Spiritual Path Lifestyle

(i) Introduction

Spiritual Path Lifestyle : Traditionally people who meditated to become Enlightened have adhered to a strict set of rules regarding their spiritual  lifestyle.  These included vegetarianism, abstaining from alcohol and recreational drugs;  quite often celibacy was required.Our purpose is to make this Journey available to the masses as at this time the state of our planet is perilous and is in great need of an enormous injection of Spirituality.

With this in mind we need to be more relaxed and sensible as to what we ask of the seeker.  All we would suggest is that you look at all things intelligently and adopt a principle of moderation.  The reason the constraints were imposed in the first place was to give the meditator the best chance of communing with the Spiritual Energies.  So if you are struggling with your meditation you would be wise to consider the way you are treating your body.

What is also important is your levels of stress and you will need to address issues of commitment and time management if you are to reach your Spiritual goal. Initially we are asking you to build your meditation to one hour each day but if higher states of consciousness are to be reached,  longer meditations will be required in the future.  Having said that it is the quality of a meditation that is important not necessarily the quantity.

On receiving the Divine Spark and resonating with the Light and Sound you will soon learn that you cannot control these Energies.  They will only appear when you are completely open and will take you by surprise.  Therefore we encourage the practice of charitable acts to create a “space within”, making it more likely for you to receive during meditation.

(ii) Exercise

Spiritual Path Lifestyle

Although meditators are training to become Spiritual warriors and not physical athletes, a degree of exercise would not go amiss as a healthy addition to their spiritual lifestyle.  We would recommend the more gentle pursuits of walking, cycling, swimming and yoga.  Regularity is preferable and short bursts of energy during the exercise could be considered.  Don’t forget that in most cases you can combine the above with a visit to Mother Nature:  this will enhance the whole experience and turn a potential chore into a pleasure that you will want to repeat.


(iii) Vegetarianism

We would highly recommend that you work towards a vegetarian diet (no meat, fish or eggs) but still include dairy products. If you wish to do this make changes gradually, over a time period of several months, otherwise it can be a great shock to the body; we know this from personal experience!
As you meditate more you will become more sensitive and you may find yourself making vegetarian choices naturally.  This is the perfect way to approach this subject :-  “Listen to your own body.”

Spiritual Path Lifestyle

Scientifically it has been shown that the human body can digest plant based food about 3 times faster than food of an animal origin.  Also research indicates that vegetarians tend to be healthier and as a consequence live typically 5 years longer than the norm.

However, it is not longevity that we are recommending this for but to assist in stilling the body so that you can become more conscious of the incredible subtleties within your meditation. Access to vegetarian recepies has never been easier

Access to vegetarian recipies has never been easier to complement your spiritual lifestyle, such as the YouTube video example below

(iv) Alcohol

Alcohol affects different people in different ways which are also quantity dependent.  When you sit to meditate it is important that you can focus totally and your perception is crystal clear.  If you have consumed large amounts of alcohol you will find this impossible and it will serve only to muddle your vision.  Therefore we have to recommend a low alcohol intake especially if you wish to reach the higher states of consciousness.  

Spiritual Path Lifestyle

There are so many non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks on the market now that you can still have an active social life and enjoy the wonderful benefits of meditation at the same time. Traditionally alcohol has not been seen as a health adjunct to a spiritual lifestyle.


(v) Recreational Drugs

It is recreational drugs that we are speaking of here not the drugs, prescribed by your doctor/pharmacist, for medicinal purposes. These drugs by definition, will always alter your state of consciousness through biochemical processes.  This can lead to permanent damage physically, emotionally and mentally and in the short-term will impede your ability to meditate properly.

We therefore strongly advise that you seek to expand your consciousness and experience euphoric states using the safe, gentle and natural process of meditation. Just think of what the great yogis put themselves through, in trying to cleanse their bodies:-  again we are only asking that you use common sense!

It is important that you don’t feel guilty about your lifestyle but that you have goals that are sensible and achievable that you can work gently towards at your own pace.  We recommend that you talk to other people who meditate as their personal experiences may help you make wise informed decisions about any changes you feel you wish to make.  Also feel free to ask us any specific questions  about these topics:  we will do our best to reply and post answers on the Q&A page.


(v) Spiritual Lifestyle Videos

Pre Meditation Stretching Exercises

Being Vegetarian


Spiritual Path Lifestyle

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