Planetary Effects of Light and Sound Initiations

The following statement is direct from the Spiritual Hierarchy and elaborates on the planetary effects of Light and Sound Initiations as well as advice for those seeking initiation.

Planetary Effects of Light and Sound Initiations


It is all to do with Love. We need to get more Love on the Planet Earth. There is too much hatred and warring as we have said; but if there is more Love then the hatred will die away.

We are wanting the people who are Initiated to gather together at prearranged times and send Love Energy out into the World. After this Grace period there will be more people, so you must make sure that this happens.

As regards the Planet itself – yes, it is sick, because of what Man has done with the animals, forests, vegetation and himself. How can the Earth cope with such willful destruction? It has to be redressed.

With the thousands of people who will be Initiated, we hope they will be active by being vocal in their horror at such deeds. Then gradually the people doing these things will be stopped, or realize this is not the way to carry on. With the power of initiation behind them, people will be able to make a difference collectively.

We are watching all the work that is being done by people to prepare themselves for Initiation, which is commendable.

This is the beginning of a massive wave of Energy across the Planet which has not been seen for a long time. We see you as Energy forms soon to be lit up, and to use your Light to illuminate the World.


For Those Seeking Initiation

This is a message direct from the Spiritual Hierarchy for all who seek Initiation, or further States to progress along the Path to Enlightenment.

Planetary Effects of Light and Sound Initiations

We here can see much preparation going on and it heartens us because it means that the Energy sent will be used well, and with the commitment it deserves.

You, as people seeking Initiation can be assured that on every step of the Journey you will be cared for, helped and Loved by Us.

It is a Journey to find out about the big questions you may have been looking for all your life. For instance, ‘Why are we here?”
Perhaps you will have sought the answers in spiritual books and been disappointed.

On this Journey of Light and Sound you will find out the answers for yourself. There will be no need for clarification as you will know in your heart that the answers are True; it will all make sense to you.

You may discover that you are thinking in a different way, the old ideas and ways of being, diet, etc. will change. This is all natural process of “letting go” and having the potential to become the best that you can be whilst in a physical form. To reach the highest Spiritual State of Enlightenment – which, in turn will help to raise awareness in your fellow Man.


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Planetary Effects of Light and Sound Initiations

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