(i) Eight of Swords YouTube Video

Eight of Swords : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Eight of Swords of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

eight of swords


(ii) Thoth Eight of Swords

In the Eight of Swords, two long straight swords cross 6 shorter crooked swords or more accurately knives. Three point right to left and three left to right and they have a luminous type of appearance. There is a chaotic background.

eight of swords



(iii) Rider Waite Eight of Swords

eight of swords



(iv) Eight of Swords & The Tree of Life

Hod in Yetzirah Hod is ruled by Mercury which rules Gemini. However, with Hod being low down on the tree of life Mercury energy is weak and so we get side tracked by lot of distractions

eight of swords



(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Eight of Swords

Umabel : Learning the unknown through the known. When negative, solitary heart, nostalgia, science without conscience.

Iah-hel : Knowledge rediscovered, mysticism. When negative, restlessness, isolation, pseudo-learned person. Appropriates knowledge for oneself.


(vi) Astrology of the Eight of Swords

1.  Decan = 1st Decan of Gemini ruled by Jupiter at 0 – 10 °

2. Jupiter in Gemini = Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius is 180° or furthest away from home in Gemini and is therefore in its detriment as we can see in the diagram below:

eight of swords


The inquisitive nature of Gemini inhibits the growth and expansion of Jupiter. This implies we cannot do or grow as we want at the moment (Jupiter) due to too many distractions (Gemini) which may or may not be self-created.

Book of Thoth : “good fortune thanks to Jupiter.. in Gemini” (p.207). Jupiter being the planet of good luck.


(vii) Symbology of the Eight of Swords

Two swords = can indicate a choice between 2 courses of action or just the inability to find the best action to take.

Contrast with the 7 of swords :

single sword = we know what we want to do but self-doubt and negativity creeps in. The energy of the 8 is more scattered but Jupiter is to the rescue  so it doesnt become to negative !

8 = “lack of persistence in matters of intellect” (p.207, Book of Thoth)

6 background knives =  too many things to think about so we cannot make a clear decision the 6 swords are:

eight of swords


  1. Kris = Indonesian (as in the above picture)
  2. Kukri = Nepalese knife
  3. Scramasax = Medieval sword
  4. Dagger = From ancient cultures to present.
  5. Machete = Latin American
  6. Yataghan = Turkish short sword

Chaotic Background = further indicator of interference in this card.


(viii) Divinatory Meanings of the Eight of Swords


Eight of Swords Upright

eight of swords

  1. In an overall situation we are having a hard time over which is the best option for us to take at the moment. The swords are all different and so are the things which are getting in the way of our next course of action.
  2. We could be having ‘analysis paralysis’ or over thinking things with lots of things going through our mind our will power to move forward becomes scattered on endless unproductive thoughts..
  3. A solution to this would be to take time out and do something different. Get a distance from the situation as the energy you are putting into it is just perpetuating the indecision. So the optimism of Jupiter should shine through once we leave things alone for a while and let them settle in their own way. Have some fun and come back to this in a refreshed light.
  4. We may be wasting our attention on small things (the knives) which are not important.


Eight of Swords Reversed

eight of swords








(ix) Crystals for the Eight of Swords

1. Clear Calcite

eight of swords


Clear Calcite fundamentally helps with clear thought & clear thinking. It will lift you out of the doldrums into a clear reality & able to face problems. It is uplifting & will clear away old blocks, stagnation, pain & sorrow ready for change.


2. Apophyllite

eight of swords


Opens third eye with amazing results Helps ‘see’ our problems Great for astral travel or scrying Opens up new worlds Helps intuitive decision-making Make life clear & with meaning.


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