(i) Thoth Empress YouTube Presentation

Thoth Empress : Below is my YouTube Presentation of the Thoth Empress on my channel DavidH071. Clicking on the image will start the video.



(ii) Thoth Empress

The Thoth Empress faces the Emperor and she is seated on a throne of twisted blue uprights which are symbolic of her birth from water, the feminine element with its fluidity.

thoth empress





(iii) Rider Waite Empress

thoth empress


Here the Empress is seated on a throne and is very much at one with nature with the glyph of Venus is clearly seen. 


(iv) Thoth Empress & The Tree of Life





She is associated with the path between Chockmah and Binah and is therefore slightly less well placed than the Atu before her as she is not in direct contact with Kether. However, she rules the last path before the abyss and is the first trump to connect the 2 pillars together. She is ruled by Venus as this is very significant as we can see that Venus links all the sephiroth together on the Tree of Life  and she does this through UNIVERSAL LOVE.

thoth empress


This is the path is the path of the fertile relationship between the ultimate male principle of Chockmah, and the great womb of Binah. It is the path of love & fertility as such, the process giving rise to the entire manifested universe.

Love at this level of the Tree does not mean projection and desire as can be experienced at the level of Netzach. The love of the Empress which is flowing through from the supernal triangle is that of Universal Love mentioned above.


(v) Thoth Empress Hebrew Attribution & Astrology

thoth empress


The Thoth Empress is associated with DELETH which means Door.

The door refers to the space between the state of unity in the Supernal triangle (Kether, Chockmah & Binah) and the manifested states below which are associated with duality, polarity and division & far removed from the purity of the first 3 sephira. They are analogous to the Garden of Eden in the Bible

Astrologically the Thoth Empress is associated with Venus as described above.


(vi) Thoth Empress Symbology

Crown = of Isis with the waxing, waning and full moon.

thoth empress



Rose and Green Dress = colours of Venus her astrological attribution

Bees on dress = Bees represent industriousness , and Crowley attributes them to the Yoni or Binah. 

Dominos = black and white, male-female, Chockmah-Binah

Sits between waxing and waning moons =  she faces the waxing moon which represents growth fertility and love, as compared to the waning moon which is associated with letting go of things.

thoth empress

Girdle = has zodiac pattern on it representing her universality in all the signs and hence all of the creation. Love unites all spiritually. 

Domino/flower arrangement on dress = domino (black & white) representing duality. Flower represents the love that supports duality. The dominos are surrounded by flower like designs which implies that Universal Love underpins the whole of duality.

Blue Lotus of Isis = in her right hand & held over her breast/heart symbolising Universal love is found/expressed through the wellspring of the heart. The spiritual path is of the heart not the head.

Lotus has 4 petals = sephiroth of CHESED and a  manifestation of Love from the divine into matter via this sephiroth. Blue is also symbolic of water, her element.

Arms = form close to the alchemical symbol of salt:

thoth empress


Alchemically she is SALT which is one of the three forms of alchemical energy with Mercury and Sulphur being the other two. Salt is seen as the inactive part of Nature (Womb) that must be stimulated by  Sulphur to maintain the   equilibrium of the Universe.

thoth empress


Sulphur = active, Salt = passive, Mercury = Purity

Dove & Sparrow = closely associated with the Goddess Venus as can be seen from this quote on Venus Mythology:

“In the vegetable kingdom the myrtle, rose, apple, and poppy, among others, were sacred to Aphrodite, as,in the animal world, were the sparrow, dove, swan, and swallow.”

Pelican (lower left) = In medieval times thought to  feed its young with blood from its own heart. Crowley says they can be thought of as the He and He final of the Tetragrammaton and therefore represents the continuity of life we can have in common as the he final is transformed into the Yod

thoth empress


Shield = contains a double Headed Eagle (lower right) = which holds a waxing moon (growth) within its beaks. This figures  represents alchemical white tincture, with the white eagle being the consort of the red eagle in the Emperor. Here were have the alchemical principles of male and female and this process will be explained further in the Art card, Atu 14.

Venus symbol = hidden to some degree within the shield against a green(Venus) and white(spirit) background.

