Sharing Love and Kindness on Earth

The following are words direct from the Spiritual Hierarchy on the topic of sharing love and kindness on earth as an important way of balancing the negativity that is so often portrayed in the media. All photographs are my own interpretation.

We, the Lords of Light want to talk to you about the beauty that is around you every day. On the news programmes there is often only negativity: violence, death, bombings, suffering. Focus on that and the world seems a dark, dangerous place. Yet there is much beauty all around. Look at Nature and see incredible beauty. Love is beauty.

sharing love and kindness on earth


We would like to remind you of millions of acts of kindness that happen quietly every day. Some are generous and affect several people deeply, but most are small. These are none-the-less meaningful to the recipients. It could be a smile, a helping hand, the price of a hot drink on a cold day or holding the door open till others arrive. They hardly seem worthy of a second thought. They cost you nothing, yet they enrich you in ways you cannot imagine. This is Love in action.

sharing love and kindness on earth


Acts of kindness to animals also do not go unnoticed. Whenever you can, please help animals that are kept in cruel conditions.

Love in your daily lives is incalculably precious. Only those for whom it is missing know the price of it: unbearable loneliness, despair, fear, tiredness, and a feeling of not belonging.

sharing love and kindness on earth



Love is given freely to you. Spread it freely. Send Love into the World every day. You don’t have to know who will receive it. It enriches the sender and the receiver. It makes the World a better place.

sharing love and kindness on earth





Light and Sound Meditation


Sharing Love and Kindness on Earth

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