Since there are no repeats in infinity and change begins at the smallest level possible, what would number mean since only one would be necessary if there are no repeats?Are the laws of geometry outside the laws of number and is geometry an echo of perception, an imperfect method of perceiving unable to leave an object exactly and our own imperfect withdrawal?


 Is number an apparent division of identity into smaller identities (smaller even though the numbers are larger, 2 being smaller than 3 and so on). In other words, as we move away from source or oneness, without surfaces, edges or any boundaries, we move down into duality  and then so on as

The 7 rays are a good example of number the first 3 rays of Aspect forming the conduit for the 4 rays of Attribute (all arising from the one source).

spiritual philosophy


Another example of number is the philosophical system of Kabala and the 10 sephiroth arising from the 3 veils above.

spiritual philosophy


We can say there are no objects in reality and therefore no repeats in creation, any thing below the mind tunnel just being a set of reflections manifesting out of formlessness.

Geometry is a way of describing these reflections, an imperfect way of perceiving, and an echo of perception. This is because when we disengage from an object and thus ‘see’ it we use the lower vehicle of intellect that perceives the external shape and ‘geometry’. The number of sides is again the distance from unity?

Philosophy of Number and Geometry

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