(i) Ten of Disks YouTube Video

Ten of Disks : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ten of Disks of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

ten of disks

(ii) Thoth Ten of Disks

In the Ten of Disks the disks of the suit have now become COINS made of wood and are arranged in a tree of life formation. They all carry the symbols of Mercury apart from Hod which carries a glyph of the Sun.

ten of disks


(iii) Rider Waite Ten of Pentacles

ten of disks


(iv) Ten of Disks & The Tree of Life

The Ten of Disks is associated with Malkuth in Assiah. Assiah is the final sephiroth representing earth & manifestation.

ten of disks


(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Ten of Disks

 Lauviah: Victory, renown, success. Receives light of God. Exalted love for Divine Work. Successful initiations. Businesses that are useful and profitable for humanity.

Hahaiah: Refuge. Transforms destructive attitudes. Inner harmony, grants peace.

(vi) Astrology & The Ten of Disks   

1. Decan :  3rd decan (21 – 30°) of Virgo

2. Mercury in Virgo. Mercury rules and is exalted in Virgo

Generally, these people are considered rather useful in their work and as friends because they have a handle on the details of the things they do. They have good communication skills (Mercury) and good organizers (Virgo) and so there is success and abundance with this card.


(vii) Geomancy & The Ten of Disks

Associated with the Geomantic figure Conjunctico through the tree of life

ten of disks


Latin for “the Conjunction”.  Astrologically it is associated with Virgo and Mercury retrograde. Crowley  states that it is associated with the (feminine) YONI or downward pointing triangle and its union with the (male) LINGUM or upward pointing triangle. Put together these triangles form a figure called the Holy Hexagram which is associated with the rebirth of the sun in Capricorn.

This theme of renewal recurs within the symbology of the card.

(viii) Symbology of the Ten of Disks

Disks : All have symbols of Mercury in some form except 8th sephiroth.

  1. Kether = astrological symbol of Mercury
  2. Chockmah = symbols of the planets unified in mercury
  3. Binah = Mercury & the Tree of Life (there are spheres in the glyph representing sephira)
  4. Chesed = The Enochian letter Pe corresponding to the Letter B in English = Beth = Magus which is ruled by Mercury
  5. Geburah = Hebrew letter Beth corresponding to Mercury & The Magus
  6. Tiphareth = Hebrew for ‘Raphael’ the Archangel of Tiphareth and the Angel of Mercury
  7. Netzach = 8 pointed star. 8 = sephiroth Hod ruled by Mercury
  8. Hod = a hexagram inscribed within a hexagram also Hexagram has 6 sides. The 2 hexagrams 6 x 6 = 36 = the mystic number of Mercury (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36).
  9. Yesod = A pyramid composed of the mystic numbers of Mercury ( 8, 64, 260, 2080)

8 = Hod ruled by Mercury

64 = number of squares in the magic square

260  = sum of numbers in any row, column or diagonal line in the magic square

2080 = sum of all the numbers in the magic square.

10 .Malkuth = a staph with 3 mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Shin, Aleph, & Mem. It signifies the caduceus of mercury

Large 10th Coin = when money becomes too important (too big) in someone’s life it loses

its value and becomes a burden. The energy of it overtakes us. This oversized sephiroth represents the stagnation of energy that remains having passed through the other sephira on the tree of life. It is rather like a stagnant cesspool !

The energy is regenerated through Thoth-Hermes- Mercury – The Magician (joining Kether to Binah)

Sun in 8th Coin = Intelligence needed for the energy to regenerate out of the restrictions, Supplying mercury with the inspiration and energy to renew the creative cycle.

(ix) Philosophy of the Ten of Disks

Crowley explains that all the tens are somewhat unstable as they are about to descend to the Ace of the following suit (Wands into Cups into Swords into Disks).

However, the 10 of disks has nowhere to go as it is the last of the minor arcana and it must therefore its energy must reincarnate at the top of the cycle in some way.

Also, the Ten of Disks is the very last of the numbered cards, representing the completion of work, the full circle of Earth and so is related to material success.

(x) Quotes from The Book of Thoth

it is a hieroglyph of the cycle of regeneration

(xi) Divinatory Meanings of The Ten of Disks


Ten of Disks Upright

thoth tarot ten of disks

  1. Riches and material wealth (sometimes to the point of them loosing importance).
  2. Someone who has accumulated riches materially but nothing else. Spiritually barren.
  3. Wealth may be lost unless applied constructively as the energy need to move (as indicated in the philosophy of the card).
  4. Do we have friends hows lives may benefit from us helping them financially in some way ?

So overall the card can be representing a HIGH energy or LOW energy card. On the positive side, the wealth we have created can be put to best use in meaningful ways in the world, applying the skills we have used to  get us there.

Alternatively, it becomes a LOW energy card if we are not applying our resources in the best way and therefore we are stagnating.


Ten of Disks Reversed

ten of disks









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