Orb & Cross = the glyph for the alchemical catalyst ANTIMONY:

thoth empress


Crowley hints at a hidden meaning of the Pelican and Snuffin hints that this could be alchemical and states that

Antimony is the catalyst for the purification  of salt (the Empress) and the separation into white tincture (the shield) and the impurities (the Pelican). The pelican, being of self-sacrifice to feed her young is symbolic of the Aeon of Osiris

which also involved a subjugation of the feminine, but the purified shield represents the New Aeon of Horus.

All of this symbolises the purity of the Universal Love for which the Thoth Empress conveys.

White Rose = at base of throne representing Venus out of wich comes the waters of Universal Life. The waters are tinged green again symbolic of Venus and fertility.

Two fish = (very small) and swim in the waters. they represent the feminine principal.

Fleur delis = found on the carpet under her feet. Represents the union of the Lingum (Fire) & Yoni (Womb), or the  masculine and feminine.


(vii) The Priestess to Empress Transition

The Priestess represents our alignment with our souls purpose (which people are aware of to varying degrees). She represents us living our daily life ruled around attaining our spiritual purpose and not the other way around.

When the Fool encounters the Empress he has taken a big step because he is now in greater recognition of what the essential nature of spirit is which is LOVE which is much purer than personal love. At this stage the Fool may only have a glimpse of this quality and he still does not know himself at all but nevertheless we have another powerful realisation. Crowley states :

“In no other card is it so necessary to disregard the parts but concentrate upon the whole.”

(Book of Thoth, p77)

thoth empress


Empress = the need to recognise that the doorway to Spirit is Love and is the channel for the HGA (Holy Guardian Angel). The spiritual path is not one of the mind which works by separation and comparison but of the heart. She emphasises the need to practice acceptance as through acceptance transcendence is found.


(viii) Thoth Empress Divinatory Meanings


(a) Thoth Empress Upright


  1. Birth (pregnancthoth Empressy) fertility
  2. Being in touch with the beauty of your life
  3. Can represent someone needing nurturing
  4. Exploring our relationship with our mother
  5. Describes an empathic and caring personality
  6. In touch with universal love/spirit
  7. Reminding us that spirituality is expressed from the heart not the head.
  8. Spending time with nature
  9. Nurturing others and those around you as well as yourself




(b) Thoth Empress Reversed

thoth empress


  1. Vanity
  2. Sexual/emotional manipulation
  3. Unable to give or experience love(being damaged emotionally)
  4. Unresolved conflicts with one’s mother
  5. Lack of self-love
  6. Unwanted pregnancy
  7. Unable to connect with the universal love on your spiritual journey.
  8. Not enjoying your spiritual work at the moment. Conflicts.







(ix) Thoth Empress in the Celtic Cross Spread

thoth empress

1 : Heart of the Situation = Being in touch with what fulfills you and the beauty of Life.

2 : Possible obstacle = out of touch with what fulfills you and the beauty of Life.

3 : Unconscious Influences =  negative thought patterns that could be holding you back from nurturing yourself properly and others

4 : Recent Past = recent 

5 : Hopes and goals = to feel more loved and supported personally and be able to open your heart spiritually.

6 : Short Term Future =birth . Not necessarily physical but could be the start of something new but its connection is with thee heart not the head.

7 : Our Self Image = Empathic, caring, compassionate, loving.

8 : Environment = partner that is caring, compassionate, loving and supports you.

9 : Guidance & Warning = our meditation and spiritual practice must be nurturing to us. If it is not we must either change what we do or our attitude towards it if we want to be fulfilled spiritually.

10 : Overall Outcome = being at one with the Universal Love of spirit/living a life you are passionate about and that nurtures you so you can be nurturing to others.



(x) Summary of the Fool’s Journey to Enlightenment

0. The Fool = an openness towards spirituality and willingness not to judge it. Putting aside the world in order to achieve an emptiness or open mind.

1.  The Magus = making goals and organising our life for spiritual practise.

2. The Priestess = the souls alignment/connection with our spiritual source (without which the journey would be purely academic/intellectual/philosophical), NOT spiritual.

3. The Empress = connecting with the Universal energy with is LOVE. This may well take time to merge with but the sooner we do, the more intimately we will know the nature of spirit and ourselves. Many people still struggle with the distraction of the mind at this point.

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