(i) Rider Waite Two of Wands Tarot Tutorial

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(ii) Two of Wands Rider Waite Card


Two of Wands rider waite tarot


The Two of Wands of the Thoth Deck is shown below:



(iii) Two of Wands The Tree of Life & Four Worlds

The Two of Wands,as with all the Twos is associated with the second sephiroth Chokhmah meaning ‘wisdom’. Like all the Wands it is in the world of Atziluth (the world of inspiration). So the Two of Wands qabalistically infers that the person has to apply wisdom in their future choices/ direction in which their life will subsequently take, and yet these choices must align with what inspires them.

Chokhmah is the second Sephiroth and the masculine component of the supernal triangle and is known as the CROWN OF CREATION  and therefore not part of the manifest universe. It represents the IMPULSE of manifestation from Kether. Its feminine counterpart is Binah, the third sephiroth, the 3 being represented by the 3 leaves on the staffs of the two of wands. The twos represent balance and harmony which is established in Binah with male and female energies coming together.

Two of Wands rider waite tarot

Chokhmah is assigned the colour GREY which can be seen in the two of wands representing the sky. Grey is a mixture of black and white the colors assigned to Kether and Binah respectively. Grey symbolises the unification of opposites, balance, harmony, neutrality.

Chokhmah is ruled not by one planet but the ZODIAC ITSELF. Therefore we have to have balance achieved by integrating the different energies of the zodiac.

In the same way the two of wands indicates that our path to success arises from bringing together various ideas of inspiration into a plan and goal for the future, so we can create a world (globe in the card) which we want, rather than be a victim of circumstance.


Two of Wands rider waite tarot

The two of wands is in Chokhmah in the first world of ASSIAH.

Two of Wands rider waite tarot


(iv) Ace of Wands to Two of Wands Transition

two of wands rider waite


The Ace of Wands holds the burst or spark of inspiration. It is there to show us we have potential for creative growth. The Two of Wands has used the potential in the Ace to make a plan for the future, and that plan is held as a globe in the right hand. A word shaped to the blueprint which they have thought out and meditated upon. They still need to put it into action though !


(v) Astrological Association of the Two of Wands

Mars in Aries. The first decan of the new zodiac as shown on the decan wheel below. Mars is the natural ruler of Aries and so is comfortable in this sign. The Thoth Deck names this card DOMINION, meaning control of a territory/ authority over, and this is in reference to Mars ruling Aries.


Two of Wands rider waite tarot



Two of Wands rider waite tarot


Mars is also ruler of the first decan of Aries and so we have a double dose of Mars. The Thoth Card shows this influence much more vividly, whilst the Rider Waite Card has a more sedate, stable feel to it. In the Waite deck he is shaping a model of the world in his hands to his own path and has yet to act, but has planned with wisdom so far.

Aries also rules the Emperor of the Major Arcana, who also holds a globe in his hands, is an authority figure and has dominion over others :

Two of Wands rider waite tarot


(vi) Symbolism of the Two of Wands

Grey Sky = neutrality, objectivity when making decisions. Blending of inner qualities to create future that will inspire you and become a success.

Globe=constructing a plan and piecing it together to make a world that inspires you for the future. In control of your own domain. A business plan or something of practical value of inspiration.

Ocean = this gives us a bigger vision of life and yet we also have a journey to make into the unknown. Calm seas indicate it is the time to act once the plan is made.

Two Wands = the duality that comes from the potential of the Ace. These represent the choices we have to consider when making our plan and also the 2 sides of our personality, the positive and negative that we have to deal with . For instance, if the card is reversed then it could mean that a lack of confidence, self doubt stopping us moving forward.

Wand in Left Hand = left side is unconscious. Wand (inpiration) igniting fire and illuminating that which lies within us so that our future actions arise from conscious awareness

Red Cloak = representing Mars, the drive that moves us forward on our path.

Fertile Mountains/Valleys = Richness ahead but may have its challenging times. Nevertheless the view from the top will be great !

Cross, Lilly and Rose = the alchemical stages. the 3 colors black, red and white are significant also. Described below:


The Three Phases of the Great Work

Concerns the transmutation of base metals to Gold (Philosophers Stone) whereby the Soul is purified of the lower personality to God Realisation. Here it is applied to a lower level within matter in the 2 of Wands. However it is important to realise that ALL of the Tarot Deck is moving toward to Souls return to Spirit which is the basis of the Spiritual Path.

1. Blackness of Nigredo (Black)


The nigredo comes any time our habitual ways of operating in the world does not work anymore. When we meet a wall, when we cannot find fulfillment.

2. Whiteness or Albedo (White)


The albedo comes out of (and works within) the nigredo, it is the purification, the shedding and burning through of old established patterns.

3. Redness or Rubedo (Red)


Eventually, the rubedo emerges, a new maturity that has come out of the persistent work of the nigredo/albedo cycles, maturity that embraces the opposites within us. 



(vii) Divinatory Meanings of the Two of Wands

The Two of Wands or Lord of Dominion, implies dominion over others  or our outer environment, but in order to do this from the highest perspective, it means dominion also over the SELF. We must have achieved a certain amount of self-control, self-knowledge for our outer and inner worlds to harmonise. These qualities are necessary to fulfil the upright divinatory meaning of the card.

Also consider that a wand (spirit) is in one hand and the globe in the right.  This implies getting a balance between the spiritual and worldly aspects of our life when considering the divinatory meaning of this card for instance:

  • Searching for a new purpose in your life
  • Have begun or soon to begin consciously exploring the role of spirituality in your life
  • re-evaluating your life plans to make sure your are inspired by whats ahead.


Two of Wands rider waite tarot


1.Planning a path forward in your life. The potential of the Ace of Wands has now become a direction. So this card indicates the need to make a plan for the future to achieve success which will your perspective and understanding of the world as well.

2. Stepping out of your comfort zone and place of security in order to progress your life on to the next phase and set of experiences.

3. The urge to discover that there is more to life than you currently know. This card indicates that it is not a random process but that in order to move forward you have to make ideas concrete by turning inspiration into specific goals and writing them down to action them and make them more conscious.

4. Travel, career changes, a change of direction is indicated. You have an idea of what you want and you have the world in your hands to shape your path through your actions.





Two of Wands rider waite tarot

1. Not planning for the future and therefore you do not have a clear view of the way ahead. You need to slow down and organise your thoughts. Write down what inspires you and turn that into a practical plan of action.

2. Sticking with familiar territory. You can see that there is much more to explore and experience in the world but you have your feet planted firmly in the safety of what you know. Fear and lack of confidence/planning roots you to the spot.

3. Loosing your passion and inspiration to achieving what you want in the world, or that goal becomes unclear. This indicates the need to slow down and get back in touch with what is really important in your life and re connect with that inner spirit which guides your life forward.

4. You have had ideas for the future but not made an effective plan to make them a reality.

5. Wasting time and money in unproductive pursuits.






(viii) Two of Wands in a Sample Reading

Two of Wands rider waite tarot


Card 1: (Heart of Your Situation) – LOVERS – Ruled by Gemini so basis of reading is about choices before you. Being true to yourself (after doctrines of Hierophant).

Card 2: (Obstacles/Challenges) – WORLD – Completion of a journey. As a crossing card this remains unfulfilled.

Card 3: (Subconscious Influences) – 10 OF WANDS – Saturn in Sagittarius. Restrictive Saturn stifles freedom of Sagittarius. Feeling overburdened, trying to do too much. Overwhelmed.

Card 4: (Your Recent Past) – JUDGEMENT – A past reflection on your life felt the need to look at your life in a different way, judging your life to that point.

Card 5: (Your Hopes & Goals) – QUEEN OF CUPS – following intuition, being compassionate, relating to others and yourself.

Card 6: (Your Immediate Future) – 5 OF PENTACLES – difficulty balancing the material side of your life.

Card 7: (Your Internal Self at this Time) – 9 OF WANDS – feel you have accomplished a lot, but drained and know that you need to move on from where you are right now.

Card 8: (Your External Environment) – JUSTICE – Ruled by Libra and Implies making choices by applying wisdom. For the good of the whole not just an individual.

Card 9: (Guidance and Warning) – KING OF WANDS – visionary, goal orientated, compassionate. Keep your focus on the biggest goals that will widen your understanding of life. Striving for view in 2 of Wands

Card 10: (Your Overall Outcome) – 2 OF WANDS – Exploring new worlds and experiences outside your comfort zone.


Reading Summary : The need to make clear choices (Lovers) as your life and goals are as yet unfulfilled (World Crossing). You have a sense of being overburdened and life weary (9 and 10 of Wands), but possibly due to financial struggles (5 of Pentacles) and Life re-evaluations (Judgement). However, your hopes are to move your life in a different direction to be more connected to yourself and others (Queen of Cups),  which means balancing practical things (Emperor) whilst focussing on a wider vision (King of Wands). If you follow this, the end result will be a much wider perspective on your life where you will be more in control of your life and more fulfilled (2 of Wands)


(ix) Recommended Videos on the Two of Wands

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Two of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Tutorial

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