(i) Nine of Disks YouTube Video

Nine of Disks : My in-depth YouTube Video on the Nine of Disks of the Thoth Tarot deck may be viewed below:

nine of disks


(ii) Thoth Nine of Disks

In the Nine of Disks the 3 central orbs show an upright equilateral triangle and these sit within a hexagram of coins. Rays of light project out from the central orbs.

nine of disks


(iii) Rider Waite Nine of Disks

nine of disks


(iv) Nine of Disks & The Tree of Life

Yesod: which is on the central pillar and this sephiroth is ruled by the moon. So low down on the tree of life but the central path linking to Kether adds stability even though it is far from source (spirit).

nine of disks


(v) Shemhamphorasch Angels of the Nine of Disks

Aziel: Universal Love. Trust, sincerity. Goodness that absolves all evil. Unselfishness. Favors bestowed from those in power.

Aladiah: Spiritual and physical abundance. Regeneration, improved health.


(vi) Astrology of the Nine of Disks

  1. Decan: 2nd decan of Virgo (11 – 20 degrees)
  2. Venus in Virgo


Venus is concerned with love and money & these are both expressions of our values, pleasures tastes etc. Venus is saying here if we follow what is in our heart and has meaning for us our life can only gain from this. It also brings good fortune to material affairs.


Virgo  is an earth sign associated with practical matters, discrimination, organisation. It adds the necessity to be clear in our path ahead and keep our feet on the ground in following our hearts path.

Venus is in its ‘fall’ astrologically in Virgo which means it should be restricted from true expression but the 9th Sephiroth Yesod is also ruled by Venus and so there is great harmony and balance about this card which we can glean just by looking at the symmetry of the card.


(vii) Symbology of the Nine of Disks

3 central solar orbs = radiate intermingled coloured rays outwards

Blue = wisdom

Pink = love

Green = creativity produced and expressed throughout the card and into the life of the querent.

The planetary disks in the hexagram also benefit from this energy

6 outer coins = This is the first time in the suit that ‘disks’ have become ‘coins’, so we are looking more at material outcomes here which again is good news in a reading unless reversed or poorly aspected.

Top 3 coins = all masculine

Saturn (highest coin) = helmeted warrior = doing things step by step & knowing our boundaries

Mars (top left coin) = male figure with feathered cap = gain through our energy & vitality

Jupiter (top right coin) = gain through our openness and flexible when opportunities come our way. Expansion of consciousness.

Bottom 3 coins = all feminine

Mercury = (bottom left coin), woman with hat = importance of communication to achieve what our heart desires

Venus = (bottom right coin) young woman, gain is achieve through following what has heart & meaning to you.

Moon = (lowest coin) = wise woman within the moon = achievement though trusting your own instincts/intuition.


 (viii) Numerology of the Nine of Disks

Nine’s further solidify the completion via evolution as evident in adding all of the numbers on our numerological journey through the Tarot: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45 reduced: 4+5=9. Here we would find ourselves right back to the beginning.

Furthermore, multiplication by nine always produces digits that add up to nine; more symbolism of that “all is one” concept – completion/connection.


(ix) Quotes from Book of Thoth

  • good luck attending material affairs, favour & popularity (p.216)
  • “Multiplication of a symbol of energy always tends to degrade its essential meaning as well as to complicate it” – perhaps a warning that material possessions in themselves may not bring about happiness. Be careful what we wish for (p.217)


(x) Divination and the Nine of Disks


Nine of Disks Upright

thoth tarot nine of disks

  • General period of improvement in all aspects of your life
  • Settlements and financial gifts
  • Karmic reward
  • Good luck as well as good management in financial affairs
  • Financial security after hard work and planning





Nine of Disks Reversed

nine of disks

  • Gain at the expense of others
  • Reckless spending of money
  • Financial security is about to take a downturn
  • A time to be cautious in financial affairs

The above interpretation centre around finance as we are dealing with the final stages of the earth suit of disks.






(xi) Recommended Video Links

Paul Hughes Barlow

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Nine of Disks Thoth Tarot Card Tutorial

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