Is Enlightenment a Permanent State ?

The original transmission from The Spiritual Hierarchy stated :

“The permanent state of which you speak cannot be permanent, within a physical body.”

Here is an example response: 

1. I agree that we do ‘come back to live our life’ but there is a profound and permanent change (at least there was for me), which is not easy to experience as the experience of separation is immediately forgotten (like waking from a dream) and I know this is how it has always been (not that there is any thing like time, of course!). I cannot “know” I’m Enlightened because I cannot truly recreate the illusion of separation that appeared to be there before; in fact there’s not even a ‘before’.

2. However much I get reattached to everyday life (and yes I can!!) it is never the same – although the world is very “sticky” it can never quite stick again; there’s like a switch I can throw to simply step out of it (even though my mind can still go round and round, and round and round).

No, I did not have any issue with the transmission, I cannot sit in an Enlightened state that dissolves everything as well as function in this world! It’s just always there in the background, the illusion of everyday life I create cannot capture me 100% – although it can seem to try very hard at times! 

Is Enlightenment A Permanent State ?

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