Crucifixion The Spiritual Sacrifice

(i) Crucifixion The Spiritual Sacrifice Introduction Crucifixion the Spiritual Sacrifice details the esoteric events behind the traditional series of events and also explores the Acts Of John not included in the Bible. The crucifixion is an inner process of the

Crucifixion Allegory Part 2

(i) Crucifixion Allegory Part 2 : Introduction The Crucifixion Allegory Part 2 develops themes from the crucifixion of Jesus in part 1 and applies these to events happening cosmically and also in relation to human anatomy as well as its

Crucifixion Allegory Part 1

Crucifixion Allegory Part 1 Introduction The Christian belief is that God allowed Jesus to be tortured to death in a horrific way through the crucifixion in order to forgive us our sins in the present day.Was this an actual event

Esoteric Easter Part 2

(i) Esoteric Easter Part 2 Introduction Esoteric Easter Part 2 continues on from Esoteric Easter (Part 1) and looks at the deeper meaning behind this time of the year. There is nothing wrong with traditional Easter celebrations, but we have

Esoteric Easter Part 1

(i) Esoteric Easter Part 1 Introduction  Esoteric Easter Part 1 : This article was inspired by Bill Donahue’s YouTube work which can be found through this link. Passover is the shifting inside us from the winter of our soul to the

True Spiritual Baptism

(i) True Spiritual Baptism Introduction True Spiritual Baptism discusses the spiritual initiation into the 5 levels of consciousness,something more profound than traditional interpretation. First however we will review this traditional viewpoint before forwarding an explanation far deeper than simply wetting

Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 2

(i) Spiritual Meaning of Christmas 2 Introduction Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 2 concludes this short series on the cosmic context of Christmas by looking at how the movement of the sun around the zodiac circle is related to passages

Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1

(i) Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 Introduction Spiritual Meaning of Christmas Part 1 : I like to celebrate Christmas socially and spiritually but the two are very different.Christmas is a great time to socialize even though there is a need to

Krishnas Infinite Wisdom

Krishnas Infinite Wisdom Introduction In this article entitled Krishnas Infinite Wisdom we will discuss the relationship of Krishna with the Christ Consciousness in the Bible and see that both are talking about the infinite nature of spirit that resides in each

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