the past

4 : Recent Past = romance, living your dreams but not really grounded in the experience. looking back to a time when you were on love and comparing the present to that

5 : Hopes and goals = to find a partner to express yourself fully with and share sensitivities

6 : Short Term Future = at the moment you are in the ‘dreams’ phase which may not be reality. May need to work on yourself first until the right person comes along. Also could indicate the start of a more romantic phase.

7 : Our Self Image = sensitive, kind, caring, a dreamer, ungrounded at times. A romantic.

8 : Environment = not grounded, somewhatt idealistic but caring and sensitive. Our environment is EMOTIONAL at the moment and can be reactive that way.

9 : Guidance & Warning = The need to protect yourself from people who will not connect with your sensitivity. Also to see people as they really are and not an ‘ideal’. Not to put other on a pedestal.

10 : Overall Outcome = achieving a love of life and a romantic relationship. A positive outcome, connecting with our sensitive side and being able to express that in a safe environment.


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