Is love within creation a colour process or a light process ?

We tend to think of love as one of the finest aspects of creation, so it would be easy to associate “Love” with “Light” if that Light is the Light of God.

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Love within creation is always conditional, simply because the nature of creation relies on conditions and environments. These conditions we can simplify as limits, separation and comparison. The 6 lesser keys to understanding the creation and its limits are :

  1. Colour

      2. Metaphysics

      3. Analogy

      4. Geometry

      5. Numerology

      6. Astrology

The seventh or GREATER KEY = The Spiritual Light and Sound or LIGHTWAVE.

So the Light and Sound  gives rise to the other six by further separation and segmentation.

Going back to the original question we can now see that Love within creation is most definitely a colour process, as love within creation relies on separation and comparison. Love in its truest sense is greater even than the Light of God, as it is without limits or separation and so without comparison. True love isn’t a light process or colour process ‑as both Light and colour rely on separation to one degree or another. Fortunately for us, the more we bathe in the Light of God, and reverberate with its counterpart, the Word of God, the greater our awareness of our own blissful nature as we catch a glimpse of the Love that supports all that we know.



Is Love within creation a Colour process or a Light process ?
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