(i) Ten of Cups YouTube Video

Ten of Cups : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Ten of Cups of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

ten of cups


(ii) Thoth Ten of Cups

In the Ten of Cups, the cups are arranged in the formation of the  Tree of Life with the stem of the lotus in the background forming the pathways between the sephira. The 3 sephira of the supernal triangle are located within the flower of the lotus. The cup representing Kether is filled by the topmost petal.

ten of cups



(iii) Rider Waite Ten of Cups

Waite deliberately mislead with this over simplified deck !

ten of cups


(iv) Ten of Cups & The Tree of Life 

 Malkuth in Briah

ten of cups



(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Ten of Cups

Asaliah: Contemplation, glorification of the Divine. Finds Truth in everyday things. revelation of Cosmic Processes.

Michael: Fertility, marital peace and prosperity. Fidelity, reproduction. Ease in associations and partnerships.


(vi)  Astrology of the Ten of Cups

1. Decan : Third decan of Pisces (21 – 30°)  ruled by MARS

2. Mars in Pisces : Mars is gross and disruptive (associated with Geburah) and this does not sit well with spiritual and peaceful Pisces so we have CONFLICT in the astrological pairing


(vii) Quote from Crowley to Harris, Dec 19th, 1939

” The background, it ought to look menacing. There is something very sinister about this card. It suggests a morbid hunger which springs from surfeit (excess). The craving of a drug addict is the idea. At the same time of course, it is the final agony of descent into illusion which renders necessary the completion of the circle by awakening Eld of the All Father”

All Father = void from which everything has sprung. In other words this passage means that from the 10 the suit must be dissolved back into nothingness. The 10 does not hold the full potential of the suit of cups but instead is just full for its own sake with nowhere to go as the suit has come to an end and the energy must now go the suit of swords.


(viii) Symbology of the Ten of Cups

5 streams from body of top cup = 5th sephira ruled by Mars

Aries glyph of cup = Mars

Red Lotus Flower  = Mars.

Mars necessary to push zodiac wheel from Pisces into new Aries and spring.

Tilted Cups = inherent instability associated with them. They are not in a state of harmony.


(ix) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

“The watery sign has sunk into a stagnant dream, but in it broods the violent quality of Mars. The pursuit of pleasure has been crowned with perfect success; and constantly it. discovered that, having got everything that one wanted, one did not want it after all; now one  must pay” (p187)

one must pay = so what happens next ? Suit of water descends into swords and there we have conflict and separation so this process is not going to end without the person working on themselves so they view life in a different way.


 (x) Divinatory Meanings of the Ten of Cups


ten of cups

This is very much a fleeting type of happiness which is very short-lived and has lost its ability to fulfill us. It may be something material and can range from extreme such as the latest car on the market to the latest ps4 game. We think we are going to find fulfillment in this for some time but in the end we get bored with it quickly and go on to the next thing.

Some actually spend a lifetime doing this and become shopaholic !

In a relationship reading it can relate to the loss of pleasure in what that relationship brings and therefore we either have to alter the dynamic of the relationship or move away from it. It’s not that we were not happy but the word satiety means full and so we have come to the end of what it can offer.




ten of cups

Staying in a relationship that is not fulfilling

Failing to recognize that this is a long-term pattern of acquiring material things only to find them incapable of fulfilling you.







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Ten of Cups Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial
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