(i) Seven of Cups YouTube Video

Seven of  Cups : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Seven of Cups of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

seven of cups

(ii) Thoth Seven of Cups

In the Seven of Cups the spiritual triad (three cups at the top) are at the mercy of the material four. So there is much happening here as our spirit is ‘drowning’ in excesses in our emotional life as represented by the cups.The cups are arranged like the first seven sephira on the tree of life as we see in the diagram on the section below.

seven of cups



Debauch meaning – a bout of excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs. Morally corrupt, depraved, perverted . To lead away from excellence or virtue.Emotional indulgence.

The cups are arranged in 2 descending triangles over a larger cup. Great sea at the poisoned or corrupted. And the lotus flowers are the same.

(iii) Rider Waite Seven of Cups

seven of cups



 (iv) Seven of Cups & the Tree of Life 

 Netzach in Briah

The tree of life is cut off from its spiritual source (the supernal triangle), and so the sea stagnates and putrefies.

seven of cups



(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Seven of Cups

Melahel: Doctor, knowledge of medicine. Mastery of emotions. When negative, illness, corruption of the body, feelings, and undertakings. Polluting thoughts, destructive habits, poor choices that have a negative effect on one’s natural environment.

Hahuiah: Protection from evil, incorruptibility, sincerity. When negative, incontinence, feeling responsibility. Indifference to others’ emotions. Illegalities, going astray.


 (vi) Astrology of the Seven of Cups

1. Decan :  3rd decan , (21 – 30) degrees of Scorpio

2. Venus in Scorpio.

Venus is the planet of love and Scorpio is about intensity, in-depth transformation and exploration of the self and others. Venus does not have any controlling factors in this pairing, with this sephiroth also being ruled by Venus. So she goes unchecked.

Venus is in DETRIMENT in Scorpio – it cannot express its sensitivity and emotions properly. Instead they are channelled into negative addictions and intensity which is the darker side of Scorpio. It implies that we indulge in excess reactive behaviour due to something that has affected us deeply and changed us possibly in a challenging way.

(vii) Symbology of the Seven of Cups

Drooping Petals – lack of personal life force as we are using our energies in a way which has a negative self impact on us.

Darkening sky – build up of emotional energy that we are not letting flow harmoniously through us.


(viii) Quotes from the Book of Thoth

  1. Represents the sinking into the mire of false pleasure.
  2. Something almost suicidal about this card


 (ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Seven of Cups



  1. The card Seven of Cupsrelates to indulging in addictive emotions which do not represent our highest good. When we are depressed it reflects what it is we reach out to in order to feel better. Examples include over eating, over drinking, sexual promiscuity, drugs.
  2. A tendency to over indulge in negative moods. A destructive way of coping with depression or issues which one does not want to face by indulging in excessive behaviour.
  3. Negative patterns of behaviour relating to sex, drugs, diet, alcohol.

So in this card we have a loss of control over our circumstances producing negative lifestyle changes. We need to reign ourselves in and reclaim our personal power. Face those things in a positive way which we are currently not dealing with.





seven of cups

Repeated patterns of the above so not learning from mistakes.

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