(i)  Queen of Disks Video

Queen of Disks : The video below is a YouTube presentation of the Queen of Disks of the Thoth Tarot :

queen of disks

(ii) Thoth Queen of Disks

The Queen of Disks is the only Queen not to face forward. She looks over her shoulder at the long journey she has done. She has a great vantage point and has a clear vision of her journey. The background consists of a desert and a river, although she stands on fertile land with vegetation.

queen of disks




(iii) Rider Waite Queen of Pentacles

queen of disks


(iv) Queen of Disks : Sub Elements

queen of disks





She represents the watery (Queen) part of earth (Disks).

Elemental Dignity rules state that water and earth are friendly and passive so we would not expect too much conflict within her. We will have more revealed when we get to the three minor cards that she rules.


(v) Tetragrammaton and the Queen of  Disks

queen of disks



Heh is the Window. A Window lets Air and Light into the House. It also allows outlook and survey. Heh represents movement both toward (involution) and away from (evolution) a center. Heh symbolizes that which is receptive or passive, yet also puts out what it takes in, but modified in some way. Because of this receptivity, Heh is assigned to the element of Water and the Supernal Mother in Qabalah.

(vi) Queen of Disks & The Tree of Life

queen of disks



Associated with Binah in Assiah. 

In tarot Binah is associated with the  Three and the Queens as seen in the diagram on the left above. The Threes  are associated with manifestation in matter, and the Queens are the Mothers of the elements of their suits, much like Binah has been called the great mother giving birth to form.

Binah represents the female potency of Chockmah, just as Chockmah represents the male potency. Binah is the great sea or womb which receives the force of Chochmah and begins to give it form. It heads the pillar of severity since in form comes birth and death, and so we have limits being formed here.  Binah is ruled by Saturn which governs time. and in his Greek form Kronos ate his children. So Binah as well as the positive attribute of giving birth to ‘form’ in creation ,also is responsible for the cycle of birth and death, hence a suitable place is the head of the pillar of severity.

queen of disks


(Reference Here)

 In the world of Assiah, this creativity of Binah results in tangible material results. So Binah is Assiah symbolises creativity and fertility in the material world which is what the Queen of Disks represents.


(vii) Astrology of the Queen of Disks

 She rules the 21° of Sagittarius to 20° Capricorn. Crowley states that these people are :

 Ambitious but only is useful directions and work with instinct and intuition rather than intellect. These people are quiet, hard-working, practical, sensible but can be dull with life becoming purely mechanical (Book of Thoth; p 166 – 167).


(vii) Symbology of the Queen of Disks

Goat on Golden Globe = Sun in Capricorn (the zodiacal attribution of this card) indicating the strong Capricorn influence in this card and the qualities that are represented in this sign 

Practical (which is good as we are in the suit of disks), reserved , serious, pragmatic(practical rather than theoretical, down to earth), focussed, courteous

“Spiritually,  Capricorn is symbolized by the Mountain Goat who ascends the path of the soul up to the top of the mountain. In this instance, Capricorn is the energy of discipline and self-mastery for without either, the ascent to the top is too difficult to achieve. This ascension to the heights is also why Capricorn is associated with honor, fame and prestige as well as spiritual mastery”.(link)

queen of disks



Horns are long and so she is of age and experience. They also represent her virility and drive to achieve. 

Helmet = Horns of Markhor which is a wild  goat found it the mountainous regions of Afghanistan

 As the goat occupies mountainous (high) regions this is a symbol for the increased vision and perception that the Queen of Disks has. It shows a clarity of purpose and journey through life.

Reptilian Armour = growth, renewal,

Wand in Right Hand = crowned with a hexagram inside a cub

Hexagram = symbol of the sun (6 sides, the number 6 representing the 6th sephiroth Tiphareth, ruled by the Sun)

Cube = the earth

So the wand represents the fertility of the earth through the sun and her ability to manifest her goals achieving inner growth: (ref)


In this card it signifies the ability of the Queen of Disks to focus and produce things which are practical and useful to society and life, again a quality of Capricorn.

queen of disks


Orb in Left Hand = this has 13 interlocking rings. The number 13 refers to the 13th path on the tree of life between the Priestess.

queen of disks




So here we have the Sun (Orb) and the Moon (represented by the Priestess which is the connecting card between the sephiroth on the 13th path).

The Moon is associated with nurturing, an essential quality of building her life path, her emotional and subconscious nature. She has the balance of expressing her energy (Sun) and within it the integrated energy of the moon (represented by the 13 circles). She completes her goals in an emotionally balanced way and her goals are important to her emotionally. She nurtures her talents and of those around her (moon) when she is putting out energy (Sun).

The fact that it is now a BIG orb means she has already completed this journey and this INTEGRATION is now a strong aspect of her personality and success. 

Background = a desert with a river running through it. Representing her difficult journey with many barren periods. The river signifies that there was always a spiritual force guiding her.


