Since consciousness requires creation to function, if PRALAYA was to occur would there be any trace of it having occurred since there can be no memory active or consciousness active during PRALAYA. How then would it ever be known that such a state had occurred?


 Pralaya : The crux of this question requires an understanding of the cyclical nature of the process of manifestation and dissolving of matter and consciousness. This process has been detailed in works such as A Treatise on Cosmic Fire  & The Bagavad Gita and A Secret Doctrine.

We can start by looking at the microcosm i.e. ourselves. The path begins with breath meditation and the importance of this is emphasised right up to enlightenment. It consists of the in- breath, hold, and then out -breath.

This cycle is analogous to the cycle of creation is a macrocosmic sense.

Pralaya refers to the period of rest in between the process of creation going into (the out breath) and coming out of (the in breath) manifestation.

The periods of manifestation have been referred to as manvantaras.

Pralaya is outlined in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: 

“At the close of Mahamanvantara…the Logos will withdraw within himself….the light of the system will go out…manifestation will cease. All will be absorbed within the absolute praylaya…the voice of the silence will be heard no more..the reverberations of the word will die away ..and the Silence of the High Places will reign supreme”( pp86-87).

This essentially describes the process of the light and sound manifesting and dissolving the creation, and infers there might be a ‘WILL of God’ beyond light and sound.

The Bagavad Gita also describes this process:

“ Arjuna, at the end of every Kalpa (Brahmas day) all beings enter my prakti (the prime cause) and at the beginning of every Kalpa, I bring them forth again” ch IX verse 7.

However, God is seen to be unattached to the outcomes of this cycle:

“Arjuna, those actions, however, do not bind me, unattached as I am to those actions and remain indifferent” chIX verse9. 

Thus, from the above the process of the in breath and out breath of creation has been described. Returning to the initial question, consciousness would indeed be lost as creation enters a PRALAYA. So how do we know one has occurred? Two ways in which I can answer this are:

  1. Since it occurs in the microcosm i.e. the breath, the most fundamental part of life, this process can be extended all the way through creation, through the rounds, globes and chains, until the ultimate PRALAYA when all is dissolved, akashic records and all! Before another out breath.

How do we know if it has occurred ?

  1. The existence of a perfect master to tell us this is so. This is outlined in the Gita:

“Arjuna with me as the supervisor, nature brings forth the whole creation, both animate and inanimate, it is due to this cause that the wheel of Samsara is revolving” ChIX verse 10.

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Pralaya, The Breath of Creation and Human Consciousness
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