(i) Five of Disks YouTube Video

Five of Disks : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Five of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

five of disks


(ii) Thoth Five of Disks

five of disks


The Five of Disks shows an inverted pentagram with symbols inside the disks and there is a dark chaotic background.

The fives are associated with instability after the temporary stability of the four.


(iii) Rider Waite Five of Pentacles

five of disks



(iv) Five of Disks & The Tree of Life

five of disks

The Five of Disks is associated with Geburah in Assiah

The power of Geburah (Mars) disrupts our earthly life again.



(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Five of Disks

Mabaiah: Harmonization of behaviour. When negative, lack of lucidity, destruction of spirituality. Only interested in material things. Dissatisfied perfectionist. Failure.

Poiel: Fortune, support, health and talents. When negative, poverty, poor use of resources, illness.


(vi) Astrology of the  Five of Disks

1. Decan : 1st decan (0 – 10°) of Taurus ruled by MERCURY.

2. Mercury in Taurus:  The speed and fluidity of Mercury is weighed down in slow heavy Taurus and so we don’t have a great combination here.


(vii)  Symbology of the Five of Disks

Hindu Tattva symbols of the elements have been inscribed on the disks. Tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning, ‘principle’, ‘reality’ or ‘truth’.

Disks = like locked gear system which cannot move.

Black Egg (Spirit) = at bottom of the pentagram meaning our spirit is being crushed by the weight of the world at the moment.

Red Triangle ( our energy)  = have I got the energy to get through this ? This is faded to represent we are running out of energy to deal with this situation. Distinct like of red or fire in this whole card = inertia.

Blue Circle (communication) = difficulty in talking about the situation at hand and expression your feelings

Silver Moon (Emotions, instincts) = emotional worries, we do not feel supported at the moment.

Yellow Square (Earth) = worried about the impact on ourselves physically and our general living

Background = chaotic and the natural light of our life does not show through properly, only seen as yellow scattered rays behind the dark grey clouds.


(viii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

“The idea is of strangling as gods worry sheep… applied to the economic system” (p184)

“inverted pentagram, instability in the very foundations of matter” (p214)

“The symbol implies long continuous inaction” (p.214)

“It needs a very powerful Mercury to upset Taurus so the natural meaning is intelligence applied to matter” (p.214)


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Five of Disks


Five of Disks Upright

five of disks

Crowley indicates that this has been going on for some time and the person has not dealt with the situation.

Am I getting myself into a situation I might not be able to get out of ? Will the momentum overwhelm me ?

Am I in a situation at the moment where I am in over my Head ?

Could even be strain over spiritual matters

Something poses a threat to your overall security (Taurus). This might be an unexpected expense, or job worries, or maybe even a disruption in your family life.

Worrying in this situation will only make things worse and so we have to try to accept that life will eventually find a way for us to pull through this. Anxiety about the situation will only make things worse.

Sometimes this can relate to worry about the past or future events which stop us from living in the present so one way to calm worry down is to live in the present as much as possible and deal with things as they come up.


Five of Disks Reversed

five of disks










(x) Crystals for the Five of Disks

You can use the crystals to manifest money, abundance and prosperity by:

Placing it in your purse or wallet.

Carrying it around you.

Meditating with it.

(i) Turquoise is a powerful Barrier Buffer Amulet.


Barrier crystals have incredible abilities to help us focus and amplify our efforts to keep undesirable elements out of our lives. Buffers are also weathering stones that help us get through hard times. They soften a blow and put things right. They are able to protect us from outside influences, temper shocks, and add some emotional padding to our efforts to deal with the bumps and bruises of life.

(ii) Green Aventurine

This stone has been used as a lucky talisman for a long time.  It is very popular with those that gamble.  Aventurine is like the good luck shamrock of the
mineral world.  It brings in good fortune, money, happiness and abundance.



 (xi) Affirmation for the Five of Disks

I am now ready to look at my life as it is and trust in the process of resolving my fears.


(xii) Recommended Video Links

Paul Hughes Barlow

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Five of Disks Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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