Light and Sound Third Initiation

Light and Sound Third Initiation : Enlightenment is the ‘third’ of the initiations that are given through the grace of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is the  revelation of the ultimate cause of creation and our existence. This is an infinite state of awareness with no beginning and no end. It is also a total saturation in the purest form of Love, something far beyond love we experience in our personal relationships. This is the love that binds the creation together and is one of the most important realisations on Enlightenment.

It is the most natural of all the states of consciousness of man and yet it is the one most elusive. With Enlightenment we have no centre as we are everywhere at once. The illusion of separation has been completely dispelled and so we see at once the unity behind all things. In 2015 there are pointless wars and human suffering stemming from Governments and individuals that act in their own self-interest and in ignorance of mans true spirituality. Enlightenment reveals a divine love beyond what Governments & Religions can offer as it is the direct revelation of God consciousness or Atman.

blackroseSo in summary on completing the third initiation we realise :             

  1. We have never been born and have never died
  2. We have no beginning and no end to us.
  3. There is no such thing as an individual soul.
  4. Every other identity that we have held has been an illusion.

And perhaps the most important realisation of all being that the whole of creation is nothing but a complete saturation in divine LOVE.

Once the physical body dies there are various choices that are open to them

(i)They can choose to reincarnate and teach within the confines of a physical body

(ii) They can teach in planes of consciousness which are not connected to the physical (and there are many)

(iii) They can choose to merge fully into Atman



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Light and Sound Third Initiation (Enlightenment)

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