(viii) Minor Arcana Cards Ruled by Queen of Disks


The three minor arcana cards that the Queen of Disks rules are : 

2 of Disks (Change)

queen of disks

She is very much in harmony with nature and the cycles of change, living a harmonious life, organic and growing, not stagnant. The journey she has undertaken seen in the card shows that this vision has come about by learning lessons and working on herself. So this rulership gives her the strength of adaptability to circumstances as she goes with the flow of life and it may be indicating to us that we need to take this quality on board in our own life if we are still stuck in the stagnation of the desert and have not reached the oasis. We must learn to go with the flow and be in harmony with nature and ourselves as our lives invariably change. The life cycle of the butterfly illustrates this :



queen of disks


3 of Disks (Works)

queen of disks

Mars in Capricorn brings about the ability to get things done so that her work is both practical and useful in society. She has channelled all her energy into working on herself and achieving in the world that she now has things to show for it in terms of her career and life path. This card shows she may have made definite plans in the past to move her life in a certain direction and has now achieved those goals. Thus the oasis in which the Queen of Disks stands is the same as the pyramid (end product) of the Three of Disks.







10 of Wands (Oppression).

queen of disks

 This brings the influence of Saturn in her nature which implies oppression, a quality not normally  associated with her. This happens when the will of the Queen of Disks (wands suit) cannot express itself for her to achieve her goals due to Saturn’s restrictive impulse. She cannot achieve what she wants in life and is stuck in the desert. She may begin to lose confidence in her ability to manifest what she wants. It may also be an indication that what she desires is not good for her long-term and she need to move in a different direction to reach her goal (oasis in the picture)







(ix) I Ching & The Queen of Disks

This is represented by the hexagram 31 HSIEN, water (lake) above earth (mountain). This hexagram is called ATTRACTING.

queen of disks



Pay attention to what people attract to them before making a decision about that person and whether it is beneficial or not to be associated with them. You can penetrate their nature that way.The same also applies for any situation, or society, groups etc. By looking at what and whom  they attract we can gain insight into whether it is of our benefit.

The Queen of Disks is all about growth and abundance in our life and so we need to make good judgements in order for this to happen. This hexagram provides us with a way of doing just this.It also implies that we need some peace and tranquillity (of the mountain) to attract joy and pleasure (lake)


(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Queen of Disks


Queen of Disks Upright

queen of disks

 The Queen of Disks has a very ‘motherly’ (nurturing effect of the Priestess) type of energy, expressing herself practically.  She shows her love by keeping up domestic duties and perhaps even through a career. She strives to create secure home for her family and loved ones.

The Queen of Disks can also represent a mother type figure to you who guides you through difficult issues of the past and present, or a part of yourself that is loving, nurturing and needs to take care of others and yourself, keeping you emotionally and physically comfortable.The need to find the time to create nurturing time for yourself and others despite other worldly duties

The Queen of Disks represents prosperity and security. She suggests that you have worked hard (3 of disks) to generate a level of financial or physical security which, in turn, gives you the ability to be generous with others and to share your wealth and prosperity with those you love. You have used your financial prosperity to build a comfortable home environment and you are focused on investing in your family, as well as your personal wealth.

The Queen of Disks asks you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to-earth attitude when it comes to dealing with others and your own circumstances. You need to focus on creating a calm and balanced life for yourself. (31st Hexagram).

Going with the flow of life (2 of disks) and following what is emotionally important to you and has meaning (13th path)

So from the above we can see the fertility/ growth aspect of the Queen of Disks comes from desires to provide a peaceful down to earth environment for others to flourish (family, friends) and yourself. She represents the nurturing of others and you.

She also represents matters of health and diet as she is so connected to the physical being in the suit of disks.

If ill dignified then your will is being thwarted by people or events and you cannot fulfill your ambitions at this time (10 of wands). You must be able to adapt to change your way to your goal by a different means (2 of disks)  or assess whether it is the right path for you to take. You must be careful your self-confidence does not slip away.


Queen of Disks  Reversed

queen of disks












(xi) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Queen of Disks

queen of disks1 : Heart of the Situation = is our need to be emotionally fulfilled in what we do in the world and our personal life. We may want to see the fruits of our efforts but they must be relevant to us internally as well.

2 : Possible obstacle = your are unable to achieve your ambitions due to circumstance due to life events or other people.

3 : Unconscious Influences = the need to be emotionally fulfilled otherwise life does not excite us. The need to achieve and be useful to others

4 : Recent Past = a period of change and growth where you have been moving towards something you have wanted for a long time. ( The Queen of Disks has been on a long journey as we can see from the card)

5 : Hopes and goals = career, family, taking care of others, being emotionally fulfilled and having a clear view on things are all important to us.

6 : Short Term Future = being focussed and not distracted in our way forward. Learning to go with the flow of life.

7 : Our Self Image = practical, ambitious, need to do things that fulfil us emotionally

8 : Environment = nurturing, caring, busy, health and diet are important (or need to be)

9 : Guidance & Warning = are we becoming too materialistic , unable to go with the flow of life and too controlling (10 of wands, oppression). Are we ignoring our emotional and softer side to pursue Capricorns detached ambition.

10 : Overall Outcome = someone who will reach their goals having taken a long time getting there. They now have a much greater perspective on life and as long as they are going with the flow internally and externally the future is really fulfilling and complete for them (Queen of Disks resides in Oasis).


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