DateM1M2Spiritual StudyDaily Inspirational Quote
1st30 minsDiscussed with Neil, publishing of Tarot ProjectRead
2nd30 minspublished Neils tarot projectRead
3rd30 mins Adjustment Tarot cardRead
4th30 minsnot recordedRead
5th30 mins + 23 minnot recordedRead
6th1 hour30 mins + 30 minszodiac TaurusRead
7th1 hour30 minsPublished Adjustment Tarot Card videoRead
8th1 hourZodiac TaurusRead
9th30 minsnot recordedRead
10th30 mins30 minsnot recordedRead
11th45 mins37 minsWorked on Taurus ArticleRead
12th1 hour30 minspublished Paul Solomon Audios on Akashic Records, also published article on Zodiac Taurus and the Bible.Read
13th30 mins15 minsnot recordedRead
14th30 minsPublished Jesus walked on WaterRead
15th30 minspublished atricle on Jews and also Bill Donahue Video Edited & publishedRead
16th30 minsnot recordedRead
17th30 minsnot recordedRead
18th45minsnot recordedRead
19th45 mins + 30 minsThe Hermit of the major arcanaRead
20th45 mins45 minsThe Hermit of the major arcanaRead
21st1 hourThe Hermit of the major arcanaRead
22nd30 minsnot recordedRead
23rdmissed missednot recordedRead
24th30 minsnot recordedRead
25th1 hournot recordedRead
26th30 mins30 minsnot recordedRead
27th3 hours 15 minsnot recordedRead
28th30 minspublished the hermit videoon youtubeRead
29th1 hourstarted article on light and sound meditationRead
30th1 hourRead
Monthly Meditation Goal = 30 hoursActual = 30 hours !
Meditation Diary June 2016

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