(i) Video for the  Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords : My YouTube presentation for the Princess of Swords can be viewed by clicking the image below:

princess of swords


(ii) Thoth Princess of Swords

She fights with a sword in her right hand, with her left hand resting on a smoking alter.Butterfly wings and green robe which cover her upper body. The sun appears through an archway in the background. Blues and yellows are the colour of air, her elemental attribute. The sky and general feel of the cards seems angry.

princess of swords thoth tarot




(iii) Princess of Swords : Sub Elements

princess of swords


The Princess of Swords represents the Earthy part of Air. According to elemental dignity rules Air and Earth are enemies and weaken each other. Therefore we will find some inherent conflict within her nature. As she represents the element of earth within the element of air, there is the implication that she deals  with situations involving the mind in a tangible way. In other words she is able to manifest her thoughts and ideas and make them reality.

Crowley describes her as the “fixation of the volatile” (p.163) To some extent she represents the “anger of the Gods” (p.163)


(iv) Tetragrammaton and the Princess of Swords

princess of swords


The Princesses represent the Hé Final or daughter of the union of Yodh and Hé Primal. She is cut off from connection with her parents and brother(Vav), and we can also see that the 10th sephiroth Malkuth is often seen as not part of the tree of life, somewhat cut off like a swinging pendulum from a clock (see Tree of Life diagram below).

This separation  from the Godhead is analogous to the ‘original sin’ as spoken about in the Bible which means (separation from your spiritual nature). They are associated with the element of EARTH and the physical body. She is associated with the NEPHESH  or animal soul and desires and whims of the body. Crowley also says that they represent the equation 0=2, representing both the duality (2) and the silence in which all things are reabsorbed. This is similar in a way to the tens of the Minor Arcana, with an inherent instability due to the energy moving into the next suit. Here, the energy is recycled back into the oneness of spirit  for the whole process of creation to start again.


(v) Princess of Swords & The Tree of Life

princess of swords

The Princesses are related to the tenth Sephiroth MALKUTH (Kingdom) and are associated with Assiah, the world of making. All our spiritual path is rooted in this sphere and so it is a very important  sephiroth and combines all of the elements. Without our physical base, we could not become enlightened, as enlightenment is a witnessing of ALL of the planes of creation at once.

She is cut off from connection with her parents (Yod and He Primal) and brother(Vav), and we can also see that the 10th sephiroth Malkuth is often seen as not part of the tree of life, somewhat cut off like a swinging pendulum from a clock (see Tree of Life diagram below).

princess of swords



(vi) Astrology of the Princess of Swords

Rules from the North Elliptical Pole from 0° Capricorn to 30° Pisces, with Aquarius at the centre. She also rules the Americas

princess of swords


(vii) Symbology of the Princess of Swords

Helmet with Crest = Medusas Head , the goddess associated with Aquarius in Crowley’s 777 book. Medusa was associated with Greek Mythology whereby it was a monster with the face of a female and venomous snakes for hair. One look into her eyes would turn someone to stone. The Princess of Swords can be an intimidating person who says what she thinks regardless of the  consequences ! She has to watch that her actions are pure and for the highest good otherwise she can be damaging in her actions

princess of swords


Sandles = the winged sandals of Mercury, the planet exalted in Aquarius (air sign = the mind)

princess of swords

Angry clouds surrounding her = a representation of the anger within the Princess. Lots of dark in the background = her moods, depression, or dark energies of herself/other people. She is determined to cut through these things that hold her back but her internal and/or external worlds are conflictual and need resolution.

Sword = the sword of analysis and discrimination which she uses in a downward pointing action, trying to imitate her mother, The Queen of Swords.

Alter = place of worship.. like she is fighting to preserve her identity in her struggles. She may feel not respected and therefore she is fighting her corner. She may also have conflict about her own identity. Crowley says she defends the profanation (disrespect) of the altar .

Wings = of transformation

Green robe = creativity

Both of these imply that she is adaptable in her thoughts and actions and can apply herself  practically to different situations when they present themselves.


(viii) I Ching & The Princess of Swords

princess of swords

 The Princess of Swords is represented by the 18th Hexagram KU which Crowley describes as the most unhappy symbol in the book (p165)


The 18th Hexagram KU is associated with the words REPAIR or DECAY and it refers to the situation at hand which cannot be ignored if we wish to maintain control. Things may now seem overwhelming and out of our hands and yet the REPAIR element gives us hope. We need to work hard and not be afraid to take assertive action (The Princess of Swords is very assertive). Our attitude in the past may well have caused this situation and so we are in a great position to repair things. We must now look for constructive action rather than combative and it is not a time to be radical, and yet we must be assertive in our approach and then be consistent, otherwise these problems may recur.


(ix) Mythology & The Princess of Swords

Has the characteristics of

(i)  Minerva

princess of swords


Minerva was the Roman Goddess of wisdom, trade and the arts. She was born with weaponry

(ii) Artemis

princess of swords


In Greek mythology Artemis was the goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment.

(iii) Valkyrie : 

princess of swords


The Valkyries: Chooser of the Slain

In Norse mythology The Valkyries are female warlike virgins, who mount upon horses and arms themselves with helmets and spears. They decide who will die in a battle. They will hover over the battlefield, like birds over their prey

– See more at: http://www.viking-mythology.com/valkyries.php#sthash.tJZf104U.dpuf


(x) Divinatory Meanings of the Princess of Swords


Princess of Swords Upright

princess of swords

Clever in practical matters especially where controversy rules

Has a destructive way of analysing things and applying it !

Can be aggressive and vengeful.

Very forceful and outgoing in her manner.

So the Princess of Swords is fighting battles both within her and in her environment.

Getting ones ideas grounded in a tangible way.


Princess of Swords Reversed

princess of swords








(xi) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Princess of Swords

 princess of swords

1 : Heart of the Situation = need to fight to keep a clear vision ahead of you and achieve your goals

2 : Possible obstacle = difficulty in applying yourself due to lack of confidence in asserting yourself

3 : Unconscious Influences = darker moods (black clouds) preventing yourself from reaching your potential

4 : Recent Past = one of some dark days  conflict in which you have had to fight to keep you head above water

5 : Hopes and goals = to be more confident and able to put your great ideas into practice

6 : Short Term Future = you have a fight on your hands but you will come out on top as long as you learn to assert yourself  more

7 : Our Self Image = able to get to the heart of things, say what you feel, can be confrontational, good at solving arguments and conflicts

8 : Environment = can struggle with the moods of herself or that of people close. People not respecting us properly (profanation of the altar as Crowley calls it)

9 : Guidance & Warning = being able  to choose our battles wisely so that we do not over extend ourselves. Be careful that your actions are done for the highest good otherwise they may be very destructive.

10 : Overall Outcome = the need to focus getting your ideas out practically in the world. Choosing your battles wisely but being not being afraid to be assertive in reaching your goals.


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Princess of Swords Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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