(i) Six of Cups YouTube Video

Six of Cups : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Six of Cups of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

six of cups


(ii) Thoth Six of Cups

In the Six of Cups, the cups are arranged in a hexagram with the sun in the centre similar to the tree of life. The lotuses and the cups are yellow the colour of Tiphareth. Water gushes from the lotuses which have ‘dancing stems’, but the water does not overflow from the cups, nothing is wasted.

six of cups



(iii) Rider Waite Six of Cups

Childhood,  nostalgia, naive happiness, reflecting on happy childhood memories instead of the present.

six of cups



(iv) Six of Cups & The Tree of Life

  Tiphareth in Briah

six of cups



(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Six of Cups

Nelebael: Facilitates learning, inspires scientists and philosophers. Teacher.

Ieiael: Patronage, philanthropy, generosity. Encourages goodness, magnanimity.


(vi) Astrology of the Six of Cups

1.  Decan: 2nd decan of Scorpio (11 – 20°) ruled by The Sun

2. Sun in Scorpio : Here we have a double dose of the sun as it rules the Sephiroth associated with this card and also it is the planet which rules this decan of Scorpio.

For the influence of Scorpio we can look at the house which it rules which is the eighth and is associated with sex, death and transformation.

Double Sun = it reveals what Scorpio naturally wants to hide .


 (vii) Symbology of the Six of Cups

 10 lotus stems on bottom of card = Malkuth 10th sephiroth =  grounding realisations

snakes in cup = transformation/ regeneration under Scorpio. Feeling revived and renewed. As a snake sheds its skin so we have moved away from that what has held us back and wounded us in the past.

Brass Cups = brass is a healing metal

Grey tone of sea in background = perseverance through difficult times and now things are coming to fruition


(viii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

“Pleasure…must be understood in its highest sense, harmony of the natural forces without effort or strain” (p.199)

“Foreign to the idea of the card is the gratification of natural or artificial desires” (p.199)

“Yet it does represent emphatically the fulfillment of the sexual will” (p.199).

“The secret of the 9th degree of the O.T.O = sex magic = producing something of value to us or society in general.

Eastern religions = controlling and redirecting of this sexual energy in the form of Kundalini to produce spiritual insights:

six of cups


Sexual will from openness due to double solar influence here.

This card is not talking about what our ‘natural’ desires are ( warm, food, drink, the essentials), or ‘artificial’ desires (consumerism, greed, imbalanced sexual desires).

Fulfilment of Sexual Will = more in a harmonious balanced way through TANTRIC practice for instance. When we lose ourselves in this way there is a transformation of energy (Scorpio is about transformation) and we die to the moment (death aspect of Scorpio)


(ix) I Ching and the Six of Cups

Associated with the I Ching 20th Hexagram, KWAN:

six of cups


The keyword with this hexagram is SYNERGY, where in joining forces with someone, the total is greater than the sum of the parts. In relationships this means that it is important to be with someone who improves us beyond what we would be on our own. Perhaps a time to examine thee quality of our relationships with others.


(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Six of Cups


six of cups

  1. Pleasure experienced which is near and dear to ones heart, something that means a lot to that person after much hardship ( sea in background).
  2. They have or are undergoing a period of healing (brass cups) and transformation (snakes).
  3. The emphasis on this card is sexual so this is usually the basis of the divinatory meaning of this card, but it is not the uncontrolled energy that we see in the 7 of cups. Here it may represent a fulfilling relationship or the aspiration to have one that will improve both individuals . Sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts comes to mind.







six of cups

1. Attracting the wrong people in relationships.

2. Not in touch with what is close to your heart.

3. Unable to express yourself sexually in a healthy way.

4. Holding on to the past which stops you from expressing yourself fully in the present ( sex in a harmonious way).





(xi) Affirmation for the Six of Cups

I am now open to a relationship with whom I can share the pleasure of love on all levels of my being.


(xii) Recommended Video Links

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Six of Cups Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial
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