(i) The Potential of Light and Sound Meditation

In this article we use analogy to show the potential of Light and Sound Meditation. This meditation allows us to have access to  faster dimensions. This new dimension is not only faster than the one we knew before Initiation, it is also massive and ‘gets bigger’ as we progress through the Initiations. Of course, it isn’t really getting bigger, it just appears that way as the limits of creation are transcended and we have access to greater and greater levels of consciousness, until they are all transcended on Enlightenment. This progressive expansion and transcendence brings about a process of enquiry, a wonderful opportunity to be consumed by the Light and Sound and so ‘become’ the knowledge that it holds.


(ii) The Solidification of Light and Sound into Matter

The Light and Sound we all witness is the same and is untainted by our apparent individuality. Within each aura, the luminance and resonance of the Light and Sound precipitate to form Kundalini Energy, these liquefy to form blood and solidify to form flesh. This process occurs as luminance and resonance become the human body. The individuality of body and emotion that we display actually arise from the Kundalini energy, and ultimately form the light and sound itself. So ultimately there is no uniqueness for one’s personal identity as we all have the same source.

potential of Light and Sound Meditation

(iii) Becoming Rooted in Higher Dimensions

As we become consumed by increasingly faster dimensions, rather than simply observing or being overwhelmed by them, then our process of enquiry into who we are results in a massive expansion of consciousness. We then have a choice; either explore that massive state or in effect ignore it and carry on with our life unaffected and unchanged by what is happening to us in meditation. By choosing to explore and develop our meditation to its fullest brings us the opportunity to channel the LOVE that exists on higher levels thus refining our body , mind and emotions and making us a better conduit for spirit.

By using our meditation on the Light and Sound in this way we have the added benefit of making our lives more stable and enjoyable because a greater part of us, by proportion, is rooted in the deeper levels of consciousness, unaffected by the turmoil of the mind, emotions and physicality. This in effect causes our sense of identity, of whom and what we are, to be rooted within the environment of the light and sound, rather than that of the many small environments that make up the sensory world.

The intention is not to become unemotional, but to be able to experience the whole range of human emotions without being consumed by them. The emotions exists within a very small space compared to the levels of light and sound, and if we remain rooted in the latter we will be able to put the mind and emotions down more easily when we sit down to meditate.


(iv)  Exploring in Meditation

Realisations happen in meditation when we contact the light and sound however in our everyday life, outside of meditation realisations can be sparked as our true self, the light and sound, influences our personal self, allowing us to perceive form without the barrier of the senses.

As we look around our room we see colour, shapes, angles, movement and we use various tools to piece together what we see to make sense to us. These tools can include comparison, separation, concentration and imagination. Realisation can also come about using intuition.

Realizations occur because as we sit within the light and sound we are not just observing and exploring, our vehicles are being reordered and refined.


(v) Transcending our Identity Explained Using Analogy

Throughout our lives we take our sense of identity we find ourselves in. Without access to the light and sound this identity can be restricted to the personal self, consisting of the senses, the mind and the emotions. If we entertain the possibility of stepping outside the realm of sense perception in order to achieve an expansion of consciousness, we open up to a whole new set of possibilities in terms of a much larger identity.

Changes that occur as a result of transcendence are beyond thought and therefore we cannot think about them we can only be them.


One way to look at this is to consider the creation or form as a series of balloons floating within each other. Starting with the largest balloon, each balloon encapsulates a space plus all the balloons smaller than itself, and their spaces. The smallest balloon represents the personal self. In order for the smallest balloon to observe the larger space that surrounds it, it would have to step outside itself to gain a greater identity and perspective. This can only happen if the small balloon is popped, or transcended, in which case the true nature of the larger balloon is revealed, and taken as the new identity of the smallest balloon. It has claimed the environment of the larger balloon as its own.

So in the image below, when the inner blue balloon is popped, it takes on the space and identity of the large clear balloon whilst giving up its own :

potential of Light and Sound Meditation

This process gives us our realisations in meditation as we transcend limits to find ever larger identities within the planes of light and sound. Taking the balloon analogy one step further, the little balloon does not rely on observation for its new identity, nor does it have to remember to be the bigger balloon; nor does it rely on comparison with other balloons for an understanding of what it is. It has become the space encapsulated by the bigger balloon.

If all the balloons were transcended in this way by the smaller balloon what would be left would be unlimited space that supported all the balloons, and this unlimited space would have unity since there would be no boundaries or edges or parts. When we realise this in meditation on the light and sound we term this Enlightenment which gives us tremendous freedom and the potential of Light and Sound meditation has been fulfilled.


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The Potential of Light and Sound Meditation

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