Lightwave First Initiation  

Lightwave First Initiation : Prior to first initiation we prefer people to have spent some time developing their meditation and concentration using their breath and subsequently one of the mantras that we have. These allow a sense of stillness to grow which is an essential quality of the light and sound meditation after first initiation.

As mentioned in the section on mantras , it also gives you chance to get to know us and what we are trying to achieve in spiritually elevating this planet at this time and so this preparatory period is a really useful time for you to decide whether this path feels right for you.


First initiation is sometimes referred to as the beginning of the true spiritual path with the revelation of the thousand petal lotus and is the source of life itself. This has nothing to do with belief or imagination but is a direct revelation of a subtle energy which can be meditated on in the form of a spiritual light and sound.

Lightwave First Initiation


This energy has been referred to as the ‘Word’ Biblically or the ‘Song of Life’ through mystics such as Kabir. It is important to understand that this energy of Light and Sound is our inner teacher and is what guides us to ever greater levels of consciousness and stillness. For those wanting a more detailed background to its representation throughout history you can access an article on the website here.

With first initiation in the Light and Sound our awareness is now beyond the five senses, the limited vision of intuition and the physical creation. and we now have access to far subtler energies. These vibrations of sound and light carry with them vast expanses of stillness and also the knowledge of more subtle forms of the creation of which the ordinary man on the street would have no awareness of.

First initiation is given through the touch of an Enlightened person, someone who has travelled the path of Light and Sound to its source and have had the ultimate cause of existence revealed to them.


The ‘Grace’ for this energy comes from (and always has) the Spiritual Hierarchy or Lords of Light working through the Enlightened person giving the Initiation. They have been known by various names throughout time but they represent those Spiritual Beings who are able to put us in touch with the light and sound within.

The experience of First Initiation can be very subtle or most profound depending on the individual , but the most important thing that it is the  BEGINNING of the true spiritual journey and you will have all the support you need from us to develop the potential which has just been revealed to you within.

These words that were initially channelled by the spiritual hierarchy are included in the paragraph below:

  Lightwave First Initiation

“The Divine Spark is given, through touch, by an Enlightened person who links the meditator directly to the Spiritual Hierarchy.They transmit Energy to the meditator allowing them to Resonate with the Light and Sound of higher planes of Consciousness.The access to these Energies is permanent and through the process of meditation one can follow a Path which will lead to incredible discoveries and realizations.  This requires both perseverance and dedication which will result in immense Stillness, Peace and  Joy.”

For those that wish to progress further, there are two more initiations that follow each giving access to even vaster amounts of spiritual consciousness and finer levels of creation until a final liberation is reached upon Enlightenment. 


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Lightwave First Initiation

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