(i) Two of Wands YouTube Video

Two of Wands : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Two of Wands of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below.

two of wands thoth tarot


(ii) Thoth Two of Wands

ace of wands



‘Domain’ the root word for dominion or ‘Home’.

Coming in to your own power from deep within. Do we have a centre from which we have confidence and self-assurance? This card refers to this sense of self.

A powerful looking ‘arrows crossed in the centre of the card.

There are 6 flames behind the wands & a blue and red specked background


(iii) Rider Waite Two of Wands

You have been able to take your idea and turn it into a feasible plan that you know will lead to your success.


(iv) Two of Wands & The Tree of Life

two of wands two of wands


Chokhmah in the suit of Fire = Will in its most potent form acting without ‘caring’about the consequences. Chokhmah is the primary (“beginning”) force in the creative process and as it flows through the 2 of swords it combines with the fire of the suit. Implies a strong energy to this card and that is before we even get to the astrology ! This card relates to Chokmah in Atziluth.

(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Two of Wands

Vehuel: Elaborates seed of human thought, elevation towards greatness and wisdom. Source of inspiration. Can be egotistical, overly passionate.

Daniel: Eloquence, grace, ability to materialize thoughts through deeds. Helps to see clearly, speaks well and diplomatically. Can be manipulative or like a negatively aspected Magician. Highly speech-oriented.

(vi) Astrology of the Two of Wands

Decan  Rules the first decan of Aries ( 0 – 10 degrees).

Mars: the planet of vitality, energy and assertion.

Aries: exploration, pioneering

Card implies we will have the energy to move in new directions if we want (Aries) from a place of balance and harmony (the two), and with confidence and assertion (Mars).

I’ve found this a surprisingly difficult card to interpret because we have the idea of the force of the 2 strong wands and the association with Chokhmah which is force, and yet we have the balance of the 2 here as well which implies somewhat a restraining factor.

The cards symbolism further backs up the forceful energy of this card.


(vii) Symbolism of the Two of Wands

Dorjes = Tibetan symbol for ‘thunderbolt’ or lightning bolt. Below is an example of crystal Quartz Dorjes:

Two of Wands


Heads of Dorjes = Tibetan symbols showing change and disruption when force acts.

Snakes on arrowheads = change and renewal as a result of acting dynamically with force. The force in this card has the power to change things, get things moving.

Flames in centre = 6 in number. Representing the 6th sephiroth Tiphareth of which the Sun rules. The Sun is exhaled in Aries, the sign of the card. So as well as Mars ruling Aries, Aries also benefits from the Sun here giving a strong Arian influence e.g. pioneer going out in the world getting things done.

Blue Background = clarity showing through after force acts. Sometimes a situation needs taking by the ‘scruff of the neck’ to find clarity.


(viii) Geomancy & Two of Wands

  1. Mars in Aries is attributed to the geomantic figure PUER (top left of the table):

two of wands


Puer  = This is Latin for “The Boy” and  is a representation of a sword or erect phallus and refers to male energies, primarily aggression and passion, but also war and male sexuality. It is aggressive in most cases and must be tempered to be used for positive effect. Astrologically it is associated with Aries and Mars. All elements are active except Water (double dots), the element of emotion; its inner element is air, but due to it being ruled by Mars, its outer element is fire. So water being passive in this figure means there is little to balance the male energy.


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Two of Wands


two of wands

When this card is thrown during a reading, the querent is being overcome by boldness. courage, fierceness, and Shamelessness. Generous and proud, but also a certain amount of revenge, and resolution. There is a suggestion of turbulent energy, that seems to be beyond the “ego’s” ability to control but it can also become sagacious, yet unforgiving and obstinate.   It is because it Is…..and the persona becomes baffled by the power unleashed without a “lust for result”.  Centering only on the love within, is the solution to this immense Power of Will, that is all around us, but of what we have so little contact with as we have “given ourselves” to the perspicacity of “others”…..and believe we have little, if any “Will Power”. This card is suggesting that the Spirit (Will) is beginning to rebel against its predisposed  boundaries…come “Hell or High Water”!


  1. Using our willpower to break through stagnant situations and removing long-standing blocks. A time to act.
  2. Acting on our instincts, what we believe to be right without over thinking the situation.



two of wands


Quick to act without thinking of the consequences.

Dictatorship, bullying being dominated and unable to express creativity.

The need to assets ourselves and stop being dominated by another.






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