Spiritual Philosophy

The questions below explore the nature of Spirituality from a philosophical viewpoint. Clicking on the question will take you to my answer The interpretations provided are my own personal observations through meditation primarily and also personal reflection & which do not invalidate the experience or opinions of others.


1. How do Intellect and Intuition differ in their mode of perception ?

2.  Perception and Apperception in Spiritual Development

3.  Is the desire to exist a conscious or unconscious state of awareness?

4.  What is the difference between a trauma and a samadhi ?

5.  Fear is the limits of what we know, so is fear in thought or out of thought. Does thought inform or does it keep separate?

6.  Is the third dimension the memory of the fourth dimension utilised in the nature of perception?

7.  What is the difference between an Experience and a Realisation ?

8.  Is the concept of an inside and an outside an illusion caused by the fact that one cannot eliminate memory from concentration?

9. Is Love within creation a Colour process or a Light process ?

10. Is ‘Now’ a Form or a Space ?

11.  On Reincarnation & Buddhi

12.  Does Buddhi have any Repetition ?

13.  Do psychological problems occur only in the coloured universe or do they include levels beyond buddhi?

14.  Since consciousness requires creation to function, if PRALAYA was to occur would there be any trace of it having occurred since there can be no memory active or consciousness active during PRALAYA. How then would it ever be known that such a state had occurred?

15.  Can light play a part in enquiry into the universe or are only colours involved?

16.  Is it possible to have love if we have a centre or is love only found as the centre disappears?

17.  Is the gap between thought and buddhi created by colour ?

18.  Are levels of consciousness layered on top of one another or are they inter-penetrating?

19.  Can we take anything into higher levels or can we merely witness them?

20.  What is the difference between the expression of unconditional love within creation and true unconditional love?

21.  Can we Think of the Light of God or only the colour white?

22.  Since there are no repeats in infinity and change begins at the smallest level possible, what would number mean since only one would be necessary if there are no repeats?Are the laws of geometry outside the laws of number and is geometry an echo of perception, an imperfect method of perceiving unable to leave an object exactly and our own imperfect withdrawal?

23.  Must perception exist simultaneously from buddhi to senses or is it segmented ?

24.  When Lao Tzu says when we achieve something we lose it what does he mean ?

25.  How does love differ from desire? Is there any will in desire, or is this diminished? 

26.  Is Enlightenment A Permanent State ?

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