Lightwave Second Initation (Trikuti )

Lightwave Second Initation Trikuti  or ‘going beyond form as it is sometimes called, is about achieving a detachment from The Mind and transcending its source– but this is UNIVERSAL Mind rather than every day intellect or higher mind. This is the mind that allows consciousness to exist and it is a massive expansion in our awareness when we have competed this Second Initiation. This is NOT our higher mind detaching from our lower mind which is a limited reflective process. 


 Detachment from Universal Mind is going beyond the need to have a formed existence, and the need to resolve,complete, get-closure-on  existence, form or action.

From this state we realise that there is no individual soul and reincarnation is an illusion in respect to who we really are, which is beyond beginning and endings and so second initiation is a massive change in the perspective of the meditator.

In literature, this stage has been described as illustrated below:

“Now the aspirant prepares himself for the second stage of his journey upwards, but before he is able to enter the causal realm, he has to pass on an incredibly narrow path, a curved tunnel or a bent pipe, known to the Eastern Adepts of Mysticism as Bunk-Naal. Kabir said about this tunnel to the mental worlds that it had only one tenth of the size of a mustard seed. And He compares the mind to that of an elephant.Now he is in the second big division of creation known as Brahmand – egg of Brahm – in Eastern Mysticism.”

“Trikuti is the second region on the Path of the Masters. Whoever applies himself or herself will succeed in piercing the veil which is a creation of your own mind.”

This stage is so vast it has often been confused with enlightenment but it does not reveal to us our true identity despite this formless state giving us a vast increase in our awareness. Enlightenment is the third initiation and is described in a subsequent article.

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Lightwave Second Initation (Trikuti)

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