(i) Ten of Swords YouTube Video

Ten of Swords : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ten of Swords of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

ten of swords

(ii) Thoth Ten of Swords

In the Ten of Swords the hilts of the swords are arranged in the pattern of the sephira on the tree of life. The central sword of Tiphareth has been destroyed by the other 9 swords.

ten of swords


(iii) Rider Waite Ten of Swords

ten of swords


(iv) Three of Swords & The Tree of  Life

The Ten of Swords is associated with Malkuth in Yetzirah.

ten of swords



(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Ten Of Swords 

Asaliah: Contemplation, glorification of the Divine. Finds Truth in everyday things. revelation of Cosmic Processes.
Michael: Fertility, marital peace and prosperity. Fidelity, reproduction. Ease in associations and partnerships.


(vi) Astrology of the Ten of Swords

1.  Decan : 3rd decan of Gemini(21 – 30 °) ruled by The Sun

2.Sun in Gemini
Here Sun in Gemini proves difficult as Gemini has a tendency to disperse energy which scatters the focus of the mind.
The focus is entirely in the intellect here and being the number 10 is in an unstable number as it is about to degenerate into the suit of disks.
The negative influences of Mars & Saturn are left to dominate instead as will be discussed below.


(vii) Symbology of the Ten of Swords

The hilts of the swords carry various symbols described below:
1. Kether = Scales and LIBRA which is exalted in Saturn
2 & 3. Chockmah & Binah = carry the hourglass a symbol of time and Saturn
4 & 5. Geburah & Chesed = Tau Cross of Saturn

ten of swords


The Tau or Tav means “cross,” and is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is numbered 300 in the Greek and 400 in the Hebrew numerical alphabet. The tau corresponds astrologically with the planet Saturn and the concept of finality.
6. Tiphareth = Heart = your joy of life and love for yourself and others is destroyed.
7 & 8. Hod & Netzach = these swords have 4 pronged guards on them and have a Saturn like restriction associated with them.
9. Yesod = Sun
10. Malkuth = pentagram (man) and lunar crescent. This means that subconscious fears(moon) now permeate man and come to the surface (sun)
Looking at the card closely,the upper 5 swords damage the 6th sword & the lower 5 hold it in place
rays in centre = yellow and white and represent Malkuth and mean that the energy this card has manifests physically or tangibly in our life
Background = fiery orange with red swastikas, colour of Mars.

In astrology, a malefic planet, is thought to bring bad luck and misfortune. Mars is considered the lesser malefic, while Saturn is the greater malefic
This card bears both of these difficult energies.


(viii) Quote from Book of Thoth

“Yet this card is not entirely without hope. The solar influence rules, destruction can never be complete” (p.188)
out of the fire rises the phoenix, we are must able to lift ourselves up when we have nothing.


(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Ten of Swords


Ten of Swords Upright

ten of swords

Fear of insanity
Wisdom through pain and loss
The destructive power of negative thinking which disrupts the harmony and balance of the heart.
Can mean the loss of possessions & financial ruin.
We need to look at where the fears of our life lie and change the way we are dealing with them.





Ten of Swords Reversed

ten of swords








(x) Affirmation for the Ten of Swords

I only invite positive supportive thoughts in my life that will create harmony and balance.


(xi) Recommended Video Links

Paul Hughes Barlow

Marveena Meek

Ten of Swords Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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