Recommended Websites

(i) Spiritual Hierarchy Links


We are working closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy in key areas of research and they are channelling information on resonance medicine and scientific research. Details of these projects can be viewed through their respective websites below as well as our meditation website.


1. Spiritual Hierarchy Website

2.  Meditation Group

3.  Therapeutic Remedies Website

4.  Scientific Website


(ii) Group Members Websites

1.  Jens Upton

2.  Pure Energy Meditation

3. North East Meditation Group


(iii) Other Websites

Nu Christ  a website discussing contemporary spiritual christianity


(iv) Thoth Tarot Links

Below are some recommended Thoth Tarot Websites & associated PDF books which give a combination of written and video presentation that I have found useful. They offer a library of information for anyone wishing to look at these cards from a philosophical to a divinatory perspective.




  1.  Marveena Meek

  2.  Angel Paths Tarot & Healing Website

  3.  Paul Hughes Barlow

  4. Liber Theta PDF

  5. Book of Thoth PDF




(v) Website Artwork Links

1. Josephine Wall

2. Amanda Sage


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