Meditation Diary March 2017

A summary of my Meditation Diary March 2017 including meditation times and notes of any spiritual study completed for that day.

Meditation Diary March 2017



(ii) March 2017 Spiritual Goals Review

  1. Fulfill 30 hours meditation
  2. Complete 2 tarot Videos of the Major Arcana Cards
  3. Upload 2 chapters of Mystic Bible to PDF
  • I did not complete the planned meditation total, again some difficult periods throughout the month but regained momentum to finish the month strongly.
  • I uploaded more than 2 chapters of Mystic Bible.
  • Only 1 tarot video was uploaded


(iii) April 2017 Goals

  1. Complete 30 hours meditation for the month.
  2. One 6 hour group meditate.
  3.  Upload 10 chapters of Mystic Bible by Dr Randolph Stone
  4.  Complete the ‘Star’ Card for YouTube
  5.  Complete 1 Esoteric Astrology Article

(iii) Links

Meditation Diary March 2017

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