Mystic Bible by Dr Randolph Stone

Mystic Bible by Dr Randolph Stone (1890 -1981) is a Radha Soami Interpretation of verses from the Bible in terms of Light and Sound Meditation. This is a very rare book and will be published here in full over the coming year due to my just having obtained a copy. This book is usually very expensive to buy and therefore not accessible to most who would benefit from its contents, hence its inclusion on this website.

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Mystic Bible by Dr Randolph Stone




Chapter 1: True Mysticism

         Chapter 2: Individual Awakening

Chapter 3: A Mystic Viewpoint on Creation

        Chapter 4: Mysteries of Creation

Chapter 5: Levels of Creation

Chapter 6 : Creation and The Mystic Way

Chapter 7: The Creation of Adam and Eve

Chapter 8 : Creation in Eden

Chapter 9: A Review and Brief Explanation

Chapter 10 : Jonah & The Whale

Chapter 11: Job The Leviathan

Chapter 12 : Satan as the Root of Evil

Chapter 13 Part A: Mystic Application of the Lords Prayer

Chapter 13 Part B: Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

Chapter 14: The Holy Ghost as The Primal Sound Energy

Chapter 15: The Spiritual Sound Current

Chapter 16: The Five Rivers of Shabd

Chapter 17: Sin and Repentance

Chapter 18: Song of Solomon


Chapter 19: Breezing Through the Hexateuch:

Part 1: Knowledge of Good and Evil

Part 2: Cain and Abel

Part 3: Noahs Ark

Part 4: Lot, His Wife and 2 Daughters

Part 5: Mystic Revelation of Exodus

Part 6: The Fall of Jericho

Part 7: Balaam The Mystic

Part 8: Tower of Babel


Chapter 20: Recapitulation

Chapter 21: Methods of Development in the Old Testament

Chapter 22: Diet The Bible and Mysticism

Chapter 23: Hard Sayings of Jesus

Chapter 24: The Souls Travel

Chapter 25: How Shall I Obtain The Lord

Chapter 26: Mans Purpose & Opportunities in Life


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