(i) Seven of Wands YouTube Video

Seven of Wands : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Seven of Wands of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

seven of wands


(ii) Thoth Seven of Wands

In the Seven  we have the 6 balanced and harmonious wands from the previous card now pushed to the background of in the Seven of Wands A distorted looking club in the foreground with flames directed randomly without focus. The astrological glyphs are off centre in this card, with Leo to the bottom right  and Mars to the top left.



Valour Definition : great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

seven of wands

(ii) Rider Waite Seven of Wands

seven of wands



(iii) The Seven of Wands & The Tree of Life



The energy of the suit of fire is weakened this far down the tree of life, and away from the equilibrium of the middle pillar. The feminine energy of the sephiroth ruled by Venus further dilutes with strength of fire in the suit of wands.


(iv) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Seven of Wands

Mahasiah: When negative, difficulty in learning, ignorance. Poor character, denial of one’s errors. Precarious well-being. Resentment and revenge.

 Lelahel: Negatively aspected – ambition, thinking oneself as indispensable. Caring for only material aspect of things. Instability. Feeling of superiority.


 (v) Astrology of the Seven of Wands

1. Decan :      3rd decan (21 – 30 degrees) of Leo

2. Mars in Leo with Venus ruled Sephiroth.

Mars normally likes Leo but in this case, being so low down on the tree of life harmony does not exist. Also the feminine energy of Venus does  not sit well with Leo or Mars.

Our mars energy is pretty much all that is keeping us going in this situation but it feels like we  are fighting a losing battle.

The glyphs are skewed in the card indicating they are not in harmony but are out of balance.

Mars in Leo usually indicates someone acting with authority and power, but in this card, they are having to use all their resources in a very difficult situation and there is now a lack of focus and some desperation in the way in which they are acting.


(vi) Symbology of the Seven of Wands

Central Wand: More like a club and has 10 segments, suggesting a disruption of the balanced energy of the 6 of wands. Disorganised force in dealing with adversity. Its colour is amber giving way to red of Mars.

Lotus Blossoms on Wands: blue supporting Venus but they begin to turn red under the influence of Mars. Gentle Venus does not thrive with Mars hence the lotus are closed.

Phoenix Wands: showing red of Mars at their ends. Renewal and progress/ transformation is halted due to our circumstances.

Caduceus Wands : showing the red of Mars and winged eye of Horus. These are pushed to the background in chaotic energy so our ‘clear vision ‘ through the eye of Horus is disrupted.


(vii) Quote from Book of Thoth

‘The army has been thrown into disorder; if victory is to be won, it will be by the dint of individual valour – a soldiers battle’ (p.193).


(viii) Divinatory Meanings of the Seven of Wands


seven of wands

  1. We seem to be fighting a loosing battle at the moment and only our courage is keeping us going. We have not been dealt the best hand here (club) and even things in the background don’t seem to be harmonious (changing colour of the wands).We may be feeling that we are on a sinking ship in our present situation.

Depending on the subject of the reading, this can relate to relationship problems where we are now running out of energy and ideas as to how to keep sustaining it, or this can relate to a friendship or work situation, where our spirit is being tested to the limit and we are getting to the end of what we can give.




seven of wands

  1. Lacking courage or energy to face our current challenges.
  2. A sense of hopelessness.








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