(i) Video for the  Princess of Disks

Princess of Disks : My YouTube presentation for the Princess of Disks can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

princess of disks

(ii) Thoth Princess of Disksprincess of disks



The Princess of Disks wears a Rams Head Crown & is  cloaked in sheepskin; she stands in a grove of leafless trees. From her figure she seems to be pregnant. The Princess is the  daughter who has become the mother and therefore renews the cycle of the Tetragrammaton from the Hey final back to Yod. She stands in the centre of a grove of barren trees and it is her fertility that will restore the barren back to life.


(iii) Princess of Disks : Sub Elements

princess of disks


The Princess of Disks represents the earthy part of Earth. She is the lowest of the court cards in the lowest of the suits and yet she is often spoken about as the beautiful of all of the cards in the Thoth Deck. She carries with her all the energies of the other suits and then transforms them back to the beginning of the cycle thus perpetuating life both cosmically and physically.


(iv) Tetragrammaton and the Princess of Disks

princess of disks


The Princesses represent the Hé Final or daughter of the union of Yodh and Hé Primal.This separation  from the Godhead is analogous to the ‘original sin’ as spoken about in the Bible which means (separation from your spiritual nature). They are associated with the element of EARTH and the physical body. She is associated with the NEPHESH  or animal soul and desires and whims of the body. Crowley also says that they represent the equation 0=2, representing both the duality (2) and the silence in which all things are reabsorbed. This is similar in a way to the tens of the Minor Arcana, with an inherent instability due to the energy down scaling into the next suit. Here, the energy is recycled back into the oneness of spirit  for the whole process of creation to start again.


(v) Princess of Disks & The Tree of Life

The Princesses are related to the tenth Sephiroth MALKUTH (Kingdom) and are associated with Assiah, the world of making. All our spiritual path is rooted in this sphere and so it is a very important  sephiroth and combines all of the elements. Without our physical base, we could not become enlightened, as enlightenment is a witnessing of ALL of the planes of creation at once.

ten of swords

She is cut off from connection with her parents (Yod and He Primal) and brother(Vav), and we can also see that the 10th sephiroth Malkuth is often seen as not part of the tree of life, somewhat cut off like a swinging pendulum from a clock (see Tree of Life diagram below).princess of disks




(vi) Astrology of the Princess of Disks

The Princess of Disks together with the Ace of Disks rules Aries, Taurus, Gemini quadrant of space above the north pole as well as the area of Europe and Africa.

princess of disks


(vii) Symbology of the Princess of Disks

Rams Head Crown = associated with Aries and renewal, which is a theme repeats in this card.

Trees  = union of spirit with earth

Spear with Diamond Tip = in her right hand, the diamond representing the purity of Kether brought into the world. There is light in the densest of elements. 

Tetrahedral form of diamond = representing carbon the building block of life:

princess of disks


“the birth of the highest and purest light in the deepest and darkest of the elements” (p.169 Book of Thoth)

Yin/Yang Shield = this is surrounded by 36 petals = 36 decans of the astrological wheel. She represents the completion of the cycle and its subsequent renewal. Again we have implied the equation 0=2 attributed to the 2 of disks in the Book of Thoth.

In the middle is  the yin/yang in equilibrium from which comes the Rose of ISIS,  representing the fertile  mother.

Priestess of Demeter = she is likened to the Princess of Disks. The Priestess was the Goddess of the Harvest in Greek mythology and more can be read on her through clicking on the image below:

princess of disks


(viii) I Ching & The Princess of Disks

princess of disks

The Princess of Disks is represented by the 52nd Hexagram Kân which Crowley offers the definition as being ‘Mountain’ which is sacred, immovable and strong reaching up to the Gods in the sky.


An alternative title for this hexagram is MEDITATION. this implies stillness as does the mountain. This calmness makes us able to deal with any inner turmoil inside and make good decisions on the direction of our life. The world is fast-moving and complex and the Princess of Disks has made herself a tranquil home within the trees and we need to do that ourselves inside. This hexagram also implies we need to reduce our stress and the amount of time we are spending in the business of life.



(ix) Divinatory Meanings of the Princess of Disks


Princess of Disks Upright

princess of disks

Someone kind and benevolent following their ‘WILL’ or true purpose in life. So this card is about getting in touch with that most important aspect and protecting it, like the Princess of Disks does in the trees.

The Princess of Disks can represent a physical pregnancy or just a birth of ideas coming forth.

Likes a sense of accomplishment, getting things done as she represents the completion of the cycle. Representing the ‘WILL’ completed on earth.

Represents a very productive time after a barren period (Aries implies spring and renewal)

In touch with yourself and nature

She’s a very gentle person who and with Nature and growth. As a result, sometimes when this card comes up we may be looking at somebody who is expecting a child.

The Princess of Disks being peaceful by nature deals badly with conflict.  

Has much empathy for others and she has a huge resource of strength and support to offer to those who need it.

Indicates marriage, domestic life, motherhood  & nature rather than career.



Princess of Disks Reversed

princess of disks

Out of touch with your life and nature , not being very practical about the situation at hand and going through a barren period in which you cannot reach your potential (no new ideas coming forth)







(x) Celtic Cross Interpretation of the Princess of Disks 


1 : Heart of the Situation = domestic life, marriage, motherhood, planning for the future in those areas

2 : Possible obstacle = not in touch with our life or nature, too caught up in the world. No place of sanctuary

3 : Unconscious Influences = lack of children, marriage, unfulfilled expectations domestically

4 : Recent Past = stillness, solitude, being in touch with yourself or a productive time after a barren period.

5 : Hopes and goals =  domestic life, marriage, motherhood, planning for the future in those areas

6 : Short Term Future = need to find some calm in your life away from the business of the world.

7 : Our Self Image = domesticated , family and home more important than career.

8 : Environment = is a sanctuary away from the world.

9 : Guidance & Warning = don’t get too caught up in the world. spend some time out in nature and meditation

10 : Overall Outcome = achieving a home, domestic happiness and a harmony within yourself that you can retreat to when needed.



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