(i) Two of Cups YouTube Video

Two of Cups :  My in-depth YouTube Video on the Two of Cups of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

two of cups


(ii) Thoth Two of Cups

two of cups


In the Two of Cups lotus floats on a green sea & 2 dolphins are entwined around the stem. Water originates from the lotus & off the heads of the dolphin.


(iii) Rider Waite Two of Cups

two of cups



(iv) Two of Cups & The Tree of Life

two of cups


Chokmah in Briah. This is the masculine force that balances out the feminine aspect of this card and without which; this card would be much more unstable. So we have an idea of a harmonious balance of forces acting here.


(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Two of Cups

Itaiel: Sublimation, transubstantiation. Joy.

Chabuiah: Healing. Adjusts and regulates desires. Fertility.


(vi) Astrology of the Two of Cups

1. 1st Decan ( 0 – 10 degrees) of cancer ruled by Venus

2. Venus in Cancer

In this card the astrological signs are both exhaled above the horizon rather than top and bottom like most cards in the deck. Exhalation of both signs is indicative of the benefit from drawing this card, with the planet Venus well placed in the sign of Cancer

Venus: is the most receptive of signs. A planet of love, beauty and creativity.

Cancer: a planet symbolizing nurturing, comforting, supporting, healing.

Both of these tie in to the meaning of the card.


(vii) Symbology of the Two of Cups

Left Dolphin: has a YELLOW eye symbolic of the Sun. Its fin comes to 5 points, the 5 representing the MASCULINE force contained in the 5th trump THE EMPEROR.

Right Dolphin: has a SILVER  eye symbolic of the Moon and its fin comes to 4 points, the 4 points representing the FEMININE force contained in the 4th trump THE EMPRESS/SALT.

So there is alchemical balance here in the card as well and the card indicates a harmonious balance between masculine and feminine.

The lotus nourishes itself through the dolphins: Access to love, especially universal love provides great nourishment for the soul.

10 Streams: emanating from the 2 lower cups indicating 10th Sephiroth Malkuth. Things are coming into manifestation for whoever draws this card, it’s not for  the distant future or an idea.

Green Sea: Creative love

Yellow Sea: representing inspirational / spiritual love

Blue sky: love that is clear of negativity and distractions


(viii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

  1. Refers to love which recovers unity from dividuality (p.195)
  2. The card refers to Venus in Cancer. Cancer is, more than any other a receptive sign and is the house of the moon, and in that sign Jupiter is exalted. These are superficially, the most friendly of planets. (p.195)


 (ix) Divinatory Meanings for the Two of Cups



  1. Marriage
  2. Beginnings of harmonious relationships, well matched people involved
  3. Close friendships/partnerships
  4. Able to access universal love in meditation.
  5. A love that is both special and equal. We are able to both express and receive love in equal measure.
  6. If asking about our meditation, it reminds us that we have a connection with inner spirit and its main quality is UNIVERSAL LOVE. Enlightenment is a total saturation in love.




two of cups

  1. Disharmony in relationships or close friendships
  2. Relationship break ups/quarrels /misunderstandings / infidelity
  3. Materialistic outlook too strong.
  4. Meditation is ‘stale’, cannot tune in to the universal love of spirit.






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