(i) Seven of Swords YouTube Video

My in-depth YouTube Video on the Seven of Swords of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

seven of swords


(ii) Thoth Seven of Swords

seven of swords


In the Seven of Swords, there are six swords arranged in a crescent formation pointing down as if to attack  a larger central sword. The card has a chaotic cold feeling background.

‘Futility Definition’ = sense of helplessness, hopelessness, what’s the use


 (iii) Rider Waite Seven of Swords

seven of swords



(iv) Seven of Swords & The Tree of Life

seven of swords


Associated with Netzach in Yetzirah in the third world. Netzach is associated in the soul with the power to overcome those obstacles which stand in the way of realizing. It is called ‘VICTORY’.  It is also associated with the emotions. So in this card, the emotions ‘colour’ our intellectual thinking which explains the confusion in the card but the underlying potential is for success.


(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Seven of Swords

Hahahel: When negative, fights what one cannot be, identification with martyrs, failure in projects. Scandalous behavior. Drive to acquire material things.

Mikael: Unmasks traitors, political order. When negative, double-dealings, betrayal of ideas, utters falseness. Corrupt government.


(vi) Astrology of the Seven of Swords

1. Decan = 1st Decan of Aquarius (0-10 degrees)

2. Moon in Aquarius

The emotions of the moon and Netzach cloud the intellectual qualities of Aquarius

Netzach the realm of illusion along with the Moon, in the sign of intellectual Aquarius.

Aquarius is thus ‘weakened’ giving us a lack of clarity on life at the moment.


(vii) Symbology of the Seven of Swords

Central sword = knowing what you want. It has the SUN on its hilt so this is sword represents our ‘centre’. Astrologically the sun is in its FALL in Aquarius thus weakening our strength of character.

Surrounding Swords = the reasons you are telling yourself as to why you cannot have it.

The hilts of these smaller swords also have planetary symbols on them and in this card we will have to attribute the more challenging aspects of the planets and they are not sitting favourably here.

Mercury = (Second right) poor communication within yourself and between others

Mars = (first left) lack of energy/fight to get around obstacles

Jupiter =  (first right) Luck and life is not on my side negative self talk. Not in touch with higher self.

Venus = (second left) don’t love myself enough, feeling unloved.

Saturn = (third right) too rigid in thinking, little flexibility or persistence to get around the problem in hand.

Moon = (third left) rings forming lunar crescents. I don’t follow my instincts

Background = Pale blue, cold looking. Not being able to let the warmth & strength of our personality to shine through

Chaotic lines in background = muddled thought. A Lack of clear focus to go forward.


(viii) Quotes from Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah

49. The secret title of the Seven of Cups is “Illusory Success.” This card represents the
working of Venus in the sphere of mind, where her influence is by no means conducive
to clearsightedness. We believe what we want to believe when we are under the influence
of Venus. Upon this plane her motto might well be “Love is blind.”
50. Only in the sphere of the spirit does Venus come into her own. Here her card, the
Seven of Wands, is called “Valour,” which well describes the dynamic and vitalizing
influence she exerts when her spiritual significance is understood and employed.
51. Very interestingly do the four Tarot cards assigned to Netzach reveal the nature of the
Venusian influence as it comes, down the planes. They teach us a very important lesson,
for they show how essentially unstable this force is unless it is rooted in spiritual
principle. The lower forms of love are of the emotions, and essentially unreliable; but the
higher love is dynamic and energizing.

“All the decans that got paired with Netzach are pretty crumby, so the number 7 itself has sort of incorrectly been associated with negativity and instability, when in fact we know Netzach means “victory.” Oddities like this are to be expected when one system (astrology) is forced to correspond to another (tarot), which is essentially what happened back at the end of the 19th century – though this is not to say that we can’t benefit from that correspondence, since for the most part it works pretty well.” (Princeofcups518,Polyphonic Tarot Website)


 (ix) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

  1. Netzach, in the suit of swords does not represent such catastrophe as in the other suits, for Netzach.. is ruled by Venus, means VICTORY.
  2. The card, like the 4 (Truce) suggests a policy of appeasement.


(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Seven of Swords


Seven of Swords Upright


  1. Lots of self-doubt at the moment making it seem that difficulties are insurmountable at times
  2. Mind seems distracted at a time you need to be focussed.
  3. Subconscious doubts dominate (Moon over Sun)
  4. Associated Major Arcanum is ‘The Chariot’ which is to do with movement and change. So we need to use this as a motivator to move away from the negative thinking of the 7 of swords and release sabotaging patterns in our mind.
  5. Chaotic mental thoughts dominate in meditation and we lack the stillness to let go of the mind and its worries. We lose our focus so we must be aware of this happening and strive to change the things in our lives that are not working. Perhaps we are even compromising our desire to meditate (central sword) due to influences of other parts of our lives (6 surrounding swords). We have given up trying and lost the will to stand up for what we really want to do.


Seven of Swords Reversed

seven of swords

  1. Making unsuitable compromises
  2. in an attempt to relieve mental stress we are feeling. Appeasing others too easily







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