(i) Queen of Swords YouTube Video

Queen of Swords : The video below shows my youtube presentation for the Queen of Swords:

queen of swords

(ii) Thoth Queen of Swords

queen of swords



The Queen of Swords sits on a throne on top of cumulus clouds, with the severed head (or mask) of an old man in her left hand & the sword in her right hand. In the card we have the principal of the old (severed head) and the young (cherub, baby) above her head.The upper part of her body is naked but her lower half is covered by a free-flowing sarong as shown in the picture on the left.

(iii) Rider Waite Queen of Swords

The cherub is also present in the Rider Waite version of the Queen of Swords, carved into her throne.

queen of swords


(iv) Queen of Swords : Sub Elements

She is the Airy part of Water. Queens = Water, Swords = Air. Elemental dignity rules state water an air strengthen each other but are neutral.

queen of swords



(v) Tetragrammaton and the Queen of  Swords

queen of swords


Hey Primal = great mother, feminine aspect of God; water, passive. Our soul, the vehicle in which the creative ‘Will’ from Yod takes form. It is also associated with the world ‘Soul’.


(vi) Queen of Swords & The Tree of Life

The Queen of Swords is associated with Binah in the world of Yetzirah

queen of swords


In tarot Binah is associated with the  Three and the Queens. the Threes  are associated with manifestation in matter, and the Queens are the Mothers of the elements of their suits, much like Binah has been called the great mother giving birth to form.

Binah represents the female potency of Chockmah, just as Chockmah represents the male potency. Binah is the great sea or womb which receives the force of Chochmah and begins to give it form. It heads the pillar of severity since in form comes birth and death, and so we have limits being formed here. Binah is ruled by Saturn which governs time. and in his Greek form Kronos ate his children. So Binah as well as the positive attribute of giving birth to ‘form’ in creation ,also is responsible for the cycle of birth and death, hence a suitable place is the head of the pillar of severity.


(vii) Astrology of the Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords rules 21 degrees Virgo to 20 degrees Libra.

queen of swords


Her association with Libra also connects her with the Adjustment card :

queen of swords


This is all about making clear decisions based on fact & fairness similar to the Queen of Swords herself.

15 rays of her Crown = The Eighth sephira Hod has been associated with the number 15 as mentioned by Snuffin (p.95) in ‘The Thoth Companion’ and also referenced below:

“Hod = 15, the sum of all numbers from 1 to 5. Hod expresses and reflects all the five emotions of the heart fromchesed to hod. “Binah [the “mother” of the emotions of the heart] extends until hod.” (link)

Hod is ruled by Mercury, which in turn is the ruler of Virgo, the other sign that The Queen of Swords rules other than Libra

(vi) Symbology of the Queen of Swords

Upper body nakedness = not afraid to show her vulnerability. She knows herself and is able to see into others.

Sarong = able to go with the flow of situations. Crowley states :

“Her movements will be graceful, and her ability in dancing and balancing exceptional.”

Sword = her ability to analyse and cut through old ways of thinking, acting etc so that we can live in the moment. She is very logical and intelligent. All this has the advantage of gaining clarity in situations but being able to work through things intellectually to a high standard.

She is very analytical, with a razor-sharp ability to get to the heart of the matter.

She has enormous clarity &  has the her intellect ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of strong emotions or sentimentality.

Unlike the Queen of Cups  she connects to other people through an intellectual understanding rather than an emotional understanding.

Severed Head/Mask = old ideas and habits that are detached/ cut away from our present life so we gain clarity in the moment. However this has also been interpreted in a different way whereby the head of the wise man, Perhaps the Hermit, has been severed from the influence of the body and so the head alone represents the pure intellect not influenced by the lower self.

Throne = cloud of air = intellect is her main form of communication, unlike the Queen of Wands who sits on a throne of flames, and the Queen of Cups who sits on a lake.

Cherub = seeing things  fresh without prejudice.

Crystal Helmet = clarity of vision 

Clear Sky/View = clarity of mind & vision

(ix) Minor Arcana Cards Ruled by Queen of Swords

1. Two of Swords (Peace)  

 queen of swordsThis card bestows the ability on her to COMPROMISE even though she has a strong mind and will. At her best she is able to see other people’s point of view and come to a situation which is for the benefit of all. For this reason such a person would potentially be good at counselling. If ill dignified she becomes uncompromising and dictatorial.






2. Sorrow

  queen of swordsThis card represents the basic quality of separation which is at the heart of the suit of swords. The intellect is a wonderful tool but its job is to separate and discriminate and so fundamentally there is a loneliness and isolation about her. This is why she can be represented as a spinster in life, not married. Fundamentally, this is also why the mind can never know the unity of God. Still wounded by past hurts.





3. Wealth

queen of swordsThis represents her ‘shadow’ side rather like the Three of Swords. This card is  all about not sharing ones ‘wealth’ and here it applies to the Queen of Swords in context. It bestows a tendency to wallow in her isolation and not share her time and insights with others. Her knowledge suffocates her and her energies stagnate as she is not making the best use of her natural gifts. She has all the skills but refuses to partake in the world and use them in a way to benefit people and make her own life flow and become more meaningful.






(x) I Ching & The Queen of Swords

She is associated with the 28th Hexagram Ta-Kwo.

queen of swords


This hexagram has been called CRITICAL MASS.. which when reached can trigger a series of chain reactions. There is a lot going on in your life and things may become some burdensome that you will reach breaking point. Unless you plan properly and see through what is going on things may end badly. You must plan ahead and either remove yourself from this situation or stay with determination and insight.


(xi) Divinatory Meanings of the Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords Upright


You must use your unbiased intellect in order to make a decision of a particular situation, drawing upon facts that go with it from your experience. Empathy or compassion towards others may distract you from making the correct choice so it is important that you think with your head and not with your heart at this particular time. Do not let your emotions get in the way but use fact and logic to make your decisions.

Someone with these skills would be good at counselling.

Not really a time to be beating about the bush over this situation, a logical decision is needed so you need to communicate clearly and concisely at this time.

Cut through old patterns holding you back and see things as if through fresh eyes like the child in the card. So a time to dispense with the ‘masks’ of life and have the courage of your convictions to move forward in a fresh way.

Someone who has spent time cutting through their own ‘masks’ and now feels liberated.



Queen of Swords Reversed

queen of swords

A widow, spouse. Someone who is grieving and alone.

You are too  stubbornly independent.

Watch out for being critical, cold, judgemental and cynical.

Letting emotions and old hang ups get in the way of clear judgement.






(xii) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Queen of Swords

queen of swords1 : Heart of the Situation = the need to look at the situation in hand and make decisions based on your head and not your heart.

2 : Possible obstacle = your independence, hanging on to past hurts, ruled by your heart too much.  Not sharing your insights so your life has stagnated , emotionally grieving.

3 : Unconscious influences = feeling isolated/ alone and not admitting to it or the opposite which is feeling you need some independence from someone or something.

4 : Recent Past = decision made with your head not your heart , or an isolated past, feeling cut off, alone. A sorrowful time which you have or need to have left behind

5 : Hopes and goals = to think clearly and be able to make decisions in your best interests not ruled by your heart.The need to find your own independence.

6 : Short Term Future = the need to make a clear decision on something without emotions getting in the way.  The need to look at something with fresh eyes and a clear head in order to plan your next step.Dont get bogged down with sentimentality

7 : Our Self Image = independent , goal oriented, worked through difficult times  and now liberated to move forward with our lives. Use of intuition along with clear thinking.

8 : Environment = one in which we need to use of head and have clear thinking.

9 : Guidance & Warning = to avoid being critical,judgemental of others otherwise you will end up isolated. Need to re evaluated how important your independence is to you.

10 : Overall Outcome = clear skies  ahead, seeing the world in a fresh way and being able to use your difficult experiences from the past to move your life forward and benefit others (counselling, formally or informally).


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