Must perception exist simultaneously from buddhi to senses or is it segmented ?

Is perception a process of reflection of the self within itself? And how could you segment it? Into units of time, units of identity or are these both the same.

If perception is a process, then does this necessarily take time, or do the yin and yang halves of the process happen at the same time? Do you have to move away from yourself in order to reflect upon yourself in order to perceive? Do you have to separate yourSelf from the candle so that you can perceive the candle before merging with it again to become one with it? And when you become one with the candle why do you not become one with yourself again, what has got lost in the separation?

Back to the original question. What is the difference between a buddhic perception and a philosophical perception- is it the same kind/degree of difference as there is between a philosophical and intellectual, or intellectual and emotional, or emotional and physical perception?

Big_Buddha_on_Lantau_Island-Hong_Kong_As you move back up the list there is less of the identity(that you consider to be you) involved in the process. Is perception less segmented by this identity until you give up your astral identity as you move from philosophical to buddhic perception?

If there is less identity (and identity is a sense of being something created by the illusion of time), then there is lots of time in physical perception, less in emotional, less in mental and perhaps non-in buddhi. This would explain why it takes longer to ‘work through things’ emotionally compared to intellectually compared to philosophically.

Perhaps they all start at the same time, buddhi takes no time, philosophically a little longer, mentally still longer until it arrives at the physical.

So the process may not be segmented in that one lump of perception gets divided up into little bits but rather it happens simultaneously, only the different levels of perception take longer to fight their way through the barriers of ones identity to return the knowledge.

So perhaps everything happens at once, only for some bits to take longer to return.

Must perception exist simultaneously from buddhi to senses or is it segmented ?